Area Code 075 $1= 38B, June 6, 2006

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If you want to have a meal looking the beautiful view, reasonably priced, tasty food is hard to find on Koh Phi Phi. The beach front resort restaurants - full of tour groups and day-trippers, are a rip-off. Before the tunami, restaurants on the main street in the middle of the island offered local food with reasonabe priced. Some has come back but it will take some more time.

Main street: street running from the market to E to the foot of the hill.
Ton Sai Bay Street: street along side of Ton Sai Bay

Ton Sai bay Street. From the pier, turn right.
Pee Pee Bakery: Ton Sai Bay street. International/Bakery 35-70B, simple cake 15B+ Popular. Relaxing. Good French bread and Baguette sandwiches. Shows videos. Highly Rec
Patcharee French Bakery(Bakery Boulangerie): Main street, Inland side International/Bakery 35-70B Rec
Similar to Pee Pee Bakery (Opposite), not as popular.

Main street: From the pier, turn right and walk 50 m and turn left at Infinity Travel agent which leads to local market.
Hibachi: in the village near Chao Koh Tour, Japanese, all you can eat with 199B
Local restaurants: opp from Tara Inn, Thai, cheap 40B+

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