Labuan Bajo, Flores

Area Code 0385, $1=8500Rp, Aug 4, 2001


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A fishing village, W end of Flores. Also is the ferry port connecting to Sapa, Sumbawa island. This is the best place to explore Komodo Rinca islands to see Komodo Dragons. It is also one of the best place for diving.
All facilities are located along the main road along the coast.
You can find many budget accommodation within 10 min walking from the port.

How to get here from W.
from Mataram,
Lombok, you can take a night bus(Executive class 85,000Rp, dep12:00) and arriving at Bima, Sumbawa, , arriving at 3:00.
From Bima, change a minivan(local class, leaving at 4:00) to the port, Sapa arriving at 6:00.
From Sapa, M-Sa8:00, Su17:00 To Labuan Bajo, Flores,
16,500Rp. To Komodo 13,000Rp(Some says the ferry stops near Komodo island only W.Sa. We confirmed it stops on Sa.). Arriving at L.Bajo in the evening. While you wait at Sapa, many touts try to sell their boats saying their boats are faster than the regular boat. Their price starts from 75,000Rp. We paid 45,000/p because we arrived at Sapa on the most unfortunate day when the ferry leaves evening.
No proper food is available in Sapa. Only coffee/tea are available. Bring your own food.
The combined ticket from Lombok/Bali to Labuan Bajo is totally ripoff. Buy the tickets separately.

No information office. Most of the tourist information can be obtained at travel agents on the main street. But they are not always telling truth.
$1 Bank BNI: Main Rd. near the intersection with the road to the airport. $1=8600 yen=? Money can be changed at tourist offices or shops on the main street.
$a ATM not available
M0 Post Office:
M1 Telephone Wartel: Main road left side.Rate/min: USA/Canada/AZ/NZ 8300, UK/Japan 9400Rp
P Police:
H Hospital:On the way to Chez Felix GH. On the hill. 7-21:00 English speaking staff. Be aware of Malaria problem on Flores.
ta Many travel agents on the main road selling tours to Komodo/Rinca national parks, Snorkeling/diving tours, overland Flores tours, bus tickets, etc. Labuan Bajo and Maumere are only town you can find travel agents.
Bus ticket to W including the ferry boat are over priced. Buy tickets separately. The ferry to Sapa
16,500, Minivan from Sapa to Bima 5000, Executive Bus from Bima to Mataram, Lombok 75,000Rp

A Airport: Komodo Airport: 1km from the village.
B Bus: leaves from the port and runs on the main road. You can get on the bus along the road. Many buses leave in the morning and some in evening. Not so many in afternoon. To Ruteng 15,000Rp 177km. To Bajawa 303km. To Ende 435km, To Maumere 583km Some bus to go Ende in the evening connected by the ferry.
To W, a few travel agents organize the bus/Ferry combined tickets. But their commission is high. Better to buy separately. For the prices see the travel agents section.
F Boat/Ferry
M-Sa ferry boats run regularly but every other Sunday they boat may not run or delay the departure. They are many different information for this schedule. The ferry does not stop at Komodo islands.
To Sapa:
16,500Rp M-Sa 8:00 Su 8:00 or 18:00

Local Transport
The town is small, no need to take bemo. Bemo is running on the main road.
From the port to Chez Felix,

@ Internet @
@1 No internet


Walking from the port to S. Most of the rooms equip mosquito nets.
h1 Sitia: left side. sb s10,000 d20,000 C1 Very basic and dirty homestay.
h2 Rasasa Yang Homestay: left side. sb s10,000 d15,000 C1. Same as Sitia
h3 Gardena: left side. f ab s30,000 d35,000 bf C3 Located on the slop of the hill, Excellent view. Rec
h4 Bajo Beach Hotel: left side. sb 25,000 C2, ab 45,000 bf C4 One of the best option. Rec
h5 Matahari Losmen: 2 nd GH on the right side. ab s20,000 d30,000 C3 toilet C4. It has an excellent veranda on the upper floor from where you can have the best view of the sunset with the port. Highly Rec.
h6 Chez Felix: After Matahari Losmen turn left and walk up the hill then walk another 500m. T41032. sb 20,000 ab 40-60 bf C2-4. No mos-net. Despite of the location,top of the hill, it does not have a good view. Too far from the port and the quality is normal.
h7 Wisata Hotel: opp from Bank BNI. No review at this moment. (Sorry) It could be the best place.
h8 Bajor Beach Inn: 1.5km further S from the village. It looks most decent but it could be rundown resort hotel.
h9 Golo Hilltop Hotel: From the airport you go into town and up to the harbour along Gardena hotel all to the end and you just follow this road up to the hill till you see our sign.
f d50.000, 65.000, a/c d100.000.
Nicely situated GH on a hill outside Labuan Bajo with nice views



Tours are available by many travel agents on the main road. Strangely there is no regular boat to Komodo islands. You have to charter a boat, 250,000Rp.
S1 Flores to Lombok cruise tour: 4 day 3 night tour to Lombok 350,000/p incl meal, water and guide. On the way you visit Komodo island to see Komodo dragons, hiking in Sumbawa and snorkeling on the coast of Komodo islands and Sumbawa island. Accommodation is on the mattress on deck.
S2 Flores overland tour: Stopping at Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende, Moni, Kelimutu lakes and Maumere by private transport and guide. 400,000/p not incl rooms and meal.
S3 Rinca Komodo Tour: 2 days and 1 night. 150,000Rp/p(4-5 people), 100,000/p(6 or more) incl mattress on deck, mask and snorkeling equipment, all meal, water, tea/coffee, 3 hour in national park in Rinca and 2 hour in Komodo island. Rest of the time, snorkeling fishing.
S4 Beach Island
Kanawa, 40min by boat, has sandy beaches, corals, bungalows and restaurants. From the leaflets.

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