SEOUL, Korea

Phone code 02, $1US=228.15SIT, August 30, 2000

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h1 The Nest: near Kyongbok Palace: T7254418 (Mr Gene Lee) dr15000w d? bf K,C4 luggage storage friendly, helpful staff. Nice and clean Highly Rec
from Kwanghwamun station exit 2 (Sejong Cultural Center), Subway #5 line (purple), walk alongside US Embassy towards Kwanghwanum Gate. Turn right at the end of the road. The Internet Cafe is in the building with a big Coke sign on the roof where you will get a lift or directions to the hostel (7min walk) there.
from Anguk station subway 3 line (orange) get off at use the exit towards Insa-dong. Pass the Korea Times Bldg, and look for a building with a big Fanta sign on top.
Trek Korea: 78-3 Hyehwa-dong, Chongro-gu, Korea T7437631/2 F7437632 dr15000w bf
Youth Hostel: Olympic Parktel Pang-i-dong, Songp'a-gu T4102114 F4102100

@ NET HOUSE internet cafe: Gate (1F 111, Chunghak dong Chongno-gu Seoul) T7254416/7 F7254419, 1000w /30 min. 9-23:00

Japan: 18-11, Chunghak-dong, Chongno-gu T7335626 -
In Cheju, Cheju-do: 977-1, Nohyong-dong, T(064)7429501
China (PRC): 83. Myong-dong 2-ga, Chung-gu T3195101 F5195103
Thailand: 653-7,Hannam dong, Yongsan-gu T7953098 F7983448
Vietnam: 28-58, Samch’ong-dong, Chongno-gu T7382318 F7392064
India: 37-3, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu T7984257 F7969534
Australia: 11th fl Kyobo Bldg. Chongno 1-ga, Chongno-gu T7306490 F7229264
Austria: Rm1913, Kyobo Bldg. Chongno 1-ga, Chongno-gu T7329271 F7329486
Brazil: Kumjeung Bldg. 192-11 Ulchiro 1-ga, Chung-gu T7563171 F7522180
Canada: 10th fl. Kolon Bldg. 45 Mugyo-dong, Chung-gu T34556000 F7550686
Hungary: 1-103, Tongbinggo-dong, Yongsan-gu T7922105 F7922109
Israel: 823-21, Yoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu, T5643448 F5643449
New Zealand: Rm 1803, Kyobo Bldg. 1 Chongno 1-ga, Chongno-gu T7307794 F7374861
Russian Fed.: 1001-13, 14,15, Taech’i-dong, Kangnam-gu T5527094 F5527098
Russian Fe. 8th fl. Korea Exchange Bank Bldg. 89-1, Chung-ang-dong, 4-ga, Chung-gu, Pusan T(051)4419904
United Kingdom: 4, Chong-dong, Chung-gu T7357341 F7251738
USA: 82, Sejongno, Chongno-gu T3974114 F7388845

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