Poipet, Cambodia

Area Code 054, Black $1=4000: June 17, 2005

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All direction is given as walking away the border. The border is NW of the town and the Main Rd is running toward SE from the border.
From Arranyapratat, take a songthaw
5B from the bus station or train station. Tuk-tuk 60B/p or 100B/2-4 p.
The town of Poipet is stretching from the border for 2km. At the end of the Main Rd there is a market, for 20min on foot, by moto
$ Canadian Bank: M-F8-15:30 Sa8-11:30, $1=4000r, 100yen=3480r
M0 GPO: on the right side of the roundabout opp from the Immigration and Police station. M-F8-178-17:00
M1 Telecom office: Next to GPO. 8-19:00, Japan and Asia $1.96/min, USA/Europe $2.18/min. After 18:00 and on Su 20% discount.
P Police: At the roundabout, left side.
H Hospital: on the Main Rd. 10m after the round about, left side M-F7-16:00
Hp phermacy: a few on the Main Rd.
la Laundry service: Many GH offer, but it is expensive. One relatively cheap one is on Main Rd left side next to the Market. 15B/p
m Message: Many massage places in town. Mostly Thai massage. 100B/hr

Border Crossing
From the Cambodia to Thailand:
Visa for 30 days can be obtained for free for most nationals. No photo nor no plane ticket is asked.
Access to Aranyaprathet: After crossing the border go to right where a big market . A large communal truck leaves from there to the Aran. 5B 10-15min.It is hard to find the bus stop. You better ask locals. Moto 40B to the town.tuk-tuk 50B

Border to Poipet Cambodia:

Very easy to cross this border. 7:00-18:00. Visa for Cambodia can be obtained at the border. 1000B. 1 photo needed. If you don't have a visa, first you go to a counter for the visa then go to immigration to get the entry stamp.
Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located, is 5-6 hours away from here by truck. The road is very rough. it may take long time if the weather is bad, but it is not so dangerous. A staff at the transport agent told us only one truck is attacked in a year. Cross the border as early as possible if you are planning to arrive Seam Reap before dark.
Attention: Apply the visa by yourself to avoid the charge, specially if you take a private transport from Khaosan Rd. A office after the immigration may ask you to obtain medical certificate, such as yellow card. if not, they issue one for you with a fee. which is 100% fake. You may ignore.
Next Destination: Aranyaprathet, Siem Reap, Sisophon, Battamgbang

Most of the GHs have large rooms and bathroom inside, but no HW
h1 Nita GH: T832026, a/c ab TV s400 d600 C3. The first GH you can see on the right side after crossing the border before the roundabout. Completely over priced.
Selling bus tickets to Siem Reap
250B, Battambang 150B, Phnom Penh 400B expensive.
h2 Lihov GH: T847599, f ab s100 d150-200, a/c s/d300 C3. relatively large rooms. Quiet location on the side street. Dark rooms.
h3 Steong Meas: T838501, f ab s/d150, a/c YV s/d400B C4. Large rooms but small dirty bathrooms.
h4 Poypod Phnom pich GH: T839577, f ab TV s150 d200, a/c s/d350B C3. Rooms are large but dirty. It has a desk and TV. Noisy rooms facing to Main Rd
h5 Poipet Pass: T842069, f ab s/d200B, a/c s/d400 TV towel water C4, Huge and clean rooms. Rec
h6 Madinna: f ab s/d150B a/c s/d 400B C2
h7 Lem Ngourn: T928629, f ab s200 d250, a/c s/d400B TV towel C2, large beds but not clean.
h8 Tokyo: T821907 f ab s/d120B, TV s/d150, a/c s/d300B C3. Friendly staff, nice rooms/bathrooms. But noisy from the Main Rd.
h9 Ochroy: a/c ab TV s200 d300, C3. Very quiet rooms and clean bathrooms.
h10 Neak Meas Thimey: T599955, a/c ab s/d400B, TV towel waterC4, massage 200B/hr la-10B/p R(7-21) , Overpriced upper class hotel.
h11 Thaisan: f ab s/d100B, C1 Small and dark rooms with dirty bathroom but cheap and friendly staff.
h12 Sean Ho GH: f ab s/d200B, Towel TV C4, Large clean rooms in quiet location.
h13 Hang Meas GH: E end of Main Rd. T012-915276, f ab s/d150B, a/c s/d350B C4 Rec

During day time it is very hard to find a decent and cheap food in Poipet. Many local noodle shops on the Main Rd.
A few restaurants can be seen around pickup terminal.
r Food stalls: Around the market, 17-22:00. Cheap and good food. Vietnamese noodle soup 20B, Steamed rice + toppings 15B+
near Poy Pod Phnom a stall serving meal over rice with very cheap price.
r1 Local Restaurants: A few at the entrace of Market. No English menu.Fried rice 30B

B Transport station: Market but most of the transport from Poipet originate from the roundabout near the border. It is very hard to get a local fare. You have to bargain very hard.
Pickup is the most common.
O: Backside of the pickup truck. No seat.,
I: inside. 2 persons next to the driver and 3 more behind the driver. It could be a/c.
Pickup fare Outside / Inside
To Sisophon:
pickup 40/60B, 1.5hr. leaves when it gets full.
To Siem Reap: pickup 200/250B, 5-6 hrs. You many have to change at Sisophon. Make sure your pickup go to Siam Reap or not.
To Battambang: pickup 100/150B, 3 hrs
Bus by Capitol
100B dep 6:30, 7:30,
To Phnom Penh: Bus by Capitol $6 dep 6:30, 7:30, 7hrs, pickup 300/500B, Minbus/taxi 250-300B or $6/p
Not many pickup go to Phnom Penh. Travel to Battambang first and get another if you can't find one.

To BKK: Cross the border and travel to Aranyaprathat. You can take trains or buses. See Aranyaprathat section. Apart from the public transport, you may be able to take a Casino bus to Bangkok which takes Thais from BKK to the border. We do not have any time schedule for this bus. To try to take one, after crossing the border, turn right to enter a large parking lot. Turn right immediately to another parking area. To Lumpini Park in Bangkok, 100B, 3.hrs. It is reported that if you spend some amount of money in a Casino, you can get a free ticket to BKK.
ta1 Khmer Thai Border Tours: Just before the roundabout on the right side, 7:30-17:00. They have minibus. But you have to bargain. Usually 200B
ta2 Neak Krorhorn Travel: On the Main Rd right side, after the roundabout, opp from Wat 8-17:00
ta3 Capitol Tours: Main Rd. opp from Hang Mean GH, T967350, Bus to Phnom Penh $5/200B dep 6:30, 7:30, 7hrs, Battambang 100B dep 6:30, 7:30
Many casinos in town. It is sometime very dangerous to walk at night. However many deals which casinos offer are hard to refuse.
Go to a casino and register as a member, not a hotel guest, you can get free drinks and free transport to BKK. If you change chips(15,000B), then you can get a free room. You can change this tips to cash, you need 6% com. However if you use them in casino and get normal chips you can get them back to cash without charge.
One casino recommended by a traveler: Poipet Holiday Palace

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