Battambang, CAMBODIA

Area Code 053, $1=4000r, June 18, 2005

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Battambang(pronounced battam-bon) is one of the major town created by France on the Saigon - Phnom Penh - Thailand route. There are a few colonial buildings.
The Sangker river runs N to S. The major part of the town is laid on E side of the river. The center of the town is a market where you can find the budget hotels on the W side of the market.
If you arrived here by boat, as you land, walk left(South) along the river, then turn right. You can find a few hotels W side of the market. If you arrived here by truck/taxi, ask where Hotel Asie. Take the diagonal street in front of Hotel Asia to the market.
i Information office: None. The copies of Batambang LP, incl the map, are available at some hotels
$ Cambod ia Commercial Bank: From the market walk toward the train station. M-F8-15:00
$ Canadian Bank: M-F8-15:30 Sa8-11:30, ATM for Master Card.
$ Money changers: many can be found S of the market. $=4000r B=100r
M0 Post/Telephone office: Walk E side of the river 700m S from the market.
H Battambang Hospital: NE part of town.7-11, 14-17:00 English OK
H1 Clinic: Main Rd N part of the market.
m Market: Fruit , bread, meat, cloth, etc.
la Lucky Laundry: #101 Street 2, Just S from the market. 8-11, 14-16:00, 500r/p
E Vietnam consulate: Street 3, walk 10 min N from the market. M-F8-11, 14-16:00. Visa $30, 3 photos. It takes 15 min to get it. Sa and Su you may it might be opened. Ring the bell next to the larger sliding door.
Warning: The guard outside will not help you but ask you to register your name on his book and charge $1. No need to get registered. Just ring the bell
s Copy shop: A few along the river. 100r/p
ma Daitep massage: Japanese style massage by blind people.$4/hr
@ Kimsay Internet Cafe: opp from Royal Hotel. T733733, 3000r/hr Japanese Rec
@ internet Cafe: street 1(river road) from market. 4000r/hr Japanese.
Also some other cafes are on the main road.English only.

A Airport: location ? No service at this moment.
T Train station: Walk S from the market and turn right at 3 rd corner. 5 min walk.
To Phnom Penh: It leaves every other day, could be TuThSa. at 6:40 arriving at PP at 20:00.
To Sisphone:
3900r dep ? Suspended
B Bus/Truck bus/Taxi terminal:
NW part of the town. From the E end of the market, take a diagonal street to the end and turn left. 10min walk. Bus tickets can be bought at Capitol Tours/Neak Krorhorm or E side of the market.
Fares(Truck outside / inside or shared taxi / bus)
To Phnom Penh: 10,000/15,000/12,000r
To Pailin:
5000r/10,000r/xx, 5-6hrs good road.
To Sisophon:
4,000/6,000/5000r 1.5 hours. Good road.
To Poipet:
8,000/16,000B/10,000r 3 hours.
To Siem Reap:
15,000/20,000/14,000r 5 hours
ta1 Capitol Tours: T953040,
Bus to Phnom Penh
$3 dep7:00. Poipet $2.5 dep 11:30, Sisophone 5000r dep12:00 13:10,
Taxi to Siem Reap
Boat to Siem Reap
$11 dep7:00
ta2 Neak Krorhorm Tours: Just N from Capitol Tour or E side of the market. T012-555349,
Bus to Bangkok 44,000r/$11 dep12:00, Siem Reap 14000r/$3.5 dep7:00, 7:30, Phnom Penh
12,000r/$3 dep7:00, 7:30, 8:15, 9:15. Poipet 10,000r/$2.5 dep 12:00
F Boat:
N of the town, opp from the hospital. Walk along the side of river to N. 10min walk.
To Siem Reap:
$11, dep 7:00. Tickets can be purchased at the boat landing or travel agents.


The quality is very good. All TV are satellite TV
h Hotel Haing Lay: Closest to the pickup station T737372, f ab TV s/d$6, a/c s$10 d$12 C3
h Golden Parrot: W from the market, f ab s$3, TV s$4 d$5, a/c t$12 C3
h Royal Hotel: next to Golden Parrot T016-912-034, f ab s$5 d$6, a/c TV fr s$10 d$13 C5 large rooms, very new. The most comfortable rooms Highly Rec.
h Phnom Penh Hotel: Road 3, n from the market. T012-530-544, f TV fr $5, a/c $10 C3
h Monorom GH: Street 1(River road) one block N from the market, T730017, f ab TV s4.5 d$5-6 C3
h Hotel Asie GH: Take a diagonal street from the W of market., f ab $4, TV$5, a/c d$10 C3 Near the bus station.
h International Hotel: Just S side of the market. T953999, a/c ab s/d $10 C3
h Chhaya: #18, Street 3, T952170, f sb $3, ab TV s/d$5, a/c s/d$10 C4 Rooms are huge. Selling transport tickets Rec
h Paris hotel: Street 3, just S from Chhaya, T012-530-730, f ab $6, a/c$10 C4
h Golden River hotel: street 3, S from Paris Hotel, T730-165, f s$5 d$6, a/c TV fr s$8 d$10 C3 large rooms
h Angkor Hotel: St Sangkat Suaypor(river street)Walk S 2 block from the market along the river. T952310, a/c ab s$11 d$13, HW TV fr C4. Best rooms for a/c. Rec

There are not many choices here.
r White Rose: #102 street 2, Walk on Street 2 from the market and turn left at the 2 nd corner. main dish 4000r+, drinks 1,500r+, fruit salad 2,000r Excellent place at evening. Good menu and cheap delicious food. Highly Rec.
r Jip Speng: Main Rd. Central part of town. English menu Fried rice $1.3/5200r
r Taiwan style tea shop: Main Rd+train station rd. English and Chinese menu. 24 different Taiwanese milk tea small size 1500r large 2000r
r Smokin Pot: W of Angkor Hotel. Cambodia dish 5000r+ Thai dish 4000r+
r Local stalls: N of Market. meal over rice. 2 kinds + rice 1500r cheap

Many motor bike taxi are offering tours to out side of the town, such as Killing Fields of Pol Pot period which can be found within 20km from Battambang.
S Battambang Museum: S of town. Along the river. $1

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