Maenam Beach,
Koh Samui

Area Code 077 $1=38B June 4, 2006

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High : Dec-Apr, Aug

Low : May-Jun, Oct-Nov

Monsoons : Nov-Jan

May to December it should be rainy season but except the monsoon season, it does not rain so much so it is possible to enjoy this island.

14km from Na Thon. Doesn't have as beautiful a beach as Chaweng or Lamai but is much quieter and less developed. Limited facilities.

Enter to Maenam beach from the highway at a corner where a convenient shop is located. The village main road is running to the sea and the pier. A diving shops, internet cafes, restaurants and cheap guest houses are on this main road. Many hotels and resorts are on the beach but there is no road along the water so you have to walk on the beach to find a room.

Access: Easy access from Nathon port and from Bophut pier by songthaw. To come to Samui Nathon port, see Samui info page.
Also there is a boat from Thong Nai Pan beach in Koh Phangan via Hadrin beach.

i Tourist Office TAT: No information office on this beach. The closest one is on Nathon Rd. Nathon. 200m N(As you are landing, N is left.) from the pier, past the Post Office T420504 8:30-16:30,,
Helpful. Info on accommodation, transport. Free map and free magazine "What's on Samui",with lots of info for accommodation, restaurants, shops, etc. If you travel to Koh Tao, get "Koh Tao Info" booklet, excellent.
$ Banks/Exchange: ?
H Samui International Hospital: 90/2 Moo 2. Bophut. The address is in Boput but it is N end of Chaweng Beach. T422272, 24hr hospital. 30 min by moto
dv Penguin divers: 171 M1, T/F 430175,, near the boat pier , open water 9-1300B
@ Tripple S Internet: on the road from the main road to the beach. 40B/hr Japanese is Ok

A Air/Samui Airport: at Airport Between Bangruk & Chaweng beaches. 2km from Bophut at KM30, KM31, KM33. Flights to Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore
PG Bangkok Airways: 54/4 M3, T077-42-2234,
F1 Nathon Ferry piers : Nathon Center. Boat to Suratthani, Koh Panghan and Koh Tao.
F2 Big Buddha Pier: boats to: Koh Panghan (Had Rin) dep.10:30, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30, 50min 120B Pickup: from Bo Phut 20-30B, Chaweng 50B, Lamai 50-100B
For Full Moon night. Many boats run after evening. The fares depend on the agents,
OW250-300, RT350-600B
F3 Mae Nam Pier: Mae Nam village N coast, W from Bo Phut A boat leaves to Koh Phangan, Nai Pan Noi, N coast of Koh Phangan via Hat Rin. at 12:00(peak period) Fare: Hat Rin 200B, Hat Thian 200B Hat Sadet/Nai Pan Yai/Nai Pan Noi 250B Opposite direction Nai Pan Noi dep 8:00

Local Transport
Songthaews: red pickups. Main transport around the island. Local fares are 20B-30B but tourists are expected to pay more. It is very hard to bargain. from/to NaThon to: Mae Nam 20B, BoPhut 30B
from/to Chaweng beach/Lamai 100B
, Go to Na Thon first then change a songthaew.
Motor bike taxi: You can travel with almost same fare as Songthaew.
! WarningTourists are involved in many road accidents on Ko Samui. Be careful.


During high season budget places fill up quickly. During the low season bargains can be found at many of the mid-range complexes, for 400B you can find rooms in complexes with swimming pools.

The cheap GHs usually do not set seasonal rates, but they may lower their rate according to their vacancies. Ones more than middle class set their seasonal rates. The periods depend on hotel/resort. In September and April, the weather is not so bad but many offer large discount rate for high class quality. So better to phone first.



Listing E to W
The boat bier is between h12 & h13,
h1 Sea Shore 2: ab f d300-400B C4, Very nice large rooms. Rec
h2 Sea Shore Bugnalows: small ab f d200B C2, big d600 C4, a/c d800B C4
h3 Cleopatra Place: #44 Maenam Beach, T077-425486,, ab f d350-400B C3, a/c HW d800B C4
h4 Nong Bead Sport: ab f s200B d350B fr C4 rooms are small but right on beach Rec
h5 Nature Bungalows: ab d300-600 C1. Rooms are no good but on the beach.
h6 Moon Hut Bungalows: 67/2 M1, T077-425247, f ab d300B mos-net C4, a/c 600B C4 PTC beautiful bungalows. recently renovated.
h7 Ubon Villa: ab f d200B, sea front d300B C2
h8 Maenam Buri Resort: a/c ab HW CTV fr d1500 bf C4
h9 Maenam Village: ab f small d150B big d200B, huge rooms d300B C3-4 Rec
h10 Baan Fah Resort: 129/3-4 M1, T077-425675,, full facility d1450B(peak 1650B) C5
h11 Arunya: f ab d350B, fr d450B C4, PC large rooms
h12 Sangtip: behind Talay Cafe a/c ab f d600B HW Fr C4 large rooms. Rec
h13 Coconut Leef: ab f CTV fr desk d4-500B C4 PC large rooms. One room have beach view.
h14 The Florist: #190 M1, T077-425671, a/c HW CTV d1150-2200B C5
h15 Koseng 2: #230/8 M1, T077-427106, ab f d250(300B) C4 PC Excellent value small but view from the porch Rec
h16 Wandee Bungalows: T077-425609,, f ab d500(600), beach d700(800) C4 large rooms
h17 Lolita Bungalows: T077-425134,, ab f d600-800B, a/c HW 1700B C5 PTC huge rooms with beautiful wooden interior are set around a big beautiful pond Highly Rec
h18 Mae Mai Home: T077-427162 ab f d250B, HW d400B, a/c d700B C4. Excellent rooms and excellent value Rec

h19 Ubon Village Bungalows: T077-425414,
ab f HW d300B, a/c d600B C4 PTC. good view Rec


h16 Grand Sea: As you come to the sea, just on the left.
local. good food meal 80B+, drink 20B+ Rec

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