SOUTH KOREA (Republic of Korea)
General Info

Country code 82, $1US=1100Won, Feb 6, 2000

We have very limited information about Korea. We will improve this page as soon as we get new info. We really appreciate if you could help us for Korea
There is a big confusion in the romanization (transliteration?) of the Korean words. In the spelling, these letters often stand for the same sound: T=D J=Ch P=B G=K U=O=OO=O with small sign over it.
In brackets you find the different spelling of the same word as they appeared at different places.

Cash/TC: $1= 1105,93/1117,30w, 100yen=1021,69/1032,70w
Keep the receipt what you get from the bank otherwise you can not change back your remained wons.


KNTO (Korean National Tourism Organization):
head office: #10, Ta-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul 100-180, Korea. / K.P.O.Box 1879, Seoul 110-618 Korea, T(02)7299 600 F77 5997,

Korea Travel Phone: English, Japanese and Chinese language assistance or travel information: in Seoul: 7570086, from outside of Seoul 080-7572000 or 1588-1717 (nationwide) or 1330

In Japan(Tokyo): Rm 124. Sanshin Bldg. 4-1, 1-chome, Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100, Japan T(03)35803941/2/4 F(03)35914601 @ :

In Osaka, Japan: 8th fl KAL Bldg. 1-9,3-chome, Hon-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 541
T(06)62660847/8 F(06)62660803 @:

In Fukuoka, Japan: 6th fl Asahi Bldg. 1-1,2-chome, Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-fu, Fukuoka 812 T(092)4717174 F(092)4748015 @:

In Nagoya, Japan: 9th fl. Toyopet Nissei Bldg. 13-30 Higashi Sakura 2-chome,Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461, T(052)9336550 , F(052) 9336553 @:

In Sendai, Japan: 1st fl. Nihonseimei Sendaikoutoudai, Minami Bldg. 1-5-15, Kamisugi Aoba-ku, Sendai, Japan 980, T(022)7115991 F(022)7115993

Other important telephone numbers
Train information: T(02)3927811
Police: T112
Fire& Ambulance: T119
Medical Emergency: T1339
Tourist Complaint Center: T(02)735 0101


(a port for Cheju island):
Many buses every 20-25min, early morning - 23:30,
ow 4800w dur1.5hrs.
from KYONGJU to TAEGU: every 20min, 6:50-21:10. ow 3800w
11:00 & 14:00 dur 3 h ow8400w

What is "A", "B"?
To the port: take #1 bus from just out side of Mokpo bus terminal(on the main road. 100m right). 500w 0.5hurs (depends on traffic)

To Cheju there are ferries also from Pusan and Wando.
fWinter Weekdays: 2/day Tongang ferry 07:00, Seaworld 15:30
Sa & Su 1 ferry/day, 3rd class ow 14700w.
From Cheju to Mokp'o: TuWThFSa7:00,17:30, Su17:30, ow 14700w, dur 5.5hurs

From WANDO to CHEJU: "A" M-Sa15:00, "B" Sa-Th16:00
From CHEJU to WANDO: "B" 08:20, "A" M-Sa 09:00, ow 13850w duration 3.5hurs



Some festivals follow the lunar calendar therefore the date can change from year to year.

National Holidays

January 1-2: New Year's Day
January-February: Sollal Lunar New Year
March 1: Samil-jol Independence Movement Day Commemorates the declaration of Independence proclamed on 1 March 1919.
April 5: Arbor Day planting trees
April-May: Buddha's Birthday is also called the ?east of lanterns on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month
May 5: Children's Day
June 6: Memorial Day to honor the soldiers and civilians who have given their life for their country
July 17: Constitution Day commemorates the proclamation of the Constitution on 17th July 1948
August 15: Liberation Day Liberation of Korea from the Japanese occupation in 1945
September-October: Ch?sok on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Also called Han-gawi (Harvest Moon Festival) and Chungch?-jol (Mid Autumn Festival) It is the most important holiday. The celebration of the harvest when people visit their ancestral homes.
October 3: National Foundation Day also called Tan-gun day commemorates the foundation of Korea nation in 2333 B.C. by the legendary king Tan-gun.
December 25: Christmas

Other Special Days
May 1:
Labour Day Not government holiday, but banks and businesses are closed.
May 8: Parents' Day
May-June: Tano Day on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.
October 1: Armed Forces Day
October 9: Han-gul Day celebrates the introduction of the Korean written language in the 15th century
Hallasan Snowflake Festival:
Chejudo. Wintertime activities, competitions on the slope of mount Hallasan, Korea's highest mountain.
Taegwallyong Snow Festival in P?ongch?ng-gun, Kangwon do. Snow sculpting , winter sports competitions etc.
Ch?ngdo bull fighting:
Korean Liquour and Rice Cake Festival in Kyongju with dance & music
Dr Wang-in Festival
in Yong-am gun
Yongdung Festival on Chindo island Dragon King Festival, farmers' dances
Soch?n Moshi Festival ?amie clothing display, fashion show, etc. in Soch
?n gun, Ch?ngch?ngnam do
Yoju Ceramic Festival in Yoju gun, Kyonggi do.
Ch?ngju Traditional Martial Arts Festival
The Ch?nhyang Festival
in Namwon, Chollabuk-do. honors Ch?nhyang, a traditional Korea heroine and a symbol of virtue. P?nsori (Korean traditional narrative song) contest.
Muju Furefly Festival
: in Muju gun, Chollabuk-do. Catching fireflies
Poryong Mud Festival
in Poryong.
Koindol Festival on Kanghwado
The Kumsan Ginseng Festival
folklore events, traditional games.
Kangjin Celadon Cultural Festival to promote the beauty of Kangjin's Koryo celadon potery
The Ich?n Ceramics Festival international arts festival
Yangyang Song-i Festival held on song-i (pine-tree mushroom) field near Yangyang gun, Kangwon do
Nan-gye Traditional Korean Music Festival in Yongdong-gun , Ch?ngch?ngbuk do
’ong-yong Najon-Ch’ilgi Festival mother-of-pearl lacquerware
Andong Folk Festival in Hahoe historic village. Traditional mask drama and games.
Namdoo Food Festival.
at Nagan Upsong Folk Village food tasting and other cultural events (for ex traditional wedding ceremony.)
Pusan Chagalch
’i Festival cultural and maritime events throughout the city
Kwangju Kimchi Festival all about kimchi
Naejangsan Autumn Leaves Festival on Naejangsan Mountain in Chong-up, Chollabuk-do

Entrance fees: It seems there is no student discount, but there is a "youth fare" for people between 12-24 or 7-24 years old. Child fare 0-12 or 7-12 years old.. Sometimes children under 6 free, also people over 65 and disabled may enter free.

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