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Area Code 034, Black $1=4080: June 28, 2005

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i Tourist Services:
There is currently a complete lack of tourist services in Sihanoukville. There are no locally provided maps, so you will have to rely on a guide book for orientation, although the town centre is quite small and its' layout is not complicated. Banks, telecommunications offices, bus companies are all on or just off the main road connecting the port with Sihanoukville town
$1 Cambodia Public Bank: Main Rd. M-F 8:00-15:00 T/C to $ com. 2%, Cash advance - Visa, 2%, min $10 charge. $1=4092r. Yen will be converted to US$ then to riel so the rate will be a bit lower.
$2 Mekong Bank: M-F 8:30-16:00 Sa8:30-12, Su 10-14:30 VISA/MC $1=4080r, 100yen=3600r
$ Private Money Changers: small stall on the alley off from the Main Rd, at the corner of Star Hotel. $1=4,120 cash only. Also available at the market in E part of town.
M0 Post Office: From the main Rd, turn N at Hospital, opp from the market. M-F7-17:00, Sa7-12:00. Post card to Japan 1800r, EMS available
M1 Camintel(Private Telephone Service): Main Rd. 150m W from the bus companies. 8-20:30, Phone to Japan $0.9/min, weekend $0.72/min with prepaid card, min $3. Internet available.
H1 Chvenmin Hospital: Near the intersection, E from the bus stop.
H2 International Peace Hospital: Main Rd. Just W from the H1 24hour emergency
m Central Market: N from Main Rd. Turn N at Hospital.
E Vietnamese Consulate: M-F8-12, 14-16:00, visa is issued while you wait. 1 month $33
T Train station: NW part of the town. 1.5km from the GH area, 3km from the center of the town. Access: 2,000r by moto
B Bus/pickup stops: Center of the town. 3km from the Victoria Beach GH area and 2km from Ochheuteal Beach, by moto 2000riel
F Boat Pier to Koh Kong: 5km NW from the center of town. By moto 3000riel and 3km from Victoria Beach GH area by moto 2000riel.
ta1 Capitol Tour: Main Rd. in the middle of town. Bus to Phnom Penh
ta2 GST: Main Rd W part of town. opp from Angkor Inn. Bus to Phnom Penh
ta3 Howah Genting: T011-228889 Bus to Phnom Penh and to Koh Kong(Thai border)
dv EcoAdventures South East Asia: Samadera Market Town Center, T012-654-104,, season Oct to May and off season if weather permitting.
$55 for 2 dives, Snorkeling $20, open water $199, Liveabord $165, including all equipment and a catered lunch as well as coffee tea and water..

to Phnom Penh:
a./c 14,000riel, Capital GH bus: 10,000 riel. dep 12:30
inside-10,000 outside 5,000r,
Train: Currenty Suspended
12,400riel, TuThSa6:30
to Kompot: Train 4,40riel, TuThSa6:30
to Kompot: pickup 10,000r, minibus $3(book at travel agents)
to Koh Kong(the border to Thailand):
dep12:00 $15/60,000riel, 4hrs,
$12 dep 7:30

Local Transport
Moto taxi:
Very common transport to get around town.
1000-2000 riel after hard bargain for most journey's around town, such as the bus stop to GH area. Excursions to & from the port & more distant beaches may cost 2000-3000riel.
The fare depends on your bargain skill and your allowable time. If you arrive Sihanoukville 30min before the boat leaves, you don't have any chance to get the right amount for the fare. Also aggressive moto drivers, waiting for you in front of your GH or at the bus stop or the boat pier, are very tough to negotiate.
Rental bikes:
Most GH has this service .
$3-10/day, At GST GH $4/24 hrs. In town and in Victoria Beach GH area $3/24hrs

Border Crossing

Koh Kong (Cam)/Hat Lek (Thai): open 7-17:00.
Express Boat: A comfortable means of getting between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, an express boat operates between Koh Kong & Sihanoukville,
Take a boat from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong, 12:00,
500B /$12 /48,000riel, 3.5 hrs. The border closes at 17:00. If your speed boat arrived at Koh Kong after 16:30, you may have to take a risk not to be able to cross the border. If the border had been closed when you got there, you have 3 choices.
1) Stay at
Eingdoy Hotel, 500m before the border, 039-588109, ab d350B tw400B TV pool bar C4.
A small GH in the village near by. 1.5km from the border. Too basic and dirty, sb f 150B C1. Nothing but rip off.
3) Go to Koh Kong by moto,
See Koh Kong for more details.
Minibus to the border: $12, dep 7:30, 4-5hrs. The road is not paved but new, not so bad.

From Border(Hat Lek to Trat) The closest major town is Trat. By songthaw from Hat Let to Klong Yai 20B 30min and take another songthaw from K.Yai to Trat 40B 1.5hr
Minibus from the border to Trat,
100B/p 1.5hr

The cheapest area is in the town, 4000r/hr. Victoria Beach Area, 5000r/hr. Ochheuteal Beach Area 6000r/hr
In Town
@ Lucky Web: Main Rd, S side. opp from Capitol Tour, 7-22:00.4000r/hr. Japanese OK
@ Net Cafe: Main Rd. next to Espresso Kampouchea .4000r/hr. Japanese OK
Victoria Beach GH area
@ Lucky Web and a few more: .4500r/hr. Japanese OK Oversea call 1000r/min mobile 3000r/min
Ochheuteal Beach Area
@ Seaside Hotel and others: 6000r/hr. All expensive

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