Bajawa, Flores

Phone code: 0384, $1=?Rp , Aug 8, 2001


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Bejawa is small and quiet town surrounded by mountains in the middle of the Flores island. Near the town, there are many places to see near the town such as villages(still retain their traditions / customs) volcanoes, hot spring, etc.
The bus to Bejawa arrives at the bus terminal a few km out from the town. Change to a bemo to the town. The bemo enters the town from E. And turn right on Jl A. Yani. There are good guest houses are located around the corner.

Information Office: Jl Soekarno Hatta(E end)+Jl Ahmad Yani,M-Th 7-14 F7-11 Sa7-12:00, map 2000Rp. It looks like an government office. Ask which room is for tourism office. From Korina Hotel walk right on Jl A. Yani to the end.
M0 Post Office: Jl.Soekarno Hatta + Jl Gajah Mada. N part of the town
M1 Telephone office Yantel: Jl Soekarno Hatta, N part of the town. 24hrs.
P Police: S part of the town. Jl Kartini.
s Souvenir shops: a few in the market in the center. Ikat and other traditional good. Open till late.

B Bus Terminal: a few km S from the town. A few buses through out the day.
Ende 15,000Rp at least. dep 10:00, 13:00 , Ruteng 15,000Rp, Boawae 5000Rp, Angela 7000Rp

Local Transport
Town is small enough to walk.
Bemos runs from the center of the town to Jl Basuki Rahmat and Jl Ahmad Yani and go to the terminal outside of the town. 1000Rp. But they will ask you more. Bargain hard.


Near the entrance of the town.
Just after the bemo turns right, there are a few GHs on the both side of the street(Jl A. Yani) They are relatively good valued GHs. It is very cold but no GH has HW facility.
h1 Korina Hotel: Jl A. Yani. At the entrance of the town. ab s/d40,000Rp bf tea C3 Rundown and overpriced
h2 Edelweis Hotel: Jl A. Yani off from Korina Hotel. ab s/d30,000Rp bf tea C4 Slightly better option than Korina Rec
h3 Dagalos Hotel: just S from Camelia Rest. A small pass leading going up the hill. It is on the right in the middle of the slope. ab 25,000Rp bf C3 Small GH. Rooms are very cozy. Rec
h4 Hotel Elisabeth: Go N on Jl A. Yani to the end and turn left to Jl Soekaro Hatta and turn right at the first corner. It is on the right side. A bit off from the street. T21223, s/d 50,000 bf tea/coffee 10% tax C4. Very large and clean rooms. Some rooms have mos net. Highly Rec

middle part of the town.(mainly W from the market.)
h11 Virgo Hotel: Jl Kihajar Dewantantara, ab 20/30,000 bf C3
h12 Kambera Hotel: Jl Slamet Kiyadi, T21166, ab s/d 25,000 C2 Very basic
h13 Nusantara Hotel: Jl Slamet Kiyadi, T21357 ab s25 d30,000 C2 Very basic
h14 Anggrel Hotel: Jl Slamet Kiyadi T21172, ab s20,000 d25-30,000 bf C2 Very basic
h15 Kembang Hotel: Jl Martadinata, T21072, ab s50 d60,000 tea bf C4
h16 Ariesta Hotel: Jl Diponegoro NW part of the town. T21292 ab s/d40,000 tea/coffee C4

Choice is very limited.
r1 Camellia Chinese restaurant: Jl A. Yani. The best restaurant in town. Chinese. Map and travel info on the wall. The local guides are always around this restaurant.
r2 Kasih Bahagia: Jl Basuki Rahmat, Walk N from Jl A. Yani and turn left at the first corner then walk 500m. On the right side. Chinese. Not as good as Camellia
r3 Local restaurants: There are a few stalls and simple restaurant around the market.


Many places around Bejawa are worth of visiting. It is possible to visit some of them by yourself by local transport since most of them are connected by minibuses or truck buses. Guides are offering day tours visiting major tourist attractions with 75,000Rp incl transport and lunch. Highly Rec
S1 Bena Village: S from Bajawa. The most visited traditional village. Most beautiful one but the village has been already only for the tourists. I could not feel any
S2 Boawae Village: Take a transport toward Ende and get off at the junction of Boawae. 5000Rp. You can probably walk or take another transport
S2 Wogo Village: E from the Bejawa.
S2 Mengeruda Hot Spring: NE from Bejawa. Go to Boawae then you may have to change a truck heading N from there. 2500Rp. Hot water running like a river. Water quality is Japanese standard. You can bath with a swimming suite. Bring soup and shampoo. Highly Rec.
S2 Mt Inelika: erupted on Feb? 2001. Now it has volcanic lakes with colors like Kelimutu. We did not visit them. Ask a guide here.

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