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Rainy season : May-Dec Monsoons : Sep- Nov
Dry season : Jan-Apr Average Temp. : 17-37 c
High Season : Dec-May Low Season : Jun-Oct

Phi Phi Don & Phi Phi Ley are 2 islands about 40km from Krabi and Phuket. Located in a national park, both are incredibly scenic, with glorious white sand beaches and blue, blue water.On uninhabited Phi Phi Ley, where development is not allowed, it remains an island paradise and a favorite spot for boat-trips.

However Phi Phi Don, once a quiet fishing community, is now an overdeveloped and, during the high season, overpriced tourist resort. Beautiful Ton Sai Bay has been taken over by noisy boats and, from 12-16:00 during the high season, the beach is crowded with day-trippers from Krabi & Phuket.

Despite these conditions Phi Phi still has much to offer the visitor. The beautiful beaches of Loh Dalam, Hin Khom and Long Beach, are quiet, less crowded. Undeveloped beaches on nearby islands can be visited by boat. Good snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing sites are also in the area.

Most of the facilities and services are near the harbor. Accommodation is along Ton Sai Beach, Loh Dalam Beach and in the village. There are some options along Long beach but it's a long 40min hike, or a 50B? boat ride from Ton Sai Beach.

After the Tunami:
In December 2004, the huge tunami destroyed Koh Phi Phi. Surprisingly the half of the island is completely wiped out but the other half is completely untouched. As you land by boat, the left side is the area which everything was gone, and the most of the things on the north beach.All restaurants, dive shops and hotels east from the boat pier are open as nothing happened. In the disaster area, new GHs and restaurants have already open.

Access: Regular boat service from Krabi, Phuket, Koh Lanta and Ao Nang Beach

Main Village: TON SAI on Phi Phi Don
Tourist Office : None. Visitors usually get info in Krabi before going to the islands.Free map & hotel info from Krabi Tourist Office. Krabi Travel Agencies book accommodation.
$ Siam Commercial Bank booth: From the pier, turn right and go E for 50m. M-F9:30-16:30, Rate TC/cash $1=38.24/38.09B, 100yen=33.65/33.11, E=48.25/48.05, A$=28.3/28.1, N$=23.82/23.68, GBP=70.27/69.70
$ Krung Thai Bank booth: Near Reggae Bar, alley opposite Sea Frog Diving, Visa, A lot of tourist info. The rate is lower than Siam City Bank
M0 Post Office:?
M1 Telephone: ?

F Pier: on Tong Sai beach. Boat available to Krabi, Phuket, Koh Lanta, Railey beach, Aonang beach
  Many agents in Ton Sai. Can book onward transport from Krabi.

Local Transport
To Long Beach (Hat Yao): 30 min walk. Boat service available 50B/p?

@ Internet @
@ Internet cafe: a few place in this island 2B/min

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