Angkor Wat(Siem Reap), CAMBODIA

Area Code 063 US$1=4000riel, June 20, 2005

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Dry: Oct-Apr Rainy:May-Sep Peak: Dec-Jan

! Health hazards !
Malaria is the biggest problem. There is increasing resistance to medication, impossible to cure. In the evenings cover your body, use repellent and mosquito coils. If you have a fever, see a doctor immediately, if you need treatment you are better going to Thailand.
Snakes: Be careful, especially during dry season
Land mines: Most of the area has been cleared now but STAY ON the paths.
Using a moto taxi alone: For female, it is strongly unadvisable because many rapes incidents have been reported.

i Tourist Office(ministry of Tourism Information Bureau): road to Angkor Wat. opposite Hotel d'Angkor. M-F7-18:00 T012-963461. Can answer queries but mostly concerned with temples. You can get a copy of the historycal area and Siem Reap town. Sell passes for entry to Angkor Wat area,
1day $20, 2-3days $40, 4-7days $60
May arrange tour guides (Many languages) 4hrs-$20, 8hurs-$30
Car hire with a driver $20-100/day, motorbike+driver $5/day
$1 Cambodia Commercial Bank: V.Sivutha,S from route 6
M-F 8-17, Sa9-17:00, US$ cash: no fee, US$T/C to $cash :
com 2%, Cash advance: Visa, MC, JCB, 2% com, min $5, $1=4000r, yen=35.34, B=97
$2 SBC Bank: at the corner of market on Sivath Street, M-Sa 7:30-20:30, Su 8-16:00, $1=4,000r, yen=35.2r, B=96r. Cash advance Visa/Master Card.
$3 Mekong Cambodia: 243 Sivatha Rd, M-F7-19:00, SaSu8:30-12:00, $1=4,000r, yen=35.2r, B=93r
Cash advance:
Visa 2%(min $5), JCB 3%(min $10)
$4 Krung Thai Bank: Sivatha Rd, at Prince & Ankor hotel. M-F8-17:30, SaSu8:30-12:00, $1=3940r, yen=36.39r, B=93r
$ Money Changers: Many money changers in town, specially W from the Old market. They offer lower than the bank rate.
P Police Office: Route 6, S side, 2 blocks W from the river. T760133, 24 hours. They have a section for foreigners.
H2 Pharmacy There are many pharmacies and medical labs which can perform basic tests. (malaria blood test 2000 riel)
M0 Post Office, GPO: Pokambor St, by river, 3 blocks S of Route 6, 7:30-17:00 Poste Restante, charge 500 riel per letter. Also has an express mail service & sells postcards
Address: c/o Poste Restante, GPO Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia
Mail Japan Europe USA Oceania Asia

post card





Letter(10g) 2,600 2,700 3,000 2,600 2400

EMS 1/10kg

M2 DHL: in the Old Market on Sivatha St. M-F8-17:30, Sa8-12:00, T012-799-432
Telephone: Many internet cafes offer international phone service. $1/min. To US $2/5min
M1 Telephone office at GPO: V. Sivutha Has an international telephone line. Charge: You can call to most countries with $2/min but it is much cheaper to call at internet cafes in town.
H Naka International Clinic: #593 Route 6, T964500, 8-17:00 and 24 hr emergency. English is understood.
H Angkor Hosp. for Children: Walk S on W side of the river and turn right at the first corner. It is on the right side. It is the hosp. for children but the foreign adults can be treated. Normal treatment $50, the minor surgery $100
H Dr. H.D.Joost Hoekstra: T890917 Phone or contact to European GH to him to come over to your GH
He speaks English, French, German and a nurse speaks Japanese

As the road condition improved, bus transport became very cheap and travelers use this bus system the most. The number of travelers using pickup trucks and boats declined.
A Airport: 7km W from town. Departure tax: international $20, domestic $5
Moto US$1, Taxi US$4/5.
Flights to Siem Reap, BKK, Ho Chi Minh, Pakse, Vientiane
Helicopter between Phnom Penh &w Siem Reap
: T213706, 8-20:00
Helicopter flight over Angkor Wat: Helicopter Cambodia: T012-814500,
fares/p (3-5p/1-2p) 8min-$68/$204. 14min-$120/360. 20min-$160/$480
PG Bangkok Airways: #571 Route 6, T380191,8-17:30, to BKK $170(6 flights a day between 9:10-20:00), to PP $71(3 flights a day)
a2 Siem Reap Airways: #671 Route 6, 8-17:00, T380-330. to Phnom Penh 3 flights a day
a1 President Airlines: #463 Route 6, T964-887. M-Sa8-18:00, To BKK $99/Rt1$59(TuThSaSu 2 flights a day), to Phnom Penh $64/Rt$119(2 flights a day), to Ratanakiri $45/Rt$89(2 flights a day), to Poipet $59/Rt95(2 flights a day)
RL Royal Phnom Penh Airways: #113 Svay Dang Kum T012-882665, S.Reap -> PP 8:15
QV Lao Airlines: #114 Route 6, T963283, MTuTh8-12,13-16:30, WF13-16:30, Sa8-12:00 , To Vientiane $110(WFSu 2 flights a day), To Pakse $70(WFSu 9:00, 12:30), To Luang Prabang $145(change at Vientiane)
VN Vietname Airlines: #342 Route 6, T964488 M-F7:30-11:30, 13:30-17:00, Sa7:30-12:00, To HCM $109(5 flights a day), to Hanoi, $119(2 flights a day),
F Boats: Port: Phnom Krom: 16km S from Siem Reap. taxi US$4+,moto US$1 Tickets to Phnom Penh available at guest houses. Transport costs to the port is often included in ticket prices.
to Phnom Penh: Express boats takes 4-8 hours,
to Battambang: Express Boat:
takes 3.5hrs $12
B Road Bus station: 1.5 km E from the river Psah Leu Market . The cheapest way to travel. Most of the tourist buses/pickups pick you up at your GH.
to Phnom Penh: Takes 8-10 hrs.
to Thailand via Poi Pet: It takes 6 hrs on the very bad road. .It is possible to reach Bangkok in a day. See below for more details.
ta Minibus transport to Poipet: at Angkor Wat GH, #286 Taphul Rd just S from Caltex gas station on route 6. Minbus to Poipet $6(250B) 

Border Crossing to Thailand
Many trucks/minibuses are running between Poipet and Siem Reap. Usually no problem for the security during day time. The road condition has been improved but it is still in bad condition, you probably spend as much time in rice fields detouring bridges/bad sections. Travel time varies depending on weather/road condition.
Siem Reap to Poipet via Sisophon : Route 6 from Siem Reap to Sisophon is in bad condition. Journey time to border: 5-6hours. If you arrange the transport by yourself you probably have to go first to Sisophone then get another one to Poipet.
By minibus: Often the fares are cheaper than pickup trucks. Ask at your GH
By Pickup trucks: outside
$3.A/C inside $5-6 dep.about 7:00. (you may have to transfer at Sisophon.)
Border crossing at Poipet: 7:00-18:00. Thai visa issued at border.
The border to Aranyaprathet: 6km away. Take an open-air bus 5B (after immigration walk right through the market area) Tuk-tuk 60B/p or moto taxi 40B/p
The border to Bangkok:
Casino bus takes you to Lumpini Park in Bangkok 100B see Arranyapratate or Poipet page
From here you can go to Bangkok by bus/train.
Siam City Bank: in the bus station in Aranyaprathet, M-F. 8:30-15:30
Transport to Bangkok:
Afternoon train: 49B dep 6:30, 13:35, arr 11:50, 19:15
Afternoon/Evening Buses: dep12, 12:30, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18:00. 5hrs. 144B?.see Arranyapratate page for more details

Local Transport Siem Reap/Angkor Wat
Everywhere within Siem Reap is walkable.
Motorbike rental: Not available at this moment.
Bicycle rental:
Ask around at guest-houses for a spare bike. Expect to pay $1/day.
Motor bike taxi:
Within town 1000R, return 1500R
must bargain.
to Angkor Wat:
US$5/day, $7 for 2 passengers, Maybe cheaper if you bargain away from the guesthouses.
day trip to Banteay Srei:
Car with driver: $20-100/day Maybe cheaper if you bargain
Travel Agents
ta1 Capitol Tour: Go W from N part of the old market. T012-916165, Bus: to Phnom Penh $3 dep7:30, to Bangkok $11 dep 7:00
Express boat: to Phnom Penh
$22 dep6:30, to Battambang $12 dep7:00
ta2 Neak Krurhorm Travel: #3 Old Market, SE corner of the old market. Bus: to Phnom Penh $4 dep7:30, to Battambang $4 dep 7:30, to Bangkok $11 dep 7:00
ta3 Apex Cambodia Travel Service: #11 Route 6, 2F of a Japanese restaurant, MISAKI,
Air tickets(OW/RT): to Phnom Penh
$74/169, to Bangkok $169/218, Ho Chi Minh City $109/218
Balloon over Angkor Wat $11
for 10 mins


Apsara dancing to Angkor Wat. Show are available when a large group request. Ask around. in Angkor Wat.US$6 The view from further away is free!!

Cultural Show:
Angkor Village:
(Tu Th,Sa, US$30 19:00,)
Grand Hotel d'Angkor: (19:00 US$26.4)
Apsara dancing + meal: Dancing only US$6. Again free for the longsighted.
The Children's Orphanage: in Siem Reap occasionally hold dance performances. Check at Chao Say GH, or Lotus Temple Business Center for info.
Koulen Restaurant: on Sivatha Rd. E side. 100m from the route 6. T964324 $11 with buffet dinner incl tea/drinking water Dinner start 18:30 and show 19:30
Bayon II: E side of the river, N from the route 6. $11 with buffet dinner 18:30

Swimming pool: Angkor Village non-resident: US$5/day. It may small, but is refreshing with sun-beds in lovely surroundings. Tip - bring your own drinks!!

Massage: There are a few clinic E from the old market.all charging the same, $6/hr

Sauna & open bath:
Molop Por Cafe & Sauna:
From route 6, go down on the road along the river E side. men 29:00-22:00, women 18:00-20:00. S$2, herb sauna and open bath. Very relaxing.Cheap good food is served.

m1 Psah Chas market(Old Market): The name means OLD but it is a new market near the river.S of the town. Best visited early in the day. Fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables sections all quiet later in the day. General goods, souvenir stalls (carved wood, brass, silver. T-shirts, clothing, Kramar scarves etc). Some good cheap noodle(2800r) & sandwich stalls (mornings only), ice (500r Rec)
m2 Psah Leu Market(New Market or Center Market): route 6, Old & big market 1.5km E of Siem Reap Food & general goods, the trucks leave Siem Reap from here.
m Smart Convenient shop: Rte 6, at Galetex Gas station: a/c high class Convenient shop. drinks/food. sitting places to eat available. 
s Souvenir shops: scarves, musical instruments, the old/new market. Also a few on route 6, E from the river.
p Photo Developing/Quality: route 6 direction Psah Leu market, east of river., Several photo shops (Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Konica) for film & developing. Developing costs US$4, 24 prints $3, burning CD $3
la Laundry: Many guesthouses 3000-6000/kg
Private places in town are cheaper.
ma Molop Por Cafe: From route 6, go down on the road along the river E side. 11-22:00, This is a restaurant but It also has sauna/bath $2(male 18-20:00, femal 20-22:00) massage $5/hr HIghly Rec

Festivals/Events 1998
Festivals coincide with run up to full moon. Often the day preceding full moon is the biggest, full moon itself triggers departures.
Jan Bagan: full moon
Mar Hsipaw: full moon
Apr 13-15 Bon Chaul Chhnam: New Year
Nov International Ramayana: Dancing Performances of events from the Ramayana, guest artists from Asian countries, held at Angkor Wat.
Nov 24-26 Bonm Om Touk-Water Festival: Boat racing held at sunset at Angkor Wat.

@ Internet @
Many internet cafes are in town. $0.5-1.0/hr Japanese and other aisan languages are usually OK
@1 Hollywood web I: on Sivatha Rd. 7:00-24:00, 3000r/hr
@2 Hollywood web II: in Old Market. 7:00-24:00, 3000r/hr
@3 Laochun web: Sivatha Rd. Left from Prince d Angkor 8:00-23:00, 2000r/hr The cheapest net cafe in town. Burning CD, oversee call 1000r/min(mobile 2000r/min)
@ There are a few net cafes on route 6 but all charging $1/hr

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