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Country Code 853 $1= M$8 Jan 7,98
Minimum Budget for traveling US$20

If you are tired of the crowds in H.K., Macau is a the perfect alternative. Easy access (one hour ferry ride) from H.K., Macau, with its colonial style buildings, historic sights, relaxing atmosphere,is more than just a place to go gambling.
The town is easy to get around.

Cantonese, Portuguese
English: People at hotels, restaurants etc., can speak English.

Local Currency Pataca=M$. M$1=100avos.
Exchange rate HK$100= M$103.2 $1=M$8
HK$ can be used in the city including on transportation at a rate of HK$1 to M$1. Usually change will be in Pataca.
Pataca can not be used in H.K.
Black Market None

Border Crossing
Visa Visa not necessary for stays up to 20 days.
By Air International Airport?
Bus Bus runs from Guangzhou, China. No info at this time.
Ferry(To/From H.K.)

Takes about 1 hours. Leaves every 15-30min. during the day time. Night Ferry is available. Several companies operate ferries: Far East Jetfoils, TURBO CAT, etc.

Fare: Economy class (One way fare from H.K./from Macau. Round trip costs twice one way fare.)
HK$130/137 (weekdays 6:30-17:15)
HK$141/148 (Sa, Su, National holiday 6:30-17:15)
HK$161/168 (Night ferry 17:15-6:30)
Far East Jetfoils:
H.K. T(852)2859 6596 Macau T790 7039
H.K. T(852)2921 6688 Macau T726 789

Ferry Terminal:
Also called Jetfoil.
Info counter. Coin locker.
Transport to Macau center: Bus No.3 M$2.3

Bus stop is on the right as you leave the ferry terminal.

City Transport
Bus: Macau is a small town and has a regular, efficient bus service.
There are 2 types of buses - Big buses and mini buses they operate along the same routes - indicated by the no. and charge the same fare. Single ride M$2.3 (on the peninsula) Pay when you get on. No change given.
A bus route map is available at Info. office.
Bus drivers generally don't speak English. 2 suggestions are that you try writing your destination in Chinese characters or you point to the map (one that has Chinese characters.
The main sights are usually located close to bus routes.

Tourist Information:
Near Leal Senado T315 566, 513 355
In Macau Ferry Terminal T726 416
In H.K. Ferry Terminal T(852)2559 0375
There are also information counters at places like the Lighthouse on Guia Hill etc
Around Leal Senado
Beautiful colonial architecture. Lit up at night.
Ruins de St. Paul's
Only the great stone facade remains of the Church.
5min. walk from Leal Senado.
Fortaleza do Monte
It's closed now (at the time of research, Jan 7, 98) for the construction of new museum. However you can go up to the viewing point overlooking St. Paul's, just below the cannon. From there, China is in your sight east from St. Paul's.
Fort & Lighthouse on Guia Hill
The oldest lighthouse on the China coast built in 1865.
Small but beautiful lighthouse. From the top of Guia Hill, are views of China and east side of the peninsula, not visible from the Fortaleza do Monte.
Free telescope available for visitors at the view point next to the lighthouse.
Getting there: About 25min. walk up a steep slope from Leal Senado.
Floral Garden

Zoo? and botanical garden, north of Guia Hill. Recently renovated, but quite small.

Transport: Gondola goes from north exit of Flora Garden to half-way up to Guia Hill.
(7:00-18:00, One way M$3, Round trip M$5)

Dog Races
Tu, Th and weekends at 20:00. Races are held about every 15min.
Betting is from 10M$ or 10HK$.Public stand M$2, Members' stand M$5
Location: Canidrome:
Take bus No. 4 or 5. to the entrance gate. Bus No.3 also goes close by.
Many places have Casinos such as Hotel Lisboa, Macau Palace (Floating Casino) etc.
Warning: Around Macau Palace is a prostitute area.

Beyond the street, Avenida da Almeida, from Leal Senado to Macau Palace (Floating Casino), there are many cheap hotels which offer single rooms for about M$100.
Many travel agencies at Ferry Terminal on H.K. side reserve mid range hotels from HK$230. They also sell packages including round trip ticket for ferry and hotel from HK$500.

Festival/ Invents 2000
Jan 1 PH New Year's Day
Feb 2-7 PH Chinese New Year's Day
March 11-12 Procession of Our Lord of Passos
Christian Festival. A parade is held.
April 5 PH Ching Ming Festival
Chinese Festival in which they came back their home to pray for their ancestors in front of their graves.
April 21-23 Easter Day
April 27 A-Ma Festival
Festival for the God of Sea. Snake dance is held.
May 1 May Day
May 11 Feast of the Bathing of Lord Buddha
Worship the Buddha.
May 11 Feast of the Drunken Dragon
May 11 Tam Kong Festival
Macau Lion Dance is held.
May 13 Procession Our Lady of Fatima
??? Macau Arts Festival
June 6 PH Dragon Boat Festival
International Competition.
June 12 Portuguese Night
Portuguese Cultural Festival
June 14 Feast of Kuan Tai
Macau lion Dance is held in Senado sq.
June 24 PH Feast of St.John the Baptist
A parade is held.
August 13 Feast of Hungry Ghost
Offer food to the ghosts/spirits
Sep. 12-13 PH Autumn Full Moon Festival
Under the full moon, they eat "Moon cakes".
End of Sep -Oct. Macau International fireworks Festival
It lasts 5 days. Many fireworks technicians are invited to compete their techniques.
Oct. 1 PH Independent Day for China
Oct 6 PH ? Chinese festival to worship ancestors.
??? Macau International Music Festival
Nov. 2 PH All Souls Day Christian Festival
Nov 18-19 47th macau Grand Prex
The largest Auto Show in Asia
Dec. 8 PH Feast of Immaculate Conception
Festival for Virgin Maria
Dec. 20 PH SAR Establishment Day-Return to China
Dec 24-25 PH Chrismas

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