Pyin U Lwin(Maymyo), Myanmar

Area code 085, Feb 7, 2003

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British hill station, 60km NE from Mandalay, on Maldalay and Lasho road. It has many British colonial buildings and good place to escape from heat of Mandalay. It has a famous colonial botanical garden.
Town is about 2km x 2km. The center is a market with a clock tower. The train station is N part of town, 1km N from the market. The bus station is SW part of the town on Maldalay - Lasho highway, 500m SW from the market. There are a few hotels near the market but many are located on the edge of the town, 1 or 2 km from the market.
Main Road: Mandalay - Lasho highway

How to get here from Mandalay:
back seat 1500/front seat 2500k
2 hr running until evening
Train: ordinary$2/upper$4 dep 4:45 arr 8:10(Lashio 19:00)

i Tourist Office: i MTT:
$ Bank/Exchange: None.
P Police: Train station road, 200m S from the train station, opp from a church
M0 Post office: on Main Rd. just W from the market. M-F 9:30-16:30 Express mail 7:30-9:30,
M1 Telephone: at the post office. M-F9-17:00, SaSu9-11, 16-17:00
H Hospital: just 300m S from the market.
Hp Pharmacy: A few in or around the town market.
m1 Main market: in the center near the clock tower. 7-16:00
m2 Shan market: 1km NE from the town center, 7-12:00
l laundry: Guest houses.

Local Transport
Rental bicycles: at most GH, mostly 1000k or $1/day

- $5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p+

h1 Grace Hotel I: #114 Nann Myaing Rd. T21230, f ab $5/p HW, rb(500k/day 300/half) 500m S from the market. From the clock tower, walk toward the bus station. Turn left at the 2 nd corner and walk 500m. On the right side.
h2 Cherry GH: #19 6th block on Main Rd., f sb $5/p f ab $8/p bf(coffee only). Just N from the clock tower.
h3 Golden Dream Hotel: 42/43 Main Rd. Block 5, just opp from the clock tower. T22142, sb s$4-7, d$6-10 HW STV(lobby) rb(700k) Rec
h4 Eden: #58 Chery Rd. T21410, a/c ab $12 HW some rooms have STV rb(200k/hr) 1.5 km from the main market. Walk S from the Shan market and turn left at the first corner. Then 100m on the right side.
h5 Myanmar Hotel: #38B Forest Rd T22483 ab a/c s$10+ d$20+ SW Rec
h6 Mhiri Myaing Hotel: a/c ab s$36+ d$42+, T22047, old colonial hotel where British generals stayed. 2km E from the market.
h7 Dahlia Hotel: #105 Eindaw Rd T22255, sb s$5/p f ab $8/p, a/c ab s$15 d$25 STV bath tub rb(1000k/day) 2km SE from the market. Walk toward Botanical garden and turn left at Gandamer-Myaing Hotel. After Royal Hotel turn right and then take left road(Eindaw Lane) at Y section.
h8 May Oo Lwin GH: #51 Aintaw Lane T21021, ab a/c s$6 d$10 C3 2km SE from the market. Walk toward Botanical garden and turn left at Gandamer-Myaing Hotel. After Royal Hotel turn right and then take right road(Eindaw Lane) at Y section. After the road turn to right turn left.
h9 Furusato Inn: #60A Eain Daw St. block 6, S part of town, T21445, ab a/c s$20 d$24 tub HW 2km S from the market. Walk toward the botanical garden and 500m after Gandamer-Myaing Hotel, turn left and turn right at Y section. 300m on the right side.


r1 Daw Khin Than: Main Rd. Myanmar food, 24h restaurant 700k+, recommended by locals.
r2 Lay Ngon Restaurant: Walk 500m N on the Main Rd. right side. Chinese Expensive but delicious


T Train Station: N part of town, 1km N from the market. To Maldalay ordinary$2/upper$4, dep16:25 arr20:20, Lasho $4/$8 dep 8:34 arr 19:00
B Bus station: SW part of town, 500m from the market.
1500-2000/2500-3000k 2 hr running until evening Thibaw 6500/7500k dep 6:00, 10:00 4hrs, Lasho 6500/7500k 12 hrs car charter 27,000k


S1 Mo Kyew Pie Village:
S2 Pwe Lkauk Falls: 45 min by bike.
S3 National Kandawgyi Garden: 2.5km S from the town. S of Royal Lake 1000k, 8-18:00 tour with a truck 2500k/car 20min. Take a road S from Gandamar Myaing Hotel.

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