Stung Treng CAMBODIA

Area Code 074, Black $1=4100: June 30, 2005

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Stung Treng is a very small and quiet town stretching along the Seikhong River, S bank. People are very friendly but there is nothing to do here except relaxing and enjoy the scenery of Mekong river.

Riverside Rd: Running W to E. To the airport take it to E 6km.
Main Rd: From the pier to S connecting a roundabout, Market, telephone office, etc, leading to Kratie.
The Market: 2 blocks S from the pier.
All direction on this page is given as the market is the center point.

Border crossing
To Laos: Vueng Kham(Lao side):
Laos Visa:
No visa can be granted on the border. The cheapest place to obtain could be BKK or Phnom Penh.
Exit from Cambodia: Many reports say that the Cambodian officials ask money for your exit. Bargain hard. Laos side does NOT ask money.
Boat to the border: Speed Baot
$5-7 dep7:00, 1.5hr. You may charter a long tail boat $20(upto 4 or 5 people), 1.5-3 hrs, one way.
Bus/Taxi to the border:,
$6/p 6-20:00, 2.5hrs. The road is not so bad,

i Tourist office: No
$ Money changers: There is a bank(National Bank). We have not confirm if you can change money here. Money changers are at the Market. $1=4100r, B=102r. No Lao kip can be changed.
At River GH
$1=4000r $1=10,000kip(Lao). you can change from kip to riel with the same rate.
P Police: Just E of the pier, No English speaking staff, but they are very friendly.. 24hrs
H Hospital: From the S of market, walk W.., left side. (24 hr emergency English, French speaking staff.not confirmed in 2005)
M0 Post office: From the market go W then turn left. M-Sa8:30-17:30, EMS is available
M1 Camintel(telephone office) : From the W side of the Market take the Main Rd. to S, after a pond, right side.M-F7-16:00, Cost normal/discount(19-6:00 & SaSu)/min. Asia $2.3/1.9, USA $2.5/2.1, Europe 2.45/2.1, Thai/Lao 2.1/1.75.

A Airport: 6km E from the town. Access by moto $1, Airport Tax $10. Royal PP and President Airlines fly to PP.
New airport is under construction. Expected to be open in 2010.
RL Royal Phnom Penh Airways: #3, Phum Tra paing Pring T973963 Suspended at this moment
B Bus/truck: Near the pier, in front of Riverside GH. Taxi need to collect 6 people
to Kratie: Taxi
$7.5/p 8-9hrs
to Phnom Penh: Bus
to Rattanakiri: taxi $8
F2 Boat: N from the Market, N end of the Main Rd.from Kratie.
to Laos border:
$5-7 dep7:30, 1.5hrs. Tickets available at Riverside GH or Sekong GH
to Kratie: ?, to Rattanakiri:


No choice for budget travelers. All accommodation are upper class.
h Riverside GH: Riverside Rd. Good location T012-439454 f ab s/d$3, C4 R(good). Lots of travel information available Rec
h1 Sekong Hotel: on the Riverside Rd. W from the bus station/the pier. T973762 f ab s/d$4, HW s/d$5-7, a/c$15 TV towel d.water la(1500/p) C4. Nice and large rooms with view Rec
h2 Preapsor GH: On the road N of the market. T011-600378, f ab s/d $3, TV s/d$4 C3
h3 Soksom Bath Hotel: opp from the NE corner of Market. T016-841727, f ab $5 a/c410 R(6-22:00, moderate) C4 Rec.

Not many restaurants for foreign travelers. The best and cheapest food is available at the Market. meal 1000r rice 500r
Riverside GH: Riverside Rd. local cheap, shake 2000r, fried rice 3000r+, noodle 4000r+ Rec
r Soksom Bath Restaurant: 6-22:00, local, Surprisingly good prices and good portions. Nice restaurant. Grilled pork with pineapple 3000r

There are not may places to visit. The landscape and river shore is rally beautiful and worth to spend some time but

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