Angkor Wat(Siem Reap), CAMBODIA

Area Code 063 US$1=4000riel, June 20, 2005

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Town : Siem Reap

Siem Reap has a wide range of food options ranging from simple, cheap, stand-up local fare and baguettes, to international fare. There are several food stalls in the Psah Chas market, the best are open only in the mornings.

In the morning fresh baguettes are sold everywhere. During the day ice cream sellers wander the streets. In the evening, many stalls set up on Vithei Suvathi selling food & excellent fruit shakes.

Palm wine: is a local speciality which is sold by the cup from cylindrical wooden barrels. The taste is a like an alcoholic coconut milk.

Food on street & Local food: Center market has a food court serving Cambodia food 4-5000r, Vietnamese food,shakes and ice. Food stalls at night can be found N from Old market and on Sivatha St opp from the school. Very popular.

Baguette sandwiches for lunch at the temples:Some of the GHs serve good food, but obviously it is more expensive. They will prepare you to buy There is also a stall opposite the new hospital on the main road to the temples which offers this service.

Excellent fruit called gree: is sold in Siem Reap (Probably the wrong spelling). Cambodians are always asking you to repeat the word, then they laugh (apparently it means penis in French). 1000riel/bunch

Cafe: Many good cafes are in Old Market. Eazy Cafe serving pizza with $2.5+, Red Piano and In Touch serving Spaghetti with $3-5 are very popular.

r1 Bayon: Wath Bo St. Cambodia, $3-4, Large restaurant. Popular with huge menu, has karaoke.
r2 ChivitThai: Wath Bo St. Thai/Khmer $3-4
Traditional style house, raised floor, sociable, pleasant atmosphere. A little expensive but food is delicious and the portions are huge. 11-14:00, one plate meal(fried rice, meal over rice, noodle, etc with
$1.5).Highly Rec.
r3 Dodo Rolling Ice: Wat Bo village, 8-23:00, snack, cheap, special ice tea 2600r(Rec), fried rice/noodle $1, hamburger/sandwich $1.25, Very popular among local youngs.
r4 Molop Por Cafe: From route 6, go down on the road along the river E side. 11-22:00, Western/Asian/Japanese, very cheap $1-2( fried meat, Chinese dumplings, hamburger pizza pasta all $1). It also has sauna/bath see city info. HIghly Rec
r5 King BBQ: Walk down on the road E of the river and from the junction of Achamean street, cross over a bridge. 17:00-23:00, Local BBQ, $3, all you can eat meat seafood desert, etc. Drink extra. Rec
r6 Green house kitchen: route 6, W from river. Khmer, Thai, Western $1.5-3 drink $0.5-1, beer $1.7
Upmarket, pleasant environment. Popular.
r7 T & Coffee World: #380 Sivatha St. Cafe, Ice coffee 2500r, coffee 3500r, tea 2000r. A/c cafe serving cheap coffee. Served with free snack and tea Rec
r8 Skmex Express: Sivatha + Achamean St, Fast food, This is a gas station and convenience shop. You can sea hamburger $1.8, noodle/rice soup $1

Psah Chas Market(Old Market) Area
r10 Little India: Street E from Psah Chas market
Indian $2-3, tali-$3-4, lassi-$1.5, nan-$1.2, budget place popular with travelers. Authentic Indian food good value, generous portions. Also have lassies and Indian chai.HighlyRec.
r11 Taj Mahal: N of the Old Market. Indian, curry $2-3, tali $3, samosa $1.5, Very traditional.
r12 Hakata Sanctuary 36.5 degree: #350 Mondul 1, next to Old Market, Japanese, set menu $5, Curry & rice $3.5, new restaurant in 2005. It might have been moved.
r13 Lotus Restaurant: Road 269, N side of Psah Chas market:
Cafe/restaurant serving European/Khmer dishes
Expensive but food really is excellent. Rec.
r14 Continental Cafe: On riverfront, by Psah Chas market
International $3+ Expensive, upmarket, bistro style, attractive environment. Real coffee.
r15 Monorom Restaurant: V.Sivutha Chinese Budget, good value, English menu. Rec.
r16 Beijing Restaurant: #14 V.Sivatha opp from Monorom Chinese $1-2, good value, English menu. Highly recommended by many Japanese who live in Siem Reap Highly Rec.
r17 One on One: Road 269, N side of Psah Chas market:
Khmer/Western Cafe/restaurant.
r18 Chao Say Pub: Street E from Psah Chas market
European style bar/pub Open till 2am
r19 Zanzibar: V.Sivatha near bus station/night market Popular european bar with pool table. Beer $2, Open till late
r20 The Singing Tree Cafe: E from the Old Market, across the river a vegetarian cafe with a community center

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