KYONGJU, South Korea

Phone code 0561, $1US=, August 30, 2000

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Information Office: Kiosk: at Kyongju RS(inside). English is spoken There is a booth outside

Info kiosk: at the bus terminal (local & intercity next to each other) but it was closed whenever I passed by. Maybe open during summertime.

B1 Local bus terminal: Where ?
B2 Intercity bus terminal: Next to the city bus terminal. Frequent buses to Pusan and Seoul.


several Motels around bus terminal. around 25000w
h Han-jin Hostel (Yogwan): 173-1, Rose dong, Kyongju, T7714097, T7724097, F7729679, or,, 5min walk from bus trmnl. supermarket nearby. sb s18000w, ab s23000w, d ?w K the shower is basic, washing machine use 4000w
in winter the building is not heated. The only heating is the ondol of your room. Few hours are not enough to heat up the room. You are asked to turn it off when you are outside. Freezing cold , also in the kitchen, bathroom and corridors.
h Youth Hostel Shilla: 6-11, Chinhyon-dong, Kyongju T0561 7487333 F 0561 7487334
h Youth Hostel Pulguksa: Chinhyon-dong, Kyongju T0561 7460826 F0561 7467805

No info at this moment


S1 Tumuli Park (Tumulus Park): 30 min walk from bus terminal. Many small hills=tombs of ancient kings in a park. The Heavenly Horse Tomb" is opened up to show the inside and some treasures they found there. Entrance fee 1500w
S2 Chomsongdae: 3 min walk from the S entrance of Tumuli Park. (10 min from N exit)
Stone Tower - an ancient observatory. Can be viewed from outside the fence. Entry 300w
S3 Panwolsong Crescent Moon Fortress: 8 min walk from Chomsongdae through a nice park. Nothing has remained, it is just a hill with nice view from the top. Next to it is an old stone building to store ice. Free entry.
S4 National Museum: 8 min walk from S3. entry 400w 7-24years old, 200w,
Mar-Oct 9:00-18:00 Nov-Feb: 9:00-17:00
closed on Mon. Interesting exhibitions.
S5 Punhwangsa Temple: 25 min walk from S4. Buses run from Bus terminal. 3-storey Pagoda. Said to be the oldest, but the outside part is not original. 1000w
S6 Hwangnyongsa Temple site: next to S5 Ruins. Free
S7 Onung: - Have not been inside. Looks similar as Tumuli Park S part of the town.
S8 Posokjong Garden" or Posokjong Bower: 40 min walk from bus terminal. Also buses run there. Small garden, not very impressive in winter. entry 500w
S9 riple Buddha: 10 min walk from S8 A Buddha and two Bodhisattwa stone statues were moved here from the nearby original site. free
S10 Pulguksa: 16km SE from Kyongju. Bus from terminal #10 or #11. bus #10 passes by the National Museum. Bus ticket for sitting bus" 920w for standing bus" 600w. sitting bus" mens there are 2 + 2 seats in a row. standing bus" means 1+1 seats in a row, so there is more space for standing passangers. Duration 20-30 min Entry 3000w Youth 2500 w Beautiful, must see. UNESCO World Heritage.

Sokkuram Grotto: - also UNESCO World Heritage
bus from Pulguksa Temple Parking Area, near Tourist Info Kiosk. Bus ticket (buy on the bus from the driver) is 2000w rt. No ow ticket is sold. Keep ypur ticket and give to driver on the return trip. Once an hour from 8:40 till 17:20 duration 20 min on uphill zig-zag road, car sick people take pill! Nice views. Entry 3000w
Very beautiful and old Buddha statue behind a glass wall.

Note: there is no bus connection btwn Pulguksa Temple and the seaside sight of the “Underwater Tomb of King Munmu". Must go back to Kyongju to take a bus there.

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