Ngapali Beach, Sittwe, Myanmar

Feb , 2003

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Ngapali Beach
Beautiful beach stretched by 3km located in W part of Myanmar, accessible by plane from Yangon or by bus via Pyay(It takes at least 2 days from Yangon.)
A Thandwe airport: 7km N from Ngapalo beach and 4km from Thandwe town. To reach this beach from the airport, usually many hotels have free pickup service at the airport.
B Bus: We do not have any info but it should be possible to get Ngapalo beach from Thandwe.
Activities: For sea activities, bring your own equipment.

 Accommodation listed from N to S
h Silver Hotel: $20
h Bay View Hotel: $20
h Linthar Oo Lodge: $5-30
h Ngapali Beach: expensive
h Sandway Resort: expensive
h Royal Beach Hotel: sb $5-8, ab $20, STV $30

located in W part of Myanmar. Near Bangladish. From here you can travel to the Ancient city Mrauk-U, ancient city like Bagan. Sittwe is accessible only by air.
A Sittwe Airport: just SW from the town.
F Boat: to Mrauk-U, dep 6-7:00, $4 6-7 hours, Express boat $20 2 hours.
Some guest houses are found in NE part of town near jetty Walk N from the clock tower.
h1 Prince GH: sb f $5 small
h2 Kiss GH: $3-5,
h3 Aung GH: ?

S Museum: $2, small museum. You can see everything within 30 min.

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