Songai Kolok, Thailand

Oct 10, 2007

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Located SE of Thailand penensular, border town to Malaysia.

From major towns in Thailand:
It can be reached by train or bus.
From Kota Bharu, Malaysia: Take a local bus(many in a day) to the border, 1 hr. After crossing the border, keep walking straight for 20 mins to reach the train station.

Border Crossing
To Malaysia: As you come out from the train station, walk to left(The same direction of the trains). The border 1km from the train station. After Thai passport control, walk another 300m to Malaysia passport control. Then take bus #29 to Kota Bharu, RM3.8 1 hr.

T Train Station: 1km from the border to Malaysia
To BKK: 11:30(Arrival Suratthani21:07, BKK8:10+1), 14:20(23:00, 9:40), 2nd Berth upper/lower
807/877B, 1st berth 1553B
To Hat Yai:
42B, 12:45(17:00), 14:55(18:00)
You can take one of express trains to Hatyai but the fare 2nd seat
B Bus station: about 1.5km from the border.
Many minibus agents in town.
To Hat Yai:
247B3.5hrs, To Krabi: 461B To Phuket: 598B dep 6:00, 8:00, 17:30
To Bangkok:15hrs. A2-
759B dep 8:00, A1-947B dep 13:00, V-1470B dep12:00

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