Area Code 081, $1=1040kyat, Jan 22, 2003

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Main town: Nyaung Shwe
Christmas & New year but no difficulty to find rooms.
The prices below are high season prices. But even during high season bargaining is common. During off season, most GH will drop their prices very easily.
- $5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p+

Canal side:
W part of town. From the market, go W until you reach the canal
h1 View Point: just after crossing the bridge. T29062, Bungalows with out view f $8/12, with view $10/15 bf HW C2. Excellent view to the lake but the rooms are too old.
h2 Shwe Hin Tha(Golden duck): N from MTT, T29140,
f ab No view $3/5, with view $5/8 HW bf C2 Rooms are old, not so clean but one of the cheapest options with attached bathrooms. Wonderful views from the terrace especially at sunset. They have recently opened another GH opposite the canal with even better views at sunset.
h3 Gipsy: Opposite MTT, W of town, next to the canal used by tourists.T29144, f ab $5/10 HW bf C4 Basic, small rooms. Helpful, friendly staff. Rental bike available Rec
h4 Four Sisters: S from MTT Walk along the canal.Almost the end of the tow T29190, f ab $5/8 HW bf C4 Run by Four famous sisters.Newly renovated, comfortable attractive rooms. Serve traditional Shan dinner - pay according to how you feel - Many pay 1000-1500K, beer costs, etc.Rec

S part of town:
From the market go S and pass a temple and turn right at the second corner, except h5
h5 Mingara Hotel: S of town After passing a temple, 2nd corner turn left. T29198, f sb $4/6, ab $5/8 HW bf C2 One of the cheapest options. Rooms are basic.
h6 Golden Express: 19 Foungtawpyan Rd.T29037
f ab $6/12 HW bf C4 Fr
h7 The Little Inn: W from Post office.near Pyi GH f ab $8/10 HW bf C3 Very nice bungalow style rooms. Good garden. Rec
h8 Pyi GH: #53 Phaung Dao + Pyan Rd. near Post office S of town T29076, f ab $6/10 HW C4
h9 Gold Star Hotel: T29200, f ab 9-14/15-18 fr STV(BBC) bf C4

North part of town:
h10 Hu Pin Hotel: near the entrance of the town. T29291
a/c ab s $30 d $36 HW bf fr STV(Chinese) C4
h11 Joy Hotel: S from Hu Pin H, a canal, full of local boat, is running E to W. Walk S side of this small canal to almost end. T29083, f sb $3/5, ab $6/8 HW bf C4 Comfortable sized, clean rooms. Excellent views from the GH's terraces over looking the canal. Rec
h12 Teak Wood: 300m N from Pyi, or from SW corner of the market walk W and turn left at 3 rd corner. T29250, f $4/p HW bf + free dinner C2 Relaxing terrace area. Now they are building new rooms.
h13 Bright Hotel: 53 Phaung Daw Side Rd. Near the canal, From the market go S and turn right at a temple and walk W, toward the canal. T29137, f ab $3/10 HW bf C4 nice terrace Rec

E part of town:
Many high class hotels are located this area.
h15 Remember Inn: NE of the town. Walk E from N of the market and 50m E further from Paradise Inn Right side.T29257
f ab $5/8, a/c TV d15-20 HW bf C4 New rooms with excellent facilities. Now they are building a roof garden from which you can see great view of the valley. Highly Rec

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