KALAW, Myanmar

Area Code 052, $1=1000kyat, Jan 25, 2003

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Best Season: Nov-March

Kalaw is a mountain village between Thazi & Taunggyi
There are many hill-tribe villages in this area, many guest houses offer trekking tours.
It is also a hill station for British so you can see many European style villas on the hill.
It can get very cold especially at night. You need a jacket during Oct-Mar.

Photo: Ceremony to become an adult Shaving the hair to prepare to be a monk.

i Tourist info office: None. Get info from your hotel including about trekking.
$ Exchange: shops around the market. $1=1000k, FEC=850k. I was informed that Pearl Shop E from the market and Winner Hotel on the highway are good places to change but we have not checked.
P Police: Union Highway T50501
H1 Clinic: E side of town. Also some S from Market.
H2 Pharmacy: Many around the market
M0 Post office(GPO): W side of town N side of the highway. No English sign. S from Mya Sa Bai GH. M-F9-16:00
M1 Telephone: at Post Office. M-F9-16:00 There are private telephone services are available in town. But the cost is more expensive than the telephone office.

Shopping & Other
m Regional Market(special one): held every 5days. Not many souvenir shops. The normal market is held everyday.
la laundry: guest houses.

Apr Myanmar New Year: (Water throwing festival) and rockets will be launched.
Nov Myanmar calender Month of Tazaungmon:
full moon (Harvesting festival) Festival for light/fire
March 12? Pindaya Cave Festival


Since it is a cool place, all hotels are equipped with hot showers.
Rooms with bathrooms are usually twice as expensive as ones without. All hotels have signs on the highway so they are easy to find.
- $5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p+

h1 Mya Sa Bal: Pagoda Rd. just behind the post office on the highway T50072, sb $3/p bf HW C4 Old, well maintained wooden house. Family run GH with excellent staff and incredible breakfast. Rec
h2 New Shine Hotel: #21 Union Highway, T50028.
ab $12/16 HW STV C4
h3 Pine land: Union Highway, T50020, ab $3/p bf C2
Damp, dark rooms.
h4 Winner Hotel: Union Highway + Pyi Taung Rd.T50025
sb $3/p ab a/c TV s$10/d15, fr 20/25 HW bf C4
h5 Golden Lily: #5/ Notsin Rd. T50311, ab $3/5 HW bf C2 STV in lobby. The cheapest option in town.
h6 Golden Kalaw: #66 Notsin Rd. T50108 sb $2/p, ab $3/p HW bf C2 basic. Terrace in front of rooms.
h7 Eastern Paradise: Mercant Rd.W from Parami
ab 7/12, TV fr d$15 HW bf C4 Villa atmosphere Rec
h8 Parami Hotel: Mercant Rd. T50027 sb $2/p, ab $3/p HW bf C4 Large, basic rooms. Good bf Rec
h9 Dream Villa Hotel: #5 Zatila Street T50144, ab TV $15/24, fr d36 HW bf C5 clean rooms. Good for tour group.
h10 Central Motel: Mercant Rd. S from the market. T50270 ab $5/p HW bf C4 good value. Nice view from the roof. Rec


r1 Pineland Restaurant: Just S from the market, E from Central Motel. Chinese. Cheap and delicious, serves tofu too. Rec
r2 Nepal Food Center Everest: Walk S from Palami Hotel. 7-21:00. Nepal dish Excellent dali 800k. Rec
r3 Local tea house: just S from Everest. Tea house. Chinese bum
r4 Thu Muang: Union Highway, opp from Winner Hotel. Myanmar food. Lot of locals eat here.
r5  Royal Tea House: E side of the market, E side of the street. tea house


A Heho Airport: 22km E from town. By taxi $10 For the airfare, see Inle Lake section

T Train station: SE of the town. Too expensive, too slow,
To Shwe Nyaung : dep11:00 arr14:00,
To Thazi
: dep12:00 arr17:30, Ordinally$2/Upper$5

B Bus: All buses pass through Union Highway, the main road.
During rainy season, the road get mud, takes a long time to travel.
Yangon: Eastern State Exp, 5,000k, pass Kalaw around 14:00 16hr to Yangon
Bago: 14hr, Take the Yangon bus listed above. Same price.
Mandalay: 8hr Minibus 3000k (7:00), 3500k(21:00)
Bagan: 8hr 4000k passing around 7:00
Thazi/: 4hr Minibus 2000k Take one for Bagan or Mandalay. Pickup trucks are running all days but they also ask 2000k. Bargain
Shwe Nyaung(Junction of the road to Inle Lake)/Taunggyi: Pickup 2-4hr depends on the transferring time at Auban. Shwe Nyaung.1000-1500k (front seat) It may require 2-3 pickups.
Minibus from Hotel Parami, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30


Trekking tours to hill tribe villages
Many guest houses and trekking agencies offer various tours. Cost $7/day/p. Day and 1-night/2-day tour is common, visiting hill-tribe villages, Pao, Padang etc. and elephant villages. About 5-6 hour walking. Please make sure what the fare includes, such as food, drink, the quality of accommodation etc. The accommodation could be at a monastery (free). 3night/4day may include trekking to Inle lake.

S1 Shwe U Min Paya Cave temple: about 2km S from town. It is very complicated to reach. Ask someone to write the name in Burmese so you can ask locals. Take the road of the mosque to S from the market and turn right at the sign and walk another 15 min. It is on the left. Compared to the Pindaya Cave, it is much less impressive and smaller (30m). But you can get an impression of a cave temple if you can't get to the Pindaya Cave.
S2 Nee Paya(Temple housing the Bamboo Buddha): 1km from the Ume Cave. Keep walking on the same road and turn right at T junction and turn left at 6 way junction. Turn left 90 degree(Ask which one you take.) Walk another 10min. The first temple on the left. Walk up with step-way. It houses a Budda image made with bamboo. Friendly nuns offer free tea.
S3 Kalaw Regional market: held every 5 days, Dates in Jan 2003
S4 Pindaya Regional market: Also held every 5 days, Dates in Jan 2003

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