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Accommodation on Phi Phi Don is expensive compared to other beaches in Thailand. During the High Season, many places are full, prices soar. Budget options are decreasing as hotels renovate and move upmarket. However There are still some budget options exist. rooms without bathroom 250B+,rooms with bathroom 300B+.
Budget accommodation is concentrated around the central area, along Loh Dalam Beach, Hin Khom Beach and in the village. There are some options along Long beach and one the way to Long Beach. but it's a long 30min hike, or a
50B? boat ride from Ton Sai Beach.
When you landed, many people/travel agents approach you Some of them are offering good rooms. If you tell your budget, they may find one for you. You might pay the first night payment first then guided to a room, but if you don't like the room, you can get the money back.



From the pier to Lohdalum Bay(N beach)
As you land, walk streight toward N beach. This is the area which was damaged the most. On the left side you find everhthing was swapt away by the tunami. Now you will find a few new guest houses near Phi Phi Hotel.
h1 The Pier GH: 88/1 M7, T075-601186, TV HW f d600, a/c d800 C4
h2 Phi Phi Inn: 130 M7, T075-601184, HW TV(E) f d600, a/c 1000B C4 Rec
h3 RS: North from Phi Phi Hotel, d4-450B C3 low quality
h4 Sanla: just E from RS, f ab d300B C4 good cheap option.Rec

Loh Dalum Bay
North beach. This is an area where the most of the buildings have been gone by the tunami.
h5 PP Charlie Beach Resort: Central, on beach. near Tara Inn. T075-601166, f ab 400B, a/c d800B C4-5 large rooms. Some have views, desk and chairs Rec
h6 Phi Phi View point Resort: E end of the beach. T622351,, f ab HS 1600B+ C4, a/c TV Fr HS2000B+ C5 with excellent view. Many bungalows and rooms on the side of the hill. Excellent view to the beach. Rec

Ton Sai Bay(S beach)
As you land, walk toward E along the Ton Sai Bay. The most of hotels has been survived. But they are more than middle class accommodation. No budget hotels along the beach.
h7 Chao Koh Phi Phi Lodge: 157 M7 passing Mamas Restaurant, walk further E along Ton Sai Bay, T620800,, ab f d600 a/c STV fr bf HW d1300B C4-5 (2004 info)

Village Center
The half of the village center, W and N parts, has been taken away by the tunami. It is the area mainly for local villagers, such as local market. The area for souvenior shops, E and S parts, was damaged less. Now new guest houses, restaurants, travel agents are open over the ruins.
From the pier, walk streight toward N beach, turn right. You wul see JJ GH. Or from the pier turn right and walk along Ton Sai Bay and turn left at Island Divers. You will see K house on the right.
h8 K House: 139/16 M7 enter an alley from Chao Koh Phi Phi Lodge, T618040-2, a/c STV fr d1000 C5 (2004 info)
h9 Ban Thai GH: T622052 next to K. House, , ab f d600, a/c STV d1000B, large rooms C4 (2004 info)
h10 Hotel Andersen: f ab HW CTV fr d600 C4 good facility but the rooms are small.
h11 JJ GH: f sb d300 ab d500 C3 simple bamboo hut bungalows too expensive for low quality.
h12 Kinaree: f ab HW CTV fr d400 a/c d700 C4 good rooms Rec
h13 Island: T06-5030776, f ab HW d400, a/c d800, CTV d800B C4 comfortable size rooms. Rec
h14 Sabai Sabai: ab HW CTV fr f d500, a/c d800B C4 good rooms Rec
h15 Harmoney: T07-3390812, a/c ab HW CTV fr d800B C5 comfortable size Rec
h16 Sawadee GH: above Barber shop, just W from Harmoney, f sb d300, balconey CT ab d500B C4
h17 Tara Inn: f ab d300 C4, new large rooms d500B C5
h18 Jong: ab HW CTV fr fd400, a/c d700 C4 small rooms
h19 October: f ab d400 C3-4, wooden floor but small
h20 Sacha's f ab d350B C4(reported)
h21 The Rock Backpacker:121 M 7, T612-402, sb dr 200B, ab f 400B+ C3.12 bed dorm room but very comfortable room. The sheets are changed everyday. Rec

North East
The main street from the center of the village passes in front of the Rock and continues to the bottom of the steps toward the View point, top of the hill, NE from the center.Many guest houses on this way.
h22 Amina GH: f ab s300 d400B C4 large rooms.
h23 Tunka: f ab d400B C3
h24 Phitharom PP Resort: T075-636009,, a/c ab HW CTV fr 1100B+(HS3000B+) C5
h25 Harmony House: f ab d300, a/c d700 C2 basic
h26 PP New Wave: f ab d300B C2 basic
h27 PP Dream: f ab d400B C3
Going up the steps toward the view point next to PP Dream
h28 Secery GH: f ab d250, large d400B C4 Rec
h29 View Center Place: T06-1123959, a/c ab HW CTV fr d800B C5 Very large high class rooms with large balconies, but you have to climb up the steps halfway to the view point. Highly Rec
Going down the steps and resuming walking from PP Dream
h30 Tiewtass: f ab d300 PTC
h31 US Guest House:
h32 Garden Inn: ab f d500, a/c d800 C4 PC
h33 Garden House: T01-8943835, ab f d600, a/c d1000 C5 CT large rooms with porches in garden. Villa quality. Fun rooms are small but their toilet and shower rooms are beautiful
h34 Upp Hill: T06-5532316, ab HW f d400(800) balcony CT, a/c 1200 C4 beautiful colonial style rooms Rec
h35 Tropical Garden Bungalow: f ab d400-500B C2 bungalows are set in a forest like garden. The exteriror looks nice but low quality interior. Large proches with tables and chairs relaxing.

Hin Khom Beach to Lo Dalam Bay
The small path running E part of the village connecting two beaches. This is a small valley like space between 2 hills. There are a few bargains can be found here.
From the pier, walk E along the S beach through a few hotels and the road bends to N at Andaman Legacy. Then you can find a mosque. After the mosque, you will enter this area from S. Or walk throguh the village and turn right this area from N. The S end of the path is a mosque. From the pier turn right and walk 10 min along the beach. at Andaman resort, the paved path turns to left to inland.
Listing from S to N(The mosque to the Rock)
h40 Phi Phi Town House: The first GH on this path. left side. f ab d300B C3 This is a cheap option but it is very hard to find the manager around.
h41 Gypsy Village: N from Phi Phi Don Resort, f ab 300B C3 Many bungalows are set around a huge open space. Comfortable size rooms with relaxing porch, well-maintained. Quiet. The best value in this island. Highly Rec
h42 Gypsy II: further inland, f ab 350B C4 The bungalows do not look as good as Gypsy village, but the no body can beat the price. It is hard to get a room here. Highly Rec
h43 PP View Garden: 01-477-5690, f ab Old d300-500, New d400B(large) C4 good value Rec
h44 Cashnut: W side, T075-601224, ab f d550-650(HS900) C3 Very beautiful tasteful bungalows. 600B units have 2 rooms. Rec
h45 JJ Bungalows: opp from PP Valentine, a/c ab HW CTV fr d1000B+ C4
h46 PP Valentine GH: pass Gypsy II just before the pond. f ab d400(small) C3, d600(large) C4 Good value These bungalows are probably the best valued ones in this island. If you cannot find a manager, go to Gypsy Village. Highly Rec

Hin Khom Beach and on the way to Long Beach
E from Ton Sai. There is a lovely, palm-tree lined beach. Many hotels are located but the all of them are expensive.

On the way to Long Beach (2004 info)
There are 3 small beaches where you can find 2 GH and 1 restaurant. You may come here by boat 40B/p
h50 Maprao: T622486, f sb 300 C2-450 C3, ab 400+ C4
at the first cove. Bungalows are on the hill. 900B rooms are beautiful but 400Bs are just small huts.
h51 Viking Village: f sb 400 C1 at the 2 nd cove. very basic bungalows. Totally over priced even in the high season.

Long Beach (2004 info)
Beautiful beach with the view of Koh PhiPhi ley island and the water is one of the cleanest in Koh PhiPhi. From the village to Long Beach (Hat Yao) 30 min walk. Boat service available with 40B/p. At night boat service decrease and it is hard to walk to the main part of the island. Therefore food option is limited, totally over priced. The value for the rooms are lower than ones of the rest of this island.
h52 New resort: under construction. First resort on this beach.
h53 Phi Phi Paradise Pearl Resort: T228-4370, sb f d500, ab bf d900, a/c bf d1700+ C3-4, Rooms are comfortable. The restaurant is a bit expensive.
h54 Phi Phi Long Beach: T612217 ab d300B very basic. hut f, ab f d500 C2 Not friendly.

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