MONYWA, Myanmar

Myanmar Feb 28, 98

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Monywa, is 136km NW from Mandalay, on the E bank of the Chindwin River, streching N to S.
There are a few distinctive style temples, such as Thanboddhay Paya and Po Win Daung Cave temple
It is very hot in summer, especially April-May, 40 C. 


Trains are running but bus is more convenient and cheaper.
B Bus station: N of town, 2km from the center, by siker (25-50k)
From Mandalay Many minibuses(200k) and buses(100k) from 89th+22 St until 13:00. 3.5hr
To Mandalay Many minibuses(200k) buses(100k)3.5hr
The last bus is at 15:30.

Local Transport
Town is small enough for walking or sikers.
Pickups: On the main road running N to S, many pickups are running which you can take to the bus station or Thanboddhay Paya. Price?.
Boat: Frequent river crossings (10k), but check the time of the last boat to come back.

Market On the main road, 1km N from bus station.

There are a few cinemas and video theaters


No decent accommodation in this town.
h1 Central GH: Bogyoke Aung San Rd.T21548
ab f $4/p, a/c $8/p. mosquito net, large rooms, spacious lounge.
h2 Shwe Taung Tarn: No.70 Yonegyi Quarter, Turn W from the statue of man on a horse on Bogyoke Aung San Rd. T21478
ab a/c $5/p bf Bath tub. a/c filter is not clean, so the air smells bad.
h3 Great Hotel: Bogyoke Aung San Rd.T22431
ab $6/p bf Next to bus station. Large rooms
h4 Monywa Hotel: Bogyoke Aung San Rd.T21581 Bungalow style hotel.
ab s $30 d $36 HW bf TV Fr


Currently Info is limited.
r1 Ice cream parlor: S from Hotel Shuw Taung Tarn full of locals.
r2 Chinese restaurants: Bogyoke Aung San Rd., E side, just S from market. Large portions, reasonable taste. No English signs but they have English menus.


B Bus station: 2km N of town
By siker to town center or pickup 30-50k
From Mandalay: From minibus terminal, 89+22 St
Many from early morning till 13:00 Bus(100k),minibus(200k)3.5hr
To Mandaley: Many buses(100k)/minibuses(200k) from bus station.3.5hr last transport is minibus at 15:30(200k) You need to make reservations so if you come here for a day trip, book the return journey before going off to sightsee.


S1 Thanboddhay Temple: 20km on the road to Mandalay
Entrance Free. Very unique style temple built around 1300. Within are more than 8000 small buddha images and the building exterior is covered with many small pagodas, with a large, main Buddha in the center. Some say it is similar in style to that of Borobodur in Indonedisa. The history of the temple is obscure.
From Monywa by pickup 15 min. to the junction. then horse carriage (25k/p)or walk 15min.
From Mandalay Bus/minibus from the terminal, 89 St+22St, many from morning to 13:00 bus(100k),minibus(200k)
3.5hr to the junction of the road to Thanboddhay Paya
To Mandalay The last transport back to Mandalay is 15:30
From the junction around 15:45 200k. You should make reservation at Monywa bus station, mentioning that you will take it from the junction.

S2 Pho-Win Hill & Shwe Ba Hill: E side of Chindwinn River
By ferry(10k) to the W side of the river, Nyaungbingyi, then by pickup 25km
Three temples are built over the volcanic rock which has also been carved to form a cave temple.
Shwebataung, Panga-taung & Nwatho-taung. Houses a buddha covered with gold.

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