Amed, Bali

Area Code 0363, $1=9,100Rp, May 4, 2005

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Amed is located in E of Bali, just 30min NE from Amlapura. The beach is covered by black sand and rocks. Not attractive but it is famous new diving spot for the huge drop of wall. The tourist area is not in the village of Amed. The road runs along the coast from Amed to the S. and most of the hotels and diving centers on the road 2km from Amed Village called Jemeluk Beach. There is nothing but the foreign tourist facilities which makes this place very expensive for food and accommodation.

You can come here by Parama from major towns in Bali.
See the price below.

By public transport:
From Denpasar, Butabulan Terminal, take a bus(medium size) to Amlapura,
8-10,000Rp for 2 hours. Then change to a bemo to Amed, 3-4000Rp, 30min. I think the bemo stops at the village, but the driver may take you to Jemeluk Beach and asks 10,000Rp. Locals don't pay extra for the 2km detour. For my case after 10min negotiation, he acceded 3000Rp.
You can take a Amlapura - Singaraja bus(medium size)
1500Rpor a bemo 3000Rp from Amlapura to Culuk, then change to a truck to Amed/Jemeluk with 1000Rp.

$3 Moneychangers: one in Jwmeluk. But the rate is very low. Cash/TC $1=9100/9050, yen=84/-, Euro=11900/11800, GBP=17200/17000, SF=7300/-, A$=7000/6900, C$=7200/7100, H$=1000/-, S$=6900, Mal=2000Rp
M1 Telephone: No telephone
s Supermarket: next to Amed Cafe, not expensive. water 2000Rp
@ Internet: at Amed Cafe 500Rp/min

B Public transport: Go to Culuk, then take a bus/bemo 1000-2000Rp, running on the main road. They all try to charge more.
From Culuk: to Amlapura Bemo
3,000Rp, bus 1,500Rp, to Tulamben bemo 1500-2000Rp, Singaraja bus 10,000Rp
ta Tourist bus Perama: You can take the service from Amed. Bus we could not find their office. You can travel to major tourist destinations but you need booking a day in advance and min 2 persons reburied.

Local Transport
Bemo: Bemos or trucks are running on the main road. Within Amed and to Culuk 1000Rp.



Most of the hotels organizes diving classes for you.
Listing from W(village) to E

From Amed Village to Jemeluk Beach
h15 Hotel Uyah Amed: Jl Pantai Timur #801 Very close to the village, T0363-23462,, a/c ab d250,000 fr STV bf R C5 resort hotel with diving classes, small villa atmosphere with a small swimming pool. No beach. Open water package Euro300-350
h16 Bali Yogi: T23459, f ab d50,000 sw C4 Rooms are simple but very relaxing porch for each room set around a swimming pool. Rec

Jemeluk Beach listing W to E
h1 Giri Shanti: on the hill side, T73866, f ab 40/50,000, view 60/80,000 bf C4. Good rooms with good view. Rec
h2 Three Brothers: on the beach. T23472, f ab 60/100,000 bf C3 simple comfortable size.
h3 Amed Cafe: on the hill and beach, f ab 80/100,000, a/c 29/30,000+ bf sw HW R C4 Very nice balcony with hammock. The prices are higher but good facilities. Sunday 19:00 Bali dance is held. @ 500R//min Rec
h4 Jukung Bali: on the beach, T23470,
f ab 125/190,000 bf C4
on the beach. Find a small sign. The best rooms in Jemeluk. Only 2 bungalows. Very stylish and it is a hotel quality..They organize diving courses. Snorkeling equipment 25,000Rp/day
h5 Bamboo Bali: on the beach, CW ab f 40/50,000, HW 50/60,000 mos-net la C5. Very nice rooms with view. The best value in town. Highly Rec
h6 Sunrise Cafe: on the beach. f ab 70/80,000Rp bf R C4. Small guest house but rooms are on 2F. Nice view to the sea. Rec
h7 Diver's Cafe: on the beach and on the hill side. a/c ab sea-side 2F d250,000, hill-side f d150,000 bf mos-net R sw C4. If you take dives from here, upto 50% discount for a room.
h8 Galand Kangin Bungalows:on the beach and on the hill side, T23480, sea-side 2F 60/70,000, bf C4. High class rooms. sea-side units are new rooms with balconies to the sea. The hill-side units are Bali traditional units. Rec
h9 Eco-dive: on the hill side and the last one on this beach, T23482, f ab d90,000Rp+15% mos-net bf R C2 bamboo huts. Meal/drinks are expensive. Not good facility.

Go up the hill from E end of the beach 2001info
h10 Deddy's Restaurant: f ab s100 d130,000Rp bf C4. good rooms with good views.
h11 Mega-dive: f ab s100 d150,000 bf sw C4 good view
h12 Shantai Bungalows: T21044,, a/c ab garden view s/d$70, sea view s/d$90 HW bf sw C5. Only fist class hotel in Bunutan

Very very expensive. Food 12,000+, beer 12,000+, coke 3,000. If you want to eat at local warung, you have to go to Amed village, 2km N. No light on the road so if you go there, get your touch with you.
r1 Luxis Cafe: next to Euro Dive, W part of the beach. very trendy new cafe.
r2 Warung Bukadek: just W from Amed Cafe W part of the beach
h3 Amed Cafe: on the hill and beach, Sunday 19:00 Bali dance is held.
h5 Bamboo Bali: It is the cheapest option. Food 8,000+, coke 3000Rp. 7:30-21:00.
h6 Sunrise; Also cheap option on the beach.


S1 Diving
Many diving centers on the beach. The listing prices are very similar.
Open water $310, 2 dives $40. But you can bargain. They also take you to Tulamben which is famous for a 100m long wreck boat.All prices include lunch and drinks.
snorkeling: go rather S side of the beach, just under the hill where the water is very quiet and you can see many fish there. The snorkeling equipment hire, 20-25,000Rp.
d Euro Dive: W end of the beach. T23469,, open water $310, advance $250.
h7 Stingray Dive: at Diver's Caf?,, open water $290, advance $240
h9 Eco-Dive: E end of the beach. T23482,, open water $325, advance $250 Booking through internet 25% off
h15 Amed Dive Center: T23462,,
S2 Day trip from Amed:
Amlapura, Tirta Gangga
(water palace, Fee 3100Rp) is easy to visit. Take a truck to Culuk 1000Rp, then a bemo to Amlapura, 4-5,000Rp or bus 2-3,000Rp.

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