Sisophon, Cambodia

Area Code 054, Black $1=4000: June 18, 2005

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This is a transport hub. From here Route 5 W takes to Poipet, Rte 5 W to Siam Reap, to S to Battambang.
If you take Rte 5 rough road, good place to break.

There are some more GH/hotels in town. We list 3 hotels near the junction(Rte 5 & Rte ? to Battambang)

h1 Phnom Svay Hotel: T656565, a/c ab STV s$6, d$10 C4. At the junction. Good rooms.
h2 Hotel Rong Roeung: just W from h1 T012-853533, f ab s$6 d$7, a/c s$9 d$10, STV C3. 2F living area is big and has a nice view. Very comfortable.
h3 Hotel Sovrkear: just W from h2, f ab s/d $5, a/c s/d$10, STV C2. Not good
h4 Neak Meas Thmey Hotel: T012-555349, a/c ab STV s$12, d$15 C4. R A big hotel in this town. Expensive. massage 200B/hr

h1 Pheng Hour Restaurant: at the gate of pickup truck stops. Local food, English menu but expensive. noodle soup 20B/2000r, fried rice 50B/5000r, ice coffee 15B/1500r

B Truck:
Fare Out side/Inside(a/c)
To Poipet:
pickup 40/70B, 1.5hr. leaves when it gets full.
To Siam Reap:
pickup 120/160B, 4 hrs.
To Battambang:
pickup 40/70B, 1.5 hrs
T Train:: Every other day to Battambang, time ? price ?

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