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Very nice and relaxing little town on the shore of the Mekong river. You can meet very friendly people and see the most beautiful sunsets and Mekong river scenery. Also you can see many river dolphins
The Mekong river is running from NW to SE and the town is located NE bank of the river. There are two major roads in town, the Riverside Rd. and Market Rd(next road running parallel to the riverside rd. and connecting bus station and the market.)
The Market and the boat pier are located in the middle of the town. Bus station is NW part and Naga fountain is SE part of the town.

i Tourist office: Closed
$ Acleda Bank: From the market, walk S, next to a park, M-F7-16:00. Also shops around the market will change US$ cash $1=4100r
P Police: Along Mekong river, walk S
H Hospital: A few around the market.
M0 Post Office: N of the Naga fountain, S from Market on the Market Rd. and pass the school. 8-17:00. Local call only.
ph Royal Kodak Photo: Walk N from Market Rd. 7-19:00, films 36exp ASA100-6000r, ASA200-8000r. Dev/print 36exp 14,600r. Also there is another in front of the boat pier.
bb Barber: next to Mekong Rest. 7-20:00. Shave + cut $1-2
s Minimart: many shops in town selling beers. For food, N side of the Market.
rb Bike Rental: at Star GH. Honda Dream motorbike $6/12hours, $3/6 hours

Road to/from Kratie are very bad. Only transport is 4WD. Specially the road to Stung Treng. It may be the worst road in Cambodia.
B Bus/truck station: NW part of the town, opp from Wat. Walk Market Rd to N. 4WD trucks leave when they get full. You had better wait at the bus station from early morning.
to Phnom Penh: a/c bus by h1
$4.5 7:15 7hurs, Minibus by h1 $4 dep7:00 6hurs. Taxi by h1 $6 5hurs
to Kompong Cham: Taxi
$4/p, 3hrs. bus by ta1 or h1 $3.5 dep7:15
to Stung Treng:
minibus by h2
$6 dep13:00 3.5hours,
taxi by h2
$7 3hrs
to Bong Long Village/Rattanakiri Province: pickup
in-$10, out-$7.5, taxi $12/p(need 6p)
to Senmounorom / Mondul Kiri Province: pickup
in 25,000r, out 20,000r change at Snuol
F1 Boat Pier: for fast and slow boats. Middle of the town, W from the Market.
Royal Express Fast boats:
to Kompong Cham:
$6, 3hrs, dep10;30
to Stung Treng:
$8, 4hrs, dep12:00
ta1 Ho Wah Genting: next to Mekong Restaurant, T012-565644, Bus to Phnom Penh $4.5 dep7:15, to Konpon Cham: $3.5 dep7:15
h2 Star GH: to Stung Treng: MiniBus $6 dep13:00 3.5hrs
h1 You Hong GH: to Siem Reap a/c bus $10, 10hrs, to Stung Treng Taxi $7/p, to Konpon Cham: Minibus $3.5 dep 7:00, 4hrs, to Phnom Penh: a/c bus $4.5 7:15 7hrs, Minibus $4 dep7:00 6hrs. Taxi $6 5hurs


Very few good GHs in town. Many GHs are closing down.
h1 You-hong GH: N from the market, T012-957003, f ab s/d $2, TV s/d$3 C4 R. Restaurant at 1F has very cheap and delicious food from$0.6. It sells bus tickets and organizes tours such as dolphin watch. Highly Rec
h2 Oudom Sambath Hotel: River Rd. 100m S from the boat pier. T012-965944, f ab s/d $3, TV HW s/d$5 C4 R Very clean rooms and just next to the Mekong river
h5 Santeipheap Hotel: Riverside Rd. just opp from the boat pier. T971537 f ab s/d $5, a/c $10, TV towels, drinking water HW C4 Very nice large rooms. Quiet, helpful staff Rec
h7 Heng Heng Hotel: As you land from the boat, go right on the Riverside Rd. T971405, f ab s/d/t$5, ab s/d$12 towel TV d.water R(11-21:00, Expensive) C4 Rooms have windows.
h8 Star GH: opp from SE corner of the Market. T012-900663, f sb s/d$1.5, ab no windows s/d$3, window s/d$4 C3. Rooms are average. Owner is very infomitive. Best low budget option.
h9 Sok San GH: next to Star GH f ab s/d $3, TV HW s/d$5 C4 R

The best food can be found at the Market. Food at most of the restaurants are overpriced.
Heng Heng Hotel Rest: 11-21:00 Local,cheap, fried rice 4000r, others 5-6000r
r Mekong Rest: 6-21:00 local, cheap. Fried rice 3500r, Grilled chicken 4000r, French fries 4000r. ice coffee 800r
You-hong GH: N from the market, local, cheap. fruit shake excellent $0.6, ice coffee $0.4, fried rice $1, others $1.6+ delicious and cheap Super Highly Rec

# Basketball and volleyball field: at S side of Governors residence. Ask the security for permission.
Villages around Kratie: You probably take a moto or rent a bike. They will ask you to take it for both way. The costs are negotiable and depend on the time, how long you want to stay in the village
Tours: You-hong GH organize dolphin watch tours:
Dolphins & Sombok
$3-3 hrs, Mt. Sombok $6-5 hrs.
# Irrawaddy Dolphin watch:
Best and most scenic spot to watch the dolphins is the Kompi Fisherman village, 15km N from Kratie, You have to pay
$2 to watch dolphins.
Access: by moto $2 for the round trip, 20min each way.
At the village charter a small boat
$1.5-2.0/hr. The best time to watch is after rainfall and at just after sunrise and just before the sunset.
# Sombok Fishmen Village: Very scenic little village.Local seafood dishes nice sunset. Access by moto $2 round trip 15min one way.
# Preas Vihea Tom Wat: 30km n from Kratie. Buddhist Monastery, nice temple. Beautiful paintings on the wall. Access: by moto $6 round trip.

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