Area Code 081 $1=318k 1FEC=310k, Feb 27, 99

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Taunggyi is the state capitol of Shan. Facilities here are better than in Nyaung Shwe. Hotels are expensive and poor quality, not suitable for travelers. Only reason to come here is to change T/C's or make international telephone calls.
Pickups from Shwe Nyaung arrive W from the town market (the big building). At the NE corner of the market, you will find a Sony shop where 2 big streets meet. For convenience, we call it Sony intersection.

i Tourist Information MTT: Taunggyi Hotel, From Sony shop walk S for 20min.
B Bank: From Sony walk S 5 min, on the E side. 9-14:00 T/C to FEC Com. $2
H Pharmacy: Many around market‚­
M Post/Telephone Office: From Sony walk S 15min. The telephone office is just N from PO.(Walk back a little)
Very cheap International phones but the quality is low. We tried a few times , but all failed so far.
3min cost (direct/no operator) to:
Japan 96k/160k, USA 159k/265k,
Europe 114k/190k, Australia/NZ 129k/215k This price has not changed though the price in Yangon and Mandalay has gone up. It seems to me staff have not realized or nobody has bothered to change the price board. It may be that it's not possible to phone from here and they don't want to admit it. Whenever we tried the line was always busy. You can make international calls from some shops - 500k/3min.

A AIR: Heho Airport 38km W from the town
Yangon Air Yangon $90 Mandalay $45
Air Mandalay Yangon $100 Mandalay $49
T TRAIN: Too expensive, too slow, too inconvenient. Not recommended.
B BUS: Most of the bus companies are located around Sony Shop offering services to Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, etc. The long distance buses to Yangon leave from the bus station at the foot of the hill but all companies provide free transport from their office to the bus station. These leave 1-1.5hr before bus dep. times.
Minibuses leave from the offices in town. See transport page for more details.
pickups to Shwe Nyaung W from the market. 30k
From Shwe Nyaung to Nyaung Shwe(Inle Lake) take pickup 30k
Total 60k 1.5hr

Market Regular market operates every day, but the special regional market is held every 5 days. It's reported that prices are usually higher than other regional markets.

Festivals 2003
Apr 13-17 Myanmar New Year: Water throwing festival
Nov 8 The month of Tazaungmon(harvest festival) full moon The largest parade around here is held in Taunggyi. Hot baboons are launched.


Most hotels are found N from Sony Shop. At the '98 research we did not check the hotels in Taunggyi because there's no reason to stay here, and they compare well to hotels in Nyaung Shwe. Please use info below for reference only.
Most other hotels are expensive
h1 New Asia Hotel: N from Sony. closest to Sony T23142 sb cold s$7, d$10, ab HW d$15 bf C4 TV in lobby Rec
h2 Saung Cherry Hotel: 88/89 Cherry Rd. T22455 sb HW s$7, d$10 C2 Cheap but not so clean


A Heho Airport: 38km W from town.
Yangon Air Yangon $90 Mandalay $45
Air Mandalay Yangon $100 Mandalay $49

T Too expensive, too slow, too inconvenient. Not recommend.

B Most of the bus companies have offices around Sony Shop. The bus fare listed below is cheaper than one from travel agents in Nyaung Shwe. It seems to me that the agents take 100-300k commission. You better have reservation at least 2 days advance to get good seats because the road upto Thazi is very bad. If you get car sick you must take middle seats and get ready for the pill and ask a sick bag earlier.
Yangon Eastern State Exp: a/c 1500k 13:00(12:00) Video
Shwe Kanboza: normal 850k dep12:30(11:30) They have a/c bus(1500k)but at the time of the research they did not have the a/c service. for some reason
Yu Thu Aung: a/c 1600k dep12:30(11:00)
All take 16hr You can get off in Bago (The time is for departure time for pickup from their office)
Mandalay mini bus 1000k, dep 5:00, 8hr
Pagan minibus 1000k, dep 5:00, 8hr
Thazi The same bus to Mandalay 1,000k, dep5:00,
Nyaung Shwe pickup truck from W from Market
Shwe Nyaung 30k From Shwe Nyaung to Nyaung Shwe30k Total 60k 1-1.5hr
to Bus station pickup truck from W from Market 10-15k

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