Thaton, Thailand

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Thaton is In N. Thailand, 3.5 hours from Chiang Mai and about 1 hour? S from Mae Salong on the side of Mae Kok river. It is very relaxing town. Many travelers take a boat on Mae Kok river to Chiang Rai.

Access and arriving:
From BKK:
By night bus.
From Chiang Mai: By bus from Chang Phuak Bus Station. It takes 3-4hrs. Bus from Chiang Mai stops just after crossing the main bridge. There are many guest houses near by. The boat landing is just the other side of the river.
From Maesalong: By pickup truck. You have to change it once at Kewsatai. It arrives just N 200m from the bridge.
From Chiang Rai: By boat. This boat arrives on S side of the river. Many guest houses around the boat pier.

i Information office: No but you can ask at Tourist Police.
P0 Tourist Police: just S from the bridge, E side.8:30-16:30 Some officers can speak English.
@ Internet: on the road of the boat office, W from Naam Waan GH, 8-21:00, 30B/hr

B1 Bus station: just N of the main bridge.
to Bangkok:
890km 12hrs, V-582B(old) 17:00, A1-499B(old) 6, 16, 16:30, 17:00
to Chiang Mai: Many buses are running. 3.5hrs, N-
90B dep 8, 9:25, 11:30, 13:30, 14:25, 16:15
Those buses pass by
Fang duration 2-30min. ?B
to Chiang Rai: ?B
, dep 15:00
B2 Mimibus(pickup) for N from Taton: 200m from N from the birdige. E side.
to Maesalong: Go to Kewsatai by pickup many
30B, many every hour. It takes 1 hr.
From Kewsatai to Maesalong:
30B 30mins, 7:30, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30
From Kewsatai to Mae Chan:
30B many, then to Chiang Rai or Mae sai by bus.
F boat: Just S from the brige, 150 E, Boat to Chiang Rai: dep12:30, arr around 16:00 300B/p.
Report from a traveler: There is a GH, called My Dream, between Thaton and Chiang Rai near the elephant camp. It is one of the best GH in Thailand

South side of the river
h1 Naam Waan: ab CW d150, HW d200 C3
h2 Apple Hotel & Restaurant: on the road of the boat office, T053-373144, ab CW s100 d150 C3, ab HW TV(L)d350, a/c d550B C4 Not bad but a bit expensive.
h3 Chankasen GH: next to Apple at the boat office, T053-459313, ab CW s100 d150B, ab HW s200 d300 C3a/c TV(L) d400B C3, sb-HW 20B/p extra,
h4 Thips Travelers house: From the bridge walk S on the main road, on the right side. ab CW s100 d150 C4 Old house but clean. (2002 info.)

North side of the river
h6 Thaton Chalet: just N from the bridge, W side, T053-373155, ab HW a/c CTV fr d1200B(LSd1000) bf R proper hotel.
h7 Thaton Garden: #17 M14, T053-459286, Walk N from the bridge and turn left at the sign "River View Restaurant", and walk 50m. T459286, ab CW d100, HW towel d200B C4 R(river view)
h8 Garden Home: #14 M14Another 100m after Thaton Garden. Take the left street when the road split, T053-373015, ab HW f large rooms d200, bungalows d300, a/c d600B+ C4 R Many bungalows are set in a huge garden. The prices are expensive but it has a nice garden with river view.
h9 Baan Suan Riverside Resort: #13 M14, just after Garden Home:, T053-373214, ab HW f d400, a/c d700B+ C4 PTC R All rooms are situated among the beautiful garden. There are some tables are set to enjoy the river and the garden. Excellent place to stay for someone who have extra budget. American bf 110B refil free coffee/tea
Highly Rec.
h10 Riverview Resort: passing Thaton Garden, take the main street, not entering the street for h3 h4, walk another 3-400m, T054-373173, ab HW a/c CTV fr LS d1335B bf C5 R The most rooms are along the river and from the porches you can enjoy the river.

h3 Chankasen GH: just E from the boat office: serves good food with resonable price. Open late.
h6 Thaton Chalet: just N side of the bridge. T373155-7, lunch buffet 90B 12-14:00
h9 Baan Suan Riverside Resort: see above. Shake 30B, Coke 20B meal 60B+. Excellent place to enjoy river view in a beautiful garden. Highly Rec.
r1 A noodle shop: just S from the bridge. Coconut and pork soup with Chinese noodle 25B. not bad run by a Chinese woman.

S Wat Thaton: Walk S side of the river from the bridge. You can find the steps. Good view from the top.
The pass continuing to go up to see big Buddha statues.
20B donation.
S Mae Salong: You can have a day trip easily from here. Take a truck songthaw. See more details on Mae Salong pages. Leave early for the day trip.

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