Area Code 02, $1=1050kyat, Feb 5, 2003

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There are a few cheap & good hotels. When you arrive by bus, you can't escape from saikar drivers offering free rides. The main bus station is now located 11km away from the town so you have to rely on the saikar service.
Many hotels dropped their price drastically. It may be because of the season (The last research was the end of Dec.) It may be because of lack of tourists.
- $5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p+

h1 Garden: 174-83 St + 25 St,T27657 F25184 a/c sb $4/p, ab TV s$6/10 tub $8/12 HW fr bf C4 Some rooms have STV and fr, some have only fr and others have no TV no fr but the price is same. Ask a room with STV/fr. Best place to stay after considering facilities Highly Rec
h2 Nylon: 25 St +83 St, T33460 a/c ab s$4/p, STV fr s$5/p HW bf C4 The rooms on the roof now have a/c, bathroom.
There may be a seasonal adjustment.
h3 Royal GH: 41-25 St (btw82,83), T22905
sb f $3/p, a/c HW $5/p HW bf C4 Very friendly staff. They get bus tickets for you without commission. Rec
h4 AD 1 Hotel: (btw 87,88)&(btw27,28) Take 26th St. from the market, turn S on 87St. When you see a pagoda on the right side turn right. T34505 ab $3/p HW TV(local) bf C3
Roof top restaurant for breakfast has excellent views. Rec
h5 Sabai Phyu: 58-81St (btw 25, 26) T64506 a/c ab $6/8 HW bf C4
h6 ET: 129 83 St.(btw 23,24) T25491 a/c ab $8/10 HW bf C4
Each floor has a comfortable space furnished with sofas, very relaxing.
h7 Taung Za Lat: 81 + 26, T33967, ab a/c $8/10 C4 small rooms.
h8 Dynasty: 304-81St (btw 24,25)T35801
a/c ab $8/p HW bf C3 STV at lobby
h9 Classic Hotel: 59-23 St. (btw 83,84) T25635 f cold s $8 d $15, a/c s $15 d $25 HW bf C4

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