Angkor Wat(Siem Reap), CAMBODIA

Area Code 063 US$1=4000riel, June 20, 2005

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A Airport: 7km W from town. Departure tax: international $20, domestic $5
Moto US$1, Taxi US$4/5.
Flights to Siem Reap, BKK, Ho Chi Minh, Pakse, Vientiane
Helicopter between Phnom Penh &w Siem Reap
: T213706, 8-20:00
Helicopter flight over Angkor Wat: Helicopter Cambodia: T012-814500,
fares/p (3-5p/1-2p) 8min-$68/$204. 14min-$120/360. 20min-$160/$480
PG Bangkok Airways: #571 Route 6, T380191,8-17:30, to BKK $170(9:10, 9:40, 11:20, 13:10, 19:40, 20:00), to PP $71(3 flights a day)
a2 Siem Reap Airways: #671 Route 6, 8-17:00, T380-330. to Phnom Penh 3 flights a day
a1 President Airlines: #463 Route 6, T964-887. M-Sa8-18:00, To BKK $99/Rt1$59(TuThSaSu 2 flights a day), to Phnom Penh $64/Rt$119(2 flights a day), to Ratanakiri $45/Rt$89(2 flights a day), to Poipet $59/Rt95(2 flights a day)
RL Royal Phnom Penh Airways: #113 Svay Dang Kum T012-882665, S.Reap -> PP 8:15
QV Lao Airlines: #114 Route 6, T963283, MTuTh8-12,13-16:30, WF13-16:30, Sa8-12:00 , To Vientiane $110(WFSu 2 flights a day), To Pakse $70(WFSu 9:00, 12:30), To Luang Prabang $145(change at Vientiane)
VN Vietname Airlines: #342 Route 6, T964488 M-F7:30-11:30, 13:30-17:00, Sa7:30-12:00, To HCM $109(5 flights a day), to Hanoi, $119(2 flights a day),
F Boats: Port: Phnom Krom: 16km S from Siem Reap. taxi US$4+,moto US$1 Tickets to Phnom Penh available at guest houses. Transport costs to the port is often included in ticket prices.
to Phnom Penh: Express boats takes 4-8 hours,
to Battambang: Express Boat:
takes 3.5hrs $12

The cheapest way to travel is by road. As the road condition improved, buses become the best method to travel because of the cheap fares. People no longer travel on the back of the pickup truck.
Bus station: 1km E of Siem Reap. Pickup from GH possible if you arrange through GH. Moto to market 1000riel.
Tourist bus: run by major travel agents such as Capitol or Neak Krorhom. Ask to book at your GH
to Phnom Penh
$3-4, Poipet $4 5 hours, Battambang $4
The way to BKK: see border crossing section on the city information page

Journey time is depending on the water level and weather. Can sit on roof but beware of sunburn from sun/wind. See real life on the Tonle Sap as you drift by.
F Boats Port: Phnom Krom: 16km S from Siem Reap. taxi US$4+,moto US$1 However usually ticket prices include the transport to the port.
to Phnom Penh: Express boats: $22 dep 7:00. 4-8 hrs
to Battambang: Express Boat: $12. dep7:00 from same point as boats to Phnom Penh. arr 10:30 approx..

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