Area Code 075 $1= 39.37B, May 3, 2004

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This information has NOT been updated in 2006.

Tour around the 2 Phi Phi islands, including lunch 350-400B(5-8 people in long-tail boat), 500-600B(big boats)
Note: Big boat can not go inside one of the nice bays at PhiPhi Ley.

Snorkeling Boat Tour
500B/p day
, includes lunch & snorkeling gear.
Visit Phi Phi Ley - Viking Cave Pileh Bay, Wang Long Bay, then on to Bamboo Island, and back to Hin Pae Rocks on Phi Phi Don.
Rental Can rent mask & snorkel or fins all over the island 50B
Other Popular Snorkeling spots
Ao Maya
- cave site with wall paintings
Ko Yung -Mosquito Island
Ko Hua Khwaan -Chicken Island

Scuba Diving
Some of the best diving sites in Thailand are around Phi Phi. Visibility is best during Dec-Apr.
Diving spots:
Bida Island S of Phi Phi Ley, site of beautiful coral reef and lots of fish
Mosquito Island Dives to wreck sites.
50m underwater  tunnel Should only be attempted by experienced divers.
Diving centers: Many. Western staff. There is a gentlemen's agreement amongst all the Diving Schools, prices are standard except one in Long Beach.
Visa Diving: Ton Sai Bay street, T618106
PADI Open Water Course 9,900B
3-4 day course. Introduction: 2500--3000B
Leisure Dive:
All diving courses include cheap accommodation or less 200B each day.

A popular sport on Phi Phi. You can catch huge fish, have your photo taken at the weigh-in and then eat some of it for supper at a restaurant. 1,800B /boat /day, 1,400B half day. Drinks included. Beside this there are many fishing guides. They all guaranteed to catch fish.

Rock Climbing
More established on Railey but during the high season Westerners organize 1 day courses for around 1200B.
Ask around at bars, restaurants & dive centers.

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