Koh Phangan, THAILAND

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Thong Sala(Koh Phangan general info) | Hat Rin | Thong Nai Pan

  High Season : Dec-Apr, Aug-Sep (very hot)
  Low Season : May-Jun, Oct-Nov
  Rainy season: May-Jan
  Monsoons : Nov-Jan

Koh Phangan, is an island off the East coast of Thailand, about 100km from Surat Thani on the mainland, and 20km N from Koh Samui. Famous amongst travelers for the Full Moon Beach Parties held here. Cheaper, less developed than nearby Koh Samui, it has taken over from Samui as the favorite backpackers beach destination.
The interior of the island is largely tropical rain forest. Apart from the over developed resort island, Koh Samui, this island has many quiet natural beaches for budget travelers.

Photo: Night boat to Surat thani at Thong Sala

From Bangkok, there are many tourist buses running with a connection to a boat running from Khaosan road. This is the cheapest way to come to this island. Also it is coming here by night train is very popular. The trains arrive at Surat Thani station in early morning. At the train station, a joint ticket, a bus to Donsok + a boat to this island, available.
From other places: Usually you come to Surat Thani by train or bus. A joint ticket, a bus to Donsok + a boat to this island is available at travel agents in Surat Thani,
From Koh Tao: Many boats to Thong Sala every day.
From Koh Samui: 3 ways to come.
1) Boats from Nathon to Thong Sala port.
2) Boats from Bo Phut Pier to Hat Rin Beach
3) Boat from Maenam to Thong Nai Pan via Hat Rin

The main port
is Thong Sala, W part of island.
Beaches: Many good beaches on this island. The main one is Hat Rin where is famous for the full moon party, good but very noisy beach. Regular songthaw service from Thong Sala to Hat Rin.. There are many beautiful and quiet beaches everywhere on this island, such as Hat Thong Nai Pan, Hat Yao, Hat Yuan, etc. To go to those minor beaches, you may have a little difficulty to find a songthaw but eventually you can find one. Hang around at the Thong Sala port.
From Thong Sala,
take a songthaw to Hat Rin/Thong Nai Pan
To the beaches: Songthaw station at the port, just at the entrance of the main street of Thong Sala town.

Thong Sala

Main town and transport center on Koh Phangan. Ferries and boats from Surat Thani Koh Samui and Koh Tao land here. From here you go to a beach by Songthaws - pickups, run to the villages and beaches around the island.
i No information office on this island.
Useful Publications: Phangan Newsletter: free
$1 Banks: Many banks near Thong Sala Pier, S side of Main Rd. M-F8:30-15:30 T/C com 33B. Official rates
P Police station: 3km N from Thong Sala. You have to take a taxi from Thong Sala or walk
M0 Post Office : S end of Thong Sala Town M-F8:30-16:30, Sa8:30-12:00
M1 Telephone Office : None. Can make international calls from shop next to Krung Thai Bank and several other travel agents.
H Hospital: Baan Tai(between Thong Sala and Had Rin)
Thong Nai Pan and Aow Chalok Lam has one

Local Transport
Road to Ao Thong Nai Pan is very very dangerous, dirt road of 12-13km Drive extremely carefully.
Songthaw to Had Rin 30B, to Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai 100B dep 12:00, 17:00 At the port, there is a songthaw station at the beginning of Thong Sala main street.
Rentals Motorbike Many around market area. 120-200B/day


Boat only
To Koh Tao:
1hr 8:30(250B),12:30(250B), 12:30(420B)
To Koh Samui: 1hr Ferry 6, 13:00(110B), 11:00(250B), 12:30(115B), 16:00(250B) 
To Surat Thai town(baot+bus): 4hr, Ferry 6, 13:00(280B), 12:30(250B), 14:00(250B), Night boat 22:00(250B)

Boat + Bus joint tickets organized by travel agents.
to BKK(Khaosan Rd) 400-550B dep12:30
to BKK(N Terminal) SV-844B dep17:00(2007 info)
Krabi 360B 7hrs, Phuket 440B 9hrs, Koh Phi Phi 520B 10hrs, Hat Yai 500B dep6:00(arr14:30), 22:00(10:30)
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This island is covered by palm trees.


Dawn of island.




Port, end of a day

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