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Phone code ?, $1US=40Baths, April, 2000

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$ banks/ATM: many in town
Market: night market (food) along the canal + other food markets in town
@ -
internet: next to Shell gas station in front of Chedi.

Bus: to BKK:
frequent bus service 16B approx 1h
train: to BKK: 3rd class 10-14B approx 90min
Train to Huahin: 2nd class 33B, rapid+40B(2h30min-3h)

no backpacker type accommodation. Big old hotels.
h1 -
M..... Hotel: - no English sign of name, only "Hotel" written on the top of the building. Coming out from RS look up on your right and you will see the big "Hotel" sign . Big bldg, can't miss. f,ab,d200B, C3
Mitsamphon Hotel: W side of the big Chedi, opposite Shell Gas Station . Reception is in the shop next door. f,ab s180 d250B C3
Siam Hotel: W of Chedi go towards h2, pass it and turn right. You'll see Siam's sign (20m). f ab s180 d200B C3 OK rooms, warm water

Many restaurants around town.

Chedi(biggest in Thailand) , Night Market, Damnoen Floating Market.

S Damnoen floating market: from NP take bus #78 (a/c, 24B 1h,) ask bus attendant for floating market. The bus stops on the N side of Chei in front of Police station. Go there at 6:00 so you will get to the market before it is full of tourists by 9am. From Damnoen Bus station, take a van or songthiaw to the market (frequent, 10min, 5B) or you can walk to the market 2-3 km.
At the market you can rent a boat. Boat with attached engine is noisy, better to take boat(6 persons) without engine. Bargain hard. 200B for 30-40 min, visiting 2 markets (actually the 2 parts of the same market) Bigger boats with engine run regularly when more tourists are around, you can join that one as well.
From Damnoen Bus Station to Bangkok: Bus at 10:00, 55B. (more departures during the day)

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