Hat Rin, Phangan, THAILAND

Area Code 077 $1=38B June 2, 2006

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Thong Sala(Koh Phangan general info) | Thong Nai Pan | Photo: Taka's 2006

The most popular beach in Koh Phangan and famous for the world known Full Moon Party.
From the main port, Thong Sala:
frequently connected with songthaws.
From Bophut, Koh Samui: there are a few boats everyday and during full moon party, many more boats from Bophut.
From Maenam, Koh Samui. A boat leaves 12:00 arriving around 13:00 on East side of Hat Rin Beach.
From Thong Nai Pan: A boat leaves at 9:00 arriving at 10:25
Hat Rin is a small area between 2 beaches. One on W is a rocky and on E is a beautiful sandy beach. Village facilities, such as internet cafe, travel agents, banks, souvenir shops, are on the road connecting the both beaches which is called as Crossroad. Restaurants are mainly found on a road along with the E beach. GHs are mainly found on the both beach but there are very noisy because many parties are held not only in the Full moon night. If you prefer a bit quieter place, try the area on the hill, S from the main area or on Leela Beach.

i Information: none. You can get a map of Koh Phangan in Koh Samui and Suratthani tourist offices. Also you can get a free map in Koh Samui. Get one before you come here.
Free piblication: Phangan Explorer

Weahter and the next full moon day?
$ Banks: 3 banks/exchange counters in Hat Rin village and ATM Official rates 9:30-16:30.
M0 Post Office/Bookshops/T.A. Street W from Crossroads. International phone
M1 Telephone: many card public phones in the village.
s 7 Eleven: On the cross road between two beaches. 24 hrs. The cheapest shop in the island. International card telephone. 1.5 liter drinking water is 30B more than normal 7-11 shops but still the cheapest in this area.
sh Meditation Courses: Sanctuary: Had Tien Beach. Programme on notice board at Yogurt Home 3 Restaurant.
dv Phangan Divers: On near the pier. Haad Rin, T375-117, info@phangandivers.com. www.phangandivers.com Open water 8-9,200B, 2 dives and meal at various spots around this area. About 2000B+.Snorkeling Day tour 250B+ from travel agents
@ internet cafes: Many in the village. Most of them open till late and charge is standard, 2B/min. Some set minimum 20B, some do not. The speed is 128k/256k. digital camera backup to CD 100B, possible web chat with camera

Local Transport
B Songthaew(Mini bus): to Thongsala 30B, to Haad Thong Nai Pan, go to Thongsala first and change 100B.
rb Rental motor bike: start from 110cc 150B, 150cc 200B/24 hrs.
ta SK Travel: at SK Home(see accommodation) in the center of Haad Rin opp from 7 eleven. book boat + bus/train.
There are many other travel agents on Crossing Raod.




Had Rin Nok (Sunrise Beach) Main beach.
Site of Full Moon Party. Very noisy.
Old bungalows are cheap from
sb 150, ab 200B, but the quality is very low. New ones are usually large unit but cost from f ab 400, HW 500
If you take a boat from Bo Phut, Koh Samui, as you land, go straight until you reach a beach through a village. If you are coming from the main port, Thong Sala by Songthaew
50B. Cheap and reasonable GHs are away from the beach.
Listing from N to S on the beach
hE1 Serenity Hill: f ab d350-500(HS400-600B) C2 On the hill. Next to Mountain Sea Good view but low quality and the staff are very rude. Not Rec.
hE2 Mountain See GH: f ab 350(HS400) C1 on the hill side. Very badly rundown. Not Rec.(2004info)
hE3 Seaview Resort: T077-375160, ab CW f 500-800, beach front HW a/c1200B+ C4 PTC. new bungalows. Some of the rooms are huge Rec
hE4 Palita Lodge: T01-9177455, f ab 800, a/c 1000B+ C3 Too expensive
hE5 Tommy's: T077-375210,a/c HW fr d1500B+C4.
hE6 Pha-ngan Bayshore: T077-375227, ab HW f 6-700, a/c d1000-1500B C4 Very rude
hE8 Pha-Ngan Orchid Resort: 148 M6, T077-375156, ab f d300(500B), a/c huge room d800(1200B+), C2
hE9 Hatrim Resort: T077-377259, ab f CW d500, HW 550B, a/c d850 C4 bf(+100B)
hE10 Paradise Bungalows: T077-375244, S end, f ab 200-500B C3-4. The GH the full moon party started. So expect "party" here every night. paradisebungalow@hotmail.com www.paradisebungalow.com

Had Rin Na(west Sunset Beach)
All GH are N from the Hadrin pier. Rooms on this beach are cheaper and quieter, though parties are held on this beach too. Recently a few GHs near the pier have been closed or renovated for higher class.
Listing from S to N
Friendly Bungalows: T077-375-167, sb 150, ab 700 C1, a/c HW d1000B C4
Black & White: T077-375469, f sb d150, ab 200 PTC C1-2, d500 PTC C4, a/c HW fr 800 , mos-net PTCH C4
Rim Bay: T077-375-188, f ab old 250 C3, new HW 500, a/c d500-700 C4
Charung Bungalows: T077-3268013, f ab 2-300B C2-3, New PTC HW large a/c d800 C4 charungbungalows@hotmail.com,
Nepturne's Villa: T077-375251, neptunrne1@hotmail.com a/c ab HW d750, fr d1000B C4. some have view
Blue Marine: 110/6 M 6, T077-375079-80, f ab 250B, HW d300, a/c d800-1200 PCH C3
Sunset Bay Resort: T04-0518010, f ab 250B, a/c HW d800 PTC C4 some have view. Rec
Haat Rin Thai: 110/22 M 6, T09-7702290, f ab d250B C?, on the hill
Palm Beach Bungalows: T077-375508, narongrit1972@hotmail.com, f ab d250 PTCH C2, a/c HW fr d750B PTCH C4. Rooms are large even the old ones. Rec

Had Rin (Inland)
As you land on the Had Rin pier, go straight toward E beach. After 7 Eleven, you will reach a road parallel with the E beach. Turn right. Cheap GHs are on this road. Listing from S to N
h0 Same Same: T07-8933804, www.same-same.com, f ab d400B C4 some rooms have HW New Hotel has a bar with a snooker.
h1 Paradise: Ask at the convenience store at the entrance of Paradise Bungalow. Then management could be same but different manager. f ab d300, huge balcony and huge room a/c HW 600B(800) C4 Excellent a/c rooms Rec
h2 Sea Garden: T077-375281. f ab CTV HW d500(HS900), a/c d1100-1300(1300-1800) C4, PTC Beautiful garden, large rooms.
h3 Had Rin Hill: 23/1 M 6, T077-375090, ab f d500, a/c HW d1000 C4
h4 Sabai Hill: 44/32 M6, 077-375199, sabai_hill_bun@hotmail.com, f ab d2-300, a/c d8-1000B C2 Community atmosphere but rundown
h5 Bongo Bungalows: T077-375268, f ab CW s30 d400(LS350) C2, HW a/c d5-700(LS600B) C4
h6 Jonasan Bungalows: f ab 250(HS300) C1, a/c 500-600(HS1000) C3: Old bungalows. Over prices. Not Rec
h7 SK Home: 133/40 M6, T077-375-375 skphangan@hotmail.com On the cross road connecting 2 beaches. Opp from 7 Eleven. LS/HS ab CW 250/400, HW 300/500, a/c 500/800 C4 If it is low season, good bargain. Nice rooms.
h8 Plabla: from the junction turn N, above a restaurant on the right side of the road, f ab HW d600B C4 large rooms
h9 Yoghurt Home 3: T077-375131, behind Tommy. yoghurthome@hotmail.com, f ab d600, a/c d700 C3, PTC. large relaxing garden view rooms

Had Rin(South side)
As you land on from Had Rin pier, go straight and turn right at the signs of the guest houses and walk up the hill.
Baahn Talay GH: 74/1 T-77-375082, After you turn right, the first one on the left. f ab HW small d700, a/c HW s800 d1000-12000 C4. Very large rooms. Units on 2F have nice balconies. Overpriced.
Sea Breeze Bungalows: 94/11 Haadrin, T077-375162, ab f d400, HWd600, a/c fr d10-1200B balcony C4 Various types of rooms on the hill with very nice balconies with excellent views. From Baahn Talay GH, walk up the hill. Rec.
Sun Cliff Resort: T077-375134 From Baahn Talay GH walk up the road and turn right at the first corner and keep walking the pass, f ab 250, fr d450, HW d600, a/c d700B+ large balcony C4-C5. Excellent rooms and view. Highly Rec.

Leela Beach
Very quiet beach S from Hat Rin. There are two way to go to Leela Beach. from Baahn Talay GH, go up the hill and turn left and turn right to go uphill. Then you can find a way to go down to the right.
Another way is a bit tricky. From the cliff at Sea Breeze bungalows, walk down on wooden steps to a deck along the sea. Very scenic.
As you face the water, listing from right to left
Coco Hut Bungalow: Leela Beach, T077-375368, www.cocohut.com, f ab 600+, a/c sea front 1000 C4-C5 sw. Very attractive new hotel. 15min walk from Haad Rin. Nice beach facing south.You can go down to the water from Sea Breeze Bungalows and walk on a wooden deck to the Leela Beach. The first complex on the beach.
Sari Kantang(Bamble-bee Lodge): Leela Beach, T077-375055, f ab d5-700, HW d900, a/c STV d1500B R C4 sw large bungalows and high class rooms. 2nd complex on Leela Beach. www.sarikantang.com
Leela Beach Bungalows: Leela Beach, T077-375094, f ab back 200 sea front d300 C2, a/c d6-1200B C4 R Many bungalows on the beach. Good communal atmosphere.
Light House: Leela Beach, T077-375075, sb f d200 PCH, large balcony + H ab HW d4-900B view C4 After passing Leela Beach Bungalow, walk further on the wooden deck. This is the last guest house on the beach.Very high quality rooms. Rec

Top of hill
From Samasama HG, walk up the hill. All are left side and all bungalows are on the side of the cliff. Excellent view but it takes time to come up this hill with heavy backpack.
Sun Smile: T09-8755617, The first one you see on the left side. relatively close to the beach. f ab d300B(4-500) C4 PTCH, R(excellent view)
Hua Lean Resort: T077-375222, f ab d350,big balcony d900B C4 PCT
Nature Resort: f sb dr100 d200B? under renovation.
Top Hill Resort: T077-375327,Last GH on the top of the hill. At least 15-20 min on foot from H. Rin. f ab d500 C4 very large bungalows and balcony with excellent view. Phone here to free pickup service from Haad Rin. More free pickup service can be arranged.

Had Tien
2 bungalow complexes. Better value than in Had Rin. Touts in Hat Rin is really aggressive to take you there with very high price. Bargain hard. But with 150B by boat at least from East beach of Hat Rin, dep around 13:00. Just wait for it on the beach. Nobody tells you about this boat. Just wait at the beach sunset side.
h Sanctuary: S bay, T01-271-3614, sanctuary@kphphangan.com www.thesanctuary-kpg.com.dr 80B, f ab d450, view 1200B+ C4 R New Age artist community. Imaginatively designed complex with a range of bungalows, vegetarian restaurant, lounge, library with the "most extensive, esoteric New Age library in Thailand". Meditation & Massage courses are held regularly.Highly Rec
h Had Tien Resort: N bay.f ab LS100+B, HS180+B C4 R
Contact point: Yoghurt Home 3 Rest. Had Rin
T01-725019 Lovely setting with hill backdrop. Attractive bungalows and restaurant, friendly staff.
Rec (Oct 97 info)

Most Restaurants serve international and westernized Thai food and limited seafood. Prices are standard. Many restaurants show videos.
r1 Niras: on the cross road. Bakery and cafe. Nice bread. Coffee 40B, Shake 30B American bf 130B Rec
r2 Luana: on the cross road where the road bents. W from 7-Eleven cheap local restaurant serving food and drink, big STV. shake 20B, bf 40B, Pepsi 20B,
r3 Chicken Corner: BBQ chicken 30B, sate 20B sandwich(Reported)
r4 Lea-na Restaurant: on the main road opp from Bongo Bungalow. western/Thai, good food (Reported)


Boat/Songthaew services are reduced during the Monsoon period. More boats leave from Thong Sala.
F1 Boat Pier on West beach: S end of the beach, next to Rin Beach Resort.
to Big Buddha (Ko Samui): 9:30, 11:40, 14:30, 17:30, 50min
150B, from Big Buddha pier to destinations on Ko Samui - Airport, etc., take songthaews from Big Buddha pier.50-100B
F2 Boat Pier from East beach:
to Mae Nam Pier(Koh Samui):
about 10:25 200B
to Nai Pan Noi(N coast of K Phangan):
about 13:00, 150B This boat stops Hat Thian, Hat Sadat, Nai Pan Yai on the way.
Warning: Maenam - Thong Nai Pan boat is not well known. Not many people know about it. Many touts for boat taxi will never tell you about this boat to sell their boats to you.
ta Travel agents: Many on the road connecting W and E beach. They can book your boat, train or plane. If your boat leaves from Thong Sala, the fare of your ticket includes the taxi to the port.
Bus:(Boat + Bus)
To BKK Khaosan: VIP bus
650B dep11:00, 12:00, VIP bus 1100B dep 7:30m 11:00
To BKK(S bus terminal): SVIP bus(meal)
1220B dep 16:00
To Others: dep Hat Rin at 6:00(connecting to a ferry) 20:30(night boat)
To Kaosok:
680B, Phuket 680B(additional dep 9,11,12:00), Krabi: 580B(+ dep 9,11,12:00), Koh Phi Phi: 750B, Ranong: 650B, Hat Yai: 720B, Border to Malaysia: 800B, Penang: 950B, KL: 1350B, Singapore: 1680B
(Boat + minibus + train from Suratthani)
fare(2nd sleeper (upper/lower)
, Chiang Mai 1500/1550B

Train to Bangkok: f 1050/1100B, a/c 1420/1500B

from Hadrin
Thong Sala


11:00 12:00

17:49 (f, ac)

16:00 17:00

22:26 (ac)


Train to Huahin: f 1050/1100B

from Hadrin
Thong Sala


11:00 12:00


11:00 12:00



Train to Hat Yai: f 830/880B

from Hadrin
Thong Sala


16:00 17:00



Train to Butterworth: f 1020/1550B

from Hadrin
Thong Sala


16:00 17:00



Train to Sungaikolok:

from Hadrin
Thong Sala


16:00 17:00



Airplane from Samui Airport
To BKK: 3850B, Krabi: 2230B, Phuket: 2520B, Singapore: 6200B, Chiang Mai: 5900B
Airplane from Suratthani:
to BKK 3500B, Chiang Mai: 2550B, KL 5500B

Boat to Tao

Taxi from Hadrin dep Thong Sala arr at Tao fare
7:30 8:30 9:30 400B
7:30 12:30 13:40 400B








10:30 11:30 14:00 250B
Boat to Chumporn

Taxi from Hadrin

dep Thong Sala

arr at Chumporn










HIKING: The interior of Koh Phangan is mountainous, tropical rain forest. There are some hiking trails to secluded beaches and waterfalls. Ask at bungalows.
to Had Tien Beach: By hiking 2 hours. Ask locals
by boat to/from Had Rin
50-100B, usually several a day, no fixed schedule. Sometimes canceled during Monsoon.
Diving: Several diving schools. Standard prices.
Phangan Divers: Main Rd, www.phangandivers.com open water 9800B, 2 dives 3000B, introduction diving 3000B
Day tour 400B+ from travel agents
Full Moon Beach Party: A huge beach party held every full moon to celebrate the rising of the moon from the sea. Started in the late 80's, at Paradise bar, now many places participate. Travelers come from all over Asia to attend. You can hear all kinds of music (at the same time), techno is currently the favorite. Western DJ's organize the competing sounds. Continues until sunrise.
Full moon days?: check with lunar calender web site.
Warning: There are reports of plain clothes police officers attending with particular interest in drug-taking Westerners.
Also many beach parties are held time to time. Flyers around the village announce date, time & location.

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