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This information is provided by Dave.
See his travel story in HOT INFO ON THE ROAD

Pailin has a single bank on the road into town. Shut during research, assume they follow national policy. Due to its proximity to Thailand, the Thai baht is widely accepted in Pailin. The rate to the riel is 1 baht:100 riel
Canadian Bank
M - F8.00 - 15.30, Sa 8.00 - 11.00, closed Sun
T/C 2%, min $2. No credit card cash advance.
Accept many major currencies but at prohibitive exchange rates

Many GH, cost
8,000 - 10,000 riel. Basic rooms with fan, net, share toilet, mandi style bucket shower.

In addition to the many local food stalls, there is a good Chinese restaurant next to the bank.

Trucks from/to Battambang take 2 hours to cover 80km on a variable road. Cost in the back is
4000-5000 riel. A seat inside costs 10,000 riel. Trucks leave Pailin from the Central Market area & from Battambang leave from a small market west side of town.

The Wat
at the entrance to Pailin, built by King Sihanouk, gives excellent views of the surrounding mountains.
Casino: (there is another directly at the border) & open-air cinema!!
There is reportedly a large waterfall approx. 1 hour moto drive from Pailin.
Local guide recommended for trips around Pailin due to presence of land-mines. Don't stray from those paths.

You have to have Thai visa to enter Thailand. See Dave story #14

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