Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, THAILAND

Area Code 077 $1=40B May 5, 2004

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High : Dec-Apr, Aug

Low : May-Jun, Oct-Nov

Monsoons : Nov-Jan

May to December it should be rainy season but except the monsoon season, it does not rain so much so it is possible to enjoy this island.
LAMAI: 18km from Na Thon. 2nd in popularity to Chaweng.
Another beautiful, long (5km) beach. Developed but retains some local character. At the N end of Lamai, near the river, there is a local village area. Inland from the beach is a 'tourist village' similar to and just as ugly as the strip in Chaweng. Very lively at night. Some of the open style bars feature girl's dancing, most of the customers are European males.
i Tourist Office TAT: No information office on this beach. The closest one is on Nathon Rd. Nathon. 200m N(As you are landing, N is left.) from the pier, past the Post Office T420504 8:30-16:30,,
Helpful. Info on accommodation, transport. Free map and free magazine "What's on Samui",with lots of info for accommodation, restaurants, shops, etc. If you travel to Koh Tao, get "Koh Tao Info" booklet, excellent.
$ Banks/Exchange: Many exchange booths and ATM in the village cener.
H Samui International Hospital:
90/2 Moo 2. Bophut. N from Chaweng. 15 mins by motos.
M1 Telephone: a few public phones in the village and you can call from internet cafes.

A Air/Samui Airport: at Airport Between Bangruk & Chaweng beaches. Off Highway at KM30, KM31, KM33. Flights to Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore
PG Bangkok Airways: 54/4 M3, T077-42-2234,
F1 Nathon Ferry piers : Nathon Center. Boat to Suratthani, Koh Panghan and Koh Tao.
F2 Bo Phut piers : E from Bo Phut village. 4km from Chaweng Beach. Boat to Haat Rin, Koh Panghan

Local Transport
Songthaews: red pickups. Main transport around the island. Local fares are 20B-30B but tourists are expected to pay more. It is very hard to bargain.
from/to NaThon to:
Lamai 50B, from/to Chaweng 50B
from/to Bo Phut, change at Chaweng or Na Thon 100B,

Services are reduced & more expensive in evenings. No regular service between Chaweng and Bo Phut.
Motor bike taxi: You can travel with almost same fare as Songthaew.
Rentals: motorbike: 150B/day Available in tourist areas.
! WarningTourists are involved in many road accidents on Ko Samui. Be careful.
Travel Agencies
Many agencies in Nathon and some in Lamai village as well

Shopping & Other
m Market: NaThon main road S from pier.
m Nathon Bookshop: 64 Mu 3 9:00-18:00 good selection
la Laundry: available with, 40B+/kg
Supermarkets can be found in most of the tourist area but the prices are much more expensive than ones in mainland. 7 Eleven can be the cheapest shop.
s 7 Eleven: Chaweng N from McDonald
s Speed Queen Supermarket: Chaweng opp from Central Samui 7-23:00
s Savers Mart: Chaweng, S from McDonald 9-22:00

Chaweng and Lamai have the liveliest night scenes with lots of bars, discos and shows. Several restaurants show videos.
Diving / Scuba Diving There are several diving schools based at the main beaches. Ko Tao offers better diving than Ko Samui, many of the schools organize diving trips to Ko Tao.
Go Kart Racing Bo Phut Rd 9-21:00
Thai Boxing Chaweng Stadium

@ Internet @
Most of the travel agents and GHs offer this service. The costs are usually 2B/min


Prices rise during the high season, budget places fill up quickly. During the low season bargains can be found at many of the mid-range complexes, for 200B you can find rooms in complexes with swimming pools.

The cheap GHs usually do not set seasonal rates, but they may lower their rate according to their vacancies. Ones more than middle class set their seasonal rates. The periods depend on hotel/resort. In September and April, the weather is not so bad but many offer large discount rate for high class quality. So better to phone first.

Touts, usually from the quieter beaches like Mae Nam & Bo Phut, approach you either on the ferry or at the pier. If you go off to one of the quieter places with them you should think about transport, hiring motorbikes is popular. Most prices are per bungalow/room. Discounts for longer stays.



Facing to the beach, the SOUTH is right and the North is left.
South Lamai: When you arrive at Lamai, your songthaw turn to right to a small street from the main highway just after the post office on the left. This street bends to left soon. Get off at the corner where Amadeus GH is located. This GH many be closed and might have been turned to a new resort. But go down to the beach and go to south(right right side facing the beach), you can find good budget hotels Listing from N to S.
Amadeus Bungalows: 129 M3, T077-424568,, f b 200-300B C3 Rooms are small but comfortable. Good value Rec Not cheched in 2004 May be closed
Lamai Pearl: f ab d120-200B C2 Too old
Bill's Resort S end on beach. Good location T077-424286,
f ab d500, a/c d800-1000 balcony TV fr bf C4
LS:May-Jul Sep-Oct, MS: Feb-Apr Nov, HS: Dec Jan Aug Popular, Imaginatively designed complex, Large furnished rooms, clean beach area. Probably cheapest bungalows will be renovated and increase in price. Rec
Paradise: T077-424290, ab f d200-300B C2, a/c TV fr d800-1000B C4
Lamai Chalet: #127 M3, T077-233232,, f ab d200-750a/c d 900 C3-5 R(STV video) sw large complex. Various types Highly Rec
Amity Bungalows: #125 M3, T077-404082, f ab d200B C2, ab d400B C3, d700 C4
White Sand: T077-424298, f ab 150-200 C2 Rec
Samui Beach Resort: 124/11 M3, T077-282382, f ab d3-800, a/c d6-1600B HW C4 R (bf with all you can drink coffee 120B) www.samuibeachresortcom Rec
Nice 1 Resort: T077-424432, ab f 4-800B, a/c d700, TV fr 9-1200B sw C5
The Beach Resort: T077-418622, ab f HW 400, a/c d500B C3 large rooms
Sunrize: T077-232382, f ab d250 HW d500 C3, a/c d800B C4 R Small but very tasteful rooms. Rec

Central Lamai 1:
When you come by songthaw, you get off at the Lamai gate. Then walk down to the beach and head to S(right). This area has many high class resorts but some of them are still affordable. Listing from S to N
Marina Beach: T233116, ab f d750B, a/c d950B, TV 1050B C4 fr HW
Galaxy Rersort: 124/61 Moo 3, T424441, ab a/c HW 1600B C4 sw
Mira Mare: 124/16 Moo 3, T424262, ab f d300B C2, a/c d600-800B C3 large rooms.
Sea Breeze Bungalows: 124/3 Moo 3, T42428,, ab f d250B C2, d400B C3, a/c d600 C3, d800 C4, fr d1000B C4
Song thom: near Lamai Pearl, ab f 300B C2 large rooms but rundown.

Central Lamai 2:
When you come by songthaw, you get off at the Lamai gate. Then walk down to the beach. Listing starts from just before the beach toward left. Listing from S to N
Best Resort On beach T077-233341 f ab 200B C4, CTV d500 C3, a/c HW fr 800+ R C4 Swimming pool Attractive complex, cheapest rooms are in concrete block, basic. good location. Good staff Rec
Rich Resort: 109/12 M3, T424208, f ab d300, STV fr d600C4 large rooms Rec
Lamai Inn 99: 99/11 M3, T077-424427,, , LS/MS/HS ab CTV f 900/1200/1500B, a/c HW fr 800/1000/1200B C4 Wooden floor
Lamai Coconut Resort: 124/4 Moo 3, T232169, ab f d600(HS700), a/c 1000(1200) fr HW C4 Rec
Coconut Beach: 124/22 Moo, T424209, ab f backside d400B(460B), front 500B(600B) C2
Magic Resort: N end of Central Beach T077-424229,, f ab 300-600B a/c 850B, R C2 The budget rooms are small.
Utopia Bungalow: On beach N End T233113, F233115, f ab d400B, HW TV a/c d1000 C4, fr d1500B C5, R Attractive setting, Rooms are beautiful. Restaurant has sea-views. Highly Rec
Mui BungaLow(The Verandah): T232400,, f ab 500(HS600), HW a/c TV fr sw(samll) C4 rooms are small but good price Rec
Crossing a small bridge
Platuna Bungalows: 139/2 Moo 4, T424138,, ab f 300(350), HW d350(400), a/c STV fr HW d700(800) C4. No beach but facing the main road but rooms are large. Rec
Jinna's Garden House: ab f d300B, a/c 500-700B HW TV C4 good value. A guest house opp from Jinna's have some cheap ones.

North Lamai: Quiet beach. From the center, walk on the main road parallel to the beach toward N. After crossing a bridge, turn right to a road leading to the beach. From there, many middle class hotels are located on the beach for about 2km. If staying here you need your own transport.
Facing to the sea, it is on the left side. Far from the Lamai center.
Listing from S(closer to the center) to N
River side Bungalow: ab f 300B C3, large rooms with a porch. It does not have beach but have view to the beach Rec
Sand Sea: T077-231126-7, ab f 800B, a/c 1200B Fr sw R C5 good view to Lamai Beach.
Lamai Resort: Near Rose Garden B. T424124,
ab f d450B(back), d500B(beach) C3, a/c HW d600B(beach)C4 large rooms. Highly Rec
Wish Bungalows: ab f d280B C2 porch with sea view.
Beer's House: 161/4 Moo 4, T230467, ab f backside d250(HS 300) front 350(450) C2
Surat Palm Resort: T077-418008, ab f 350(HS400)(back), 600(HS650)B(beach front ) beautiful large rooms laid out in a garden. Rec
Aree Bungalow: 170 M4, T077-232297, ab f 5-800B(back), a/c TV fr 1200(beach front+ porch) HW C4 some rooms have fr modern rooms. Rec
Sukasem Bungalows: 206 Lamai Beach, T077-424119, f ab d300B, a/c d800B C4
No Name: 173/3 Moo 4, T458116, ab f d250(300)-350(400B), a/c d800B simple rooms.
The Spa Resort: 171/2 M.4 Lamai Longevity Beach. T077-230855 F077-424126, , HS ab a/c d600, HW R I C4 New Age Health farm, specializing in colon cleansing.
Weekender Villa: T077-424116, f ab 500, HW d800, a/c d1000 sw C4. Large rooms Rec
Rose Garden Bungalow: 146/2 T077-424115
LS/HS f ab150/400B C3, a/c 200/700, HW R C5
The name fits - English style gardens, full of flowers. Well-maintained large bungalows. Highly Rec
Bay View Villa: T077-418429, LS/HS f ab 650+/850+B, a/c 950/1200 R C4, On hill with great views over the bay. Highly Rec (2002 info)


(99 info)
r X road(cross road) N end,at cross roads,near river. Thai 25-50B, HighlyRec
Delicious, authentic Thai food. Run by friendly, helpful couple.
r Chuan Chim Seafood R. N end, road to Lagoon, sea end. Seafood/Thai 25-100B
Popular in Evening. Traditional wooden building. Beautiful views overlooking the sea. Rec
r Cafe Cafe Main St.
International, Popular. Pleasant interior, bistro style.

Transport / Sights

See Koh Samui general page

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