Trat, Thailand

Area Code 039, $1=38, May 29, 2006

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Koh Chang | Koh Samet | Koh Kong, Cambodia

Trat is a nice relaxing town located SE corner of Thailand near Cambodia border. This is an ideal town to break your journey to Cambodia or a good base to go to islands, such as Koh Chang.
From BKK:
buses from Ikamai(Eastern) and Mochit Mai(Northern) bus station.
From Cambodia border: by minibuses or songthaws

Orientation: The new bus station is built N part of town, 2 or 3km from the town market. Songthaws are connecting to the town, 15B.
Most of GHs are in S part of the town. From the bus station you will should get off your songthaw, just after passing by KFC(on the right side of the road) and turn left at Trat Inn. Most rooms are small, very simple and bathrooms are outside of your room.

i TAT: #100 Moo 1, T039-597255,
$ Banks: many banks are on the main road. ATM
M Post Office: From the market, walk N and turn right at the light and turn left at another light. It is on the right side(E side)
s Super Market: Main road W side just under KFC 7-21:00
s 7 Eleven: Main road opp from the night market
m2 Day market: Main road E side, opp from KFC
m1 Night market: Main road E side, NE from KFC, next to Day market.
B Bus station: N from the town center. 2km N New bus station. You can book your seats at many bus company office in the town center but most of the buses leave from here. Access: by songthaw 15B You can catch on the main road
@ Sawadee GH: 40B/hr head phone, Japanese IME (h3)
@2 POP GH: 50m E from POP GH. 50B/hr head phone, web camera, Japanese

Border Crossing

Klong Yai/Hat Lek(th) - Koh Kong(cam) 7-17:00.
The most comfortable route between Bangkok and Phnom Penh. Take minibus to the border or take 2 songthaws to the border. Cambodia 1 month visa is given at the border
1000B, need 1 photo. From the border, you can take a minibus to Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh. Also if you go to Koh Kong by communal taxi, 20B/p, you can take a speed boat or a communal taxi to Sihanoukville. From Sihanoukville to PP, National Route 3 is an excellent sealed road to Phnom Penh.

Trat to the border:
By Minibus:
From the bus station.140B1hr
By Songthaw:
From the back(East side) of the city market. Trat to Klong Yai
60B,? 90 min. then Klong Yai to Had Lek (border) Songthaw 30B? 30 min.

The border to Koh Kong: bike taxi or communal taxi 20B/p
Koh Kong to Sihanoukville by boat:
departs at 8:00, 650B/$13/60,000riel
To get the 8:00 boat from Koh Kong, it is probably necessary to hire a taxi or minibus from Trat to the border and cross the border at 7:00.
Alternatively, overnight in Koh Kong and take the boat next day.(see Koh Kong page)
The border to Sihanoukville/Phnom Penh by minibus: departs at around 9:00 Sihanoukville 500B, Phnom Penh 600B You can get the minibus information at your GH in Trat.

Trat to Siem Reap(Angkor Wat): 350B? by mini bus, leaving on the main road, just N from the town market, you will see the sigh for it. Probably the minibus travel via Aranyaprathet - Poipet border.

The main road is running N to S. Entering the town from N. Most of GHs are in S part of the town. Get off your songthaw just after KFC(on the right side of the road), then walk S from KFC turn left at Trat Inn, or walk another block and turn left. Most rooms are small, very simple.

Luk Muang Street: Get off from your songthaw at Trat Inn, just after passing KFC and turn left into Luk Muang street.
h1 Dream GH: Luk Muang Street T039-525096, f sb s100 d150 C3 (may be closed)
h2 Jame Thai House: #45 Luk Muang Street, 50m W from the main Rd.(Trat Inn), T039-530458, f sb s70B d100B tw120B, R(simple meal) HW TV I C3. Thai style house, staff are very friendly. home stay feeling, You can watch movies in STV room. Rec
h3 Sawadee GH: #90 Luk Muang Street opp from Jade Thai House, 50m W from the main Rd.(Trat Inn) T039-520075,, f sb(HW) s100 d200B t300, ab d200, TV d260, HW d260, a/c d450 C4 @(1B/min). Very friendly. Very comfortable with nice decoration Rec
h4 Friendly GH: 106/110 Luk Muang Street, T039-524053, f sb s60B d120B,la(5-10B/p) C2. Very friendly as the name says.

Alley connecting Luk Muang and Soi Thanacharoen
h5 Trat GH: #4 soi Khunpoka Luk Muang Rd., As you walk from Trat Inn to Jame GH on Luk Muang, turn right at the first corner. T039-511152, f sb s80B d100-150B, la(5B/p) C3 toilet C4. looks old but clean rooms.
h6 NP GH: 8-10 Soi Yai On Lak Muang Rd, on a soi after the soi for Trat GH . T039-525029 f sb s70B+ d120B+, family room 200B la C4 You can book a bus to Phnom Penh 520B or Shihanoukville 500B
h7 Windy GH: S end of the soi of NP T039-523664, f sb d100-140B la HW C2. Balcony to the river. Old but clean

Soi Thanacharoen:
From the bus stop walk back on the main road and after Trat Inn walk 1 block further on the main road and turn left.
h10 Garden Home: 87/1 Rad-Anuson Rd. just opp from the entrace of Soi Thanacharoen Rd. T039-521018, f sb(HW) d100 C4 Simple clean wooden floor rooms. Communal space with TV Rec
h11 Pop: #1/1-1/2 Thanacharoen T039-512392, f sb(HW) s70-80 d100-150, ab(HW) d150, a/c d200B-350 C4 small rooms, nice garden relaxing place. Selling tickets for transport to Sihanoukville from the border Rec
h12 Guy GH: 82-84 Thanacharoen, T039-524556,, f sb(HW) s80-100, d100-120, a/c s300 d350C2 large f ab(HW) d100-200, TV d250 C3 Rec
h Foremost GH: Soi Thanacharoen next to Cafe T039-511923 f sb s70B d100B la-5/p R I C3. Family run, friendly.
h14 Residang GH: 87/1-2 Soi Thanacharoen T039-530103 sb s100B d150B TV la-10B/p rb-25B/hr rm-50B/hrC4, New GH further up road from others.Rooms are largest Rec

h20 Trat Hotel: From the main road turn left at the S side of the night market. T039-512233, f ab TV d220B, a/c d370 d650 C4 many different types.
h21 Ban Jaidee GH: 367-69 Chaimongkol Rd. T039-520678. from Sawaddee GH walk E and turn left at the 2nd corner. T039-520678, f sb(HW) d120-150B C4 @ New GH managed by westerners. Clean rooms with mattress on the floor but beautifully decorated Thai house. Rec

Night Market: Main Rd 30B+ Excellent selections Highly Rec
r1 Cool Corner: S from the NP GH Soi Thanacharoen 7-23:00 Travelers style Lots of travel information on wall. Coffee 15, coke 10, meal 35B+,
r Jean Cafe: Soi Thanacharoen next to Foremost GH 6:30-23:00 T511923 Travelers style. Travelers' notes, not well maintained. Coffee 15B, coke 10B, meal 35B+ Rec
r3 new restaurant(Pier 1): Thanacharoen just opp from Residing GH Local food Tables are set in a garden and under shade. Good cheap food.

The town is very small. You can walk
to the bus station 15B, You can catch on the main road heading N, west side of the road.
The bus station is just 2-3km N from the town. You can walk from the town market and turn right at the first traffic light and turn left. You will see the bus station.

B1 Bus station: New bus station, You can catch songthaw on the main road heading N, west side of the road. 15B
You can walk from the town market and turn right at the first traffic light and turn left. You will see the bus station.
To Bangkok(Ikkamai bus station): (2007 info) 317km 5hrs N-161B 4:30-7:30, 14:30, A2-188B 6:30, 10:30, 13:30-17:30 A1-225-241B, many(7-23:30)
To Bangkok(Mtchit bus station): (2007 info) A2-225B, 9:30, 12:00 A1-230-248B, 8:30-12:30, 14:30, 19, 23:00
To Rayong: by bus A2-115B? , many
To Koh Samet: take a bus to Rayong and get off before Rayong and get a songthaw from Rayong to Ban Pae, 15B. From Ban Pae take a boat to Koh Samet.
B2 Bus stop(unofficial): The buses, after departing from the bus station, stop just at the town gate to pickup more passengers. If you do not need to secure your seat, you may walk N on the main road and wait just outside of the town gate, 10 min on foot from the town market
B3 To Koh Chang: There are 3 piers to Koh Chang, Thammachat, Center Point and Laem Ngob pier. The cheapest and the most convenient pier is Thammachat pier. Many boats running during day time from . For the ferry info see Koh Chang page
To Center Point: by songthaw 40B wait just S from the night market at the corner. There is a sign and songthaw schedule board and there are a few touts.Ferry to Koh Chang OW 80B/RT120B
B4 Songthaw stops to other pies:
To Thammachat pier:
by a bigger truck bus 40B
50m S from the songthaw station for Center Point pier. No sigh. The touts for Center point pier are not informative for other piers. Ferry to Koh Chang OW 50B/RT100B
To Laem Nop pier: Boat to Koh Maak/Kood by songthaw 40B?
Please make sure if the boats are running or not at your GH before you get a sonthaw.
to Koh Kood ThSa9:00 from
550B (from Koh Chang Daan Kao pier 400B)
to Koh Mat
250B dep 10:00 4hrs(from Koh Mak dep 14:30)
Island Hopper
Laem Nop(LN) -> Koh Maak(KM) -> Koh Kood(KK)
LN TuFSa 9:00 -> KM 10:30 -> KK 11:30
KK ThF12:30 -> KM 13:30 -> LN 15:00
KK Su11:00 -> KM 12:00 -> LN13:30
B5 Songthaw to the border: behind the city market(E side) See the border crossing for more details.
B6 From Trat to Siem Reap via Aranyaprathet - Poipet border: in front of the Day town market, there is a small sign See the border info
B Tourist buses: You can get the fare cheaper for selected bus to BKK and to Cambodia. Contact to your GH, such as POP GH or Jame GH.

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