Angkor Wat(Siem Reap), CAMBODIA

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Town : Siem Reap


The boom of building hotels in Siem Reap has not ended yet. Large hotels are springing up, mainly concentrated along Route 6 on the road to the airport.
Even old ones have been renovated and most of the budget class have attached bathrooms and TV with $4-5. Really good value.

The main guest-house areas
1) Route 6 direction airport near the junction with Vithei Siwatha
2) Vithei Sivatha, in the vicinity of the central Phsa Chas market;
3) Wath Bo St which is just off Route 6 east of the river, direction Phsa Leu market.
All three of these areas are good central locations. Most of the GHs are family run & will offer food.
At peak times such as regional holidays, Siem Reap hotels can get very busy.
Some GHs have connections with GH's in Phnom Penh, so you can reserve a room & you will be met on arrival from the boat/truck. If you know where you want to stay, just look for a driver holding up a sign with the name of the GH of your choice. Be aware that you are paying extra for these services. The cheapest price is always obtained by direct bargaining with trucks etc.

Route 6 Area
Listing from E to W on the route 6
h No.258 Takeo: 258 route 6, 50m W from bridge
f sb dr$1.5(mat on the floor)C2, f ab TV s4$5 d$6 t$7, a/c s$10 d$12 R(cheap) C4 Popular with Japanese. Friendly staff. Basic rooms. lunch+dinner board $1(Need to order advance). One of the best place where you can get relax.
h No.260 Chen La: 260 route 6, next to Takeo T963233
f sb s$3/d$4 ab s/d$5, new section ab s$5+/d$6+ a/c d$13-15 net la-500r/p R C2-4 Popular with Japanese, Basic rooms, family run, homely atmosphere. Friendly staff. Japanese food. Reported that the main attraction is playing with the children. Can reserve at Capitol GH in Phnom Penh
h Ta Som: #268, Route 6, f sb $2, ab TV s$3,d$4 la-free R C4 Rec
h Yamato GH: Route 6, 2 house W from Tasom. f ab s/d$3-4, TV s/d $5 C4 Very new GH. Very friendly staff Rec
h Bouv Savy GH: Route 6, enter to N, opp from Yamato GH. T-12-898627, f ab s/d$4-5 TV C4 Very new GH. All rooms have twin beds and a TV. Rec
h Apsara Angkor: #279 Route 6, enter to S from R.6 at Yamato GH. T012-779678,
f sb dr $2, s$3, d $4, ab d$7-10, @ R I C4
Popular with Japanese. Traditional wooden building with lots of additions. Garden, pleasant environment. Spacious, cool rooms with ceiling fan. Can reserve at Capitol GH in Phnom Penh.
h Paradise: on the same alley for Apasara #415, f sb s$3, ab d$3, a/c s/d $10 bf la-free free-@ C3 large rooms. Homely and in a good local area with old atmosphere Rec
h Hello GH: further 50m on the same alley of the above. T012-920556, f sb s/d$2, ab s$3,d$4, a/c TV a/s$8 C4 R(moderate) Large rooms.Homely and in a good local area with old atmosphere Rec

Route 6 Area Part II Taphul Rd
From Route 6 + The road to Angkor Wat, walk W on route 6 and turn left at Caltex Gas station to Taphul Rd.
h Angkor Wat GH: #286 Taphul Rd.E side. T012-786877, f ab s/d$4-7,a/c s/d$10+, TV C4 Very clean and comfortable size rooms.Since many construction around make this area noisy. Rec
h Mithlaor GH: #263 Taphul Rd. T964387
f ab s/d$3-6 la-1500r/p C4
h Korean II GH: T012-482711, f ab s/d$5, a/c s/d$10, TV C4
h Bravo GH: T012-739012, f ab s/d$7, a/c s/d$10, TV C4 large clean rooms. Very popular among Korean
h Victory GH: #332 Taphul Village, T012-940539, f ab s$5 d$6, a/c $10 TV free-la C4
h Smiley Guest House: T012-852955 moved to Taphul village. f sb s $4, ab d$5, a/c$10 net water I la(6000r/kg) R C3 Rec
h3 Ta Som: Turn right at Mithlaor GH and walk W for 200m. Right side. T012-829-403, #496 Group II f ab $5 la-free C4 Rec clean and large rooms.

V Shivatha Rd.
Walking from N(route 6) to the S(market)
h Green Garden Home GH: #51 Sivatha, 200m S from Route 6 and turn W on Omkun , f ab d$10+ a/c d$15+ HW d$15-25, TV La C4 Large, tastefully decorated rooms, family home, beautiful, relaxing garden. Rec
h #46 GH: 46 Sivatha Rd f ab s$3 d$4, ab s/d$5 C2 Typical Khmer style house. Furnished rooms with a desk & bamboo chairs.
h Eclipse GH: 45 Sivatha Rd T634494 F380025
f ab s$5/d$7 la net C2 Typical Khmer style house. Furnished rooms with a desk & bamboo chairs.
h Monorom GH: just off Vithei Sivatha, enter to W, opp from a school. T012-868688 f ab s/d$5 C3
h Popular GH: #33 Boboos St, near river just off V.Sivatha, SW from Bus Station T015917377 Rec
f sb s$2-3/d$4, ab s$5 d$7 (towels, toilet paper). C3 R CTV I
Restaurant upstairs & full range of traveller services. Now, basic rooms in old section, higher grade in renovated building. Quiet, pleasant rooftop restaurant.
Turn right at the first large crossing road.
h Orchard GH: W from Sivatha Rd, #239 of the road, just N from Sokimex petrol station.T012-948129 f sb s$3, d$5, ab s$4 d$6 C3 It has a nice balcony.
h Naga GH: W from Sivatha Rd, #243 of the road, just N from Sokimex petrol station, T012-912005. f sb s$2 d$3, ab s/d $4-5, a/c s/d$10 R C3 Cheap, clean, basic rooms,lots of bathrooms. Long running, popular, social. Can reserve at Capitol GH in Phnom Penh.Rec

E from the river
h MOM's GH: #0099 Wath Bo St. next to Bayon Rest. T964037 f ab s/d$6, a/c s/d$13-15, HW s/d$20, TV Tea & coffee bf$1.50 C4 Very quiet. Rooms are clean and large. The staff are very friendly.
h Sun Rise GH: 592 Wath Bo St. T012-983483
f sb s/d$5, ab s$5 d$7 la C3 small rooms but with a desk and a chair
h Mahogany: 593 Wath Bo St. S from Route 6 T963417
f sb s/d$4-5, ab s/d$13, C3 @($1/hr) It is a bit run down but still comfortable.
h Golden Takeo: #123 Wath Bo St, S from Route 6, little off from Wath Bo st. T012-785424, f ab s/d$4, TV HW s/d$6, a/c s/d$8 net C4 Free coffee, tea, milk

Psah Chas Market Area
Mainly high class Hotels
h Rasmei Angkor GH: E from the market on the river side. T834264 f sb s/d$5, ab s$6 C2 room size is OK but the beds are very small. Rec
h Ivy II: Just W from the Market on the river side, 2F of Ivy Bar. T012-380516, f sb s$6 d$8 C4 Nice and comfortable rooms and nice lounge with TV.Highly Rec
h Ponluse Village: Go down S on V. Sivatha Rd to the river.It is on the right side. T964195
a/c ab TV s$15 d$20 t%35, C4 huge rooms with TV Rec

Expensive Hotels
h Grand Hotel de d'Angkor: road to Angkor Wat Under renovation. Recently renovated, colonial style hotel, the best hotel in Siem Reap. Previous guests such as Jackie Kennedy and Charlie Chaplin.
h Auberge Mont Royal: 497 Taphul, 100 m N of Vithei Sivatha at junction with Sokimex petrol station
T: (855) 63 964 094: ab a/c s$25, d$30 HW.
Pleasant new hotel,traditional Khmer style

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