Koh MUK (KOH MOOK), Thailand

Phone code 074, $1US=40B, April, 2000

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Small island off the W coast of Thailand. Mostly Thai tourists, specially during holiday times.
There is one village on the island, 6 resorts with restaurants, and the beautiful Emerald Cave". Population 1500, mostly Muslim (No topless for women please). There is a small Buddhist wat and a mosque.
Electricity between 9:00-12 noon, and 18:00-24:00.

To come here, from Kantang to Kuan Tuk Ku by songthiaw leaving at 13:00 to catch the boat to Koh Muk

The pushy tout of Charlie's Resort who was waiting us when we got off from the boat informed me that to go to the other side of the island he can be my motor taxi driver for 40Baht! It is only 3-4 km far and if you start walking you might get a free lift.
The huts are very basic, no ab, overpriced at 200B
About Charlie's restaurant
They miscalculated my bill. The British Couple who stayed at the same resort as me (Had Farang resort) had a drink at Charlie's (couple of hours later that we had breakfast there). The girl wanted to use the toilet - that is the same toilet block as for Charlie's resort's guest - but one staff member said she can not because she is not staying at the resort. This was very impolite and stupid. Because the restaurant is not only for the resort's guests, so there must be toilet facilities for the restaurant guests too.
After few minutes an other staff came to apologize, but still the British couple was upset. I do not recommend Charlie's place.

i Information Office: The sign at Mr Nean's house. Friendly Thai man speaks good English and ready to provide any information for travellers. He has a pool table and a family-run supermarket. 2 min walk from the pier.
$ Bank: Not exist.. Bring cash (Thai Baht)
M Post /Telephone Office: No official, only Licensed post office at one of the shops. 5 min. walk W from the pier.Go straight. Coin phone only, no international calls.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: no Only Health Center in the village (Koh Muk village)
Hp Pharmacy: ?
m Market : Once a week at the pier. (Which day?) You can buy fruits in the village any time. Small supermarket and simple shops in the village.
la Laundry : ?

Transport to Pak Meng then Trang by minibus.
to get to the mainland:
by boat from F1 or F2 to Kuan Tuk Kun then bus or songthaw to Kantang
30B, then to Trang:
by train leaves at 13:10
By shared taxi leaves when full (4 or 5 p) 20B/p, To get to shared taxi stn: from the port of Kuan Tuk Ku, walk 25 minutes along main street. It is 50 m after you pass a 7eleven shop. More expensive a/c minibuses leave from the same place (50B)
F1 Boat from Farang Beach:
to Kuan Tun Ku
(the main land) approx 70B
to Pak Meng:
400B/boat no regular ferry, only charter
From Pak Meng to Trang A/C minibus
F2 Boat from the village of E coast: to Kuan Tun Ku 7-8:00, 30B Boatman try to charge the Falang more. This is better option
Any other time rent a boat to Kuan Tun Ku

Local Transport
No rent a bike, but you don't really need it as the island is small enough to walk around.
From the village to Had Farang (the beach on the W side) is approx. 35 min walk. You might get a lift from locals passing along.
ta Travel Agents: ?

@ Internet @
No internet at this moment.


Had Farang is the nicest beach on the island. It is on the W side, facing Koh Kradan. Beautiful sunsets.
h1 Had Farang resort & restaurant: bungalow ab CW d250, room sb CW d100-150 C3 very basic but OK (mattress on cement floor, partitioned.) It is 150 m behind Sabaidee resort. Not on the beach, but among nice coconut trees. (Watch out where do you pitch up your tent. If you eat there you can pitch up your tent, pay only few baht for shower.) Friendly. Restaurant Thai food big portions, Falang food is the usual small. Cheaper than the beach restaurants (exc. coffee - 20B). It has a small costly bar too. Less mosquitoes. Highly Rec
h2 Sabaidee resort & restaurant: (could not see as it was full) bungalow ab CW d350, small tent for rent d100B on the beach
h3 Charlie's resort & rest: on the beach.
bungalows sb d200B
, big tents(3-4p)200B C3 New toilet & showers, basic, but OK
Restaurant: "Island prices", wide selection of dishes. Miscalculation happens, check your bill. Charlie's special breakfast is disappointing. see NOTE below
East coast: not so nice beach, muddy and shallow.
h4 Koh Muk Garden Resort & rest: N of pier, 7 min walk by the shore. bungalow abCW f d250, small tent (2p) 150 C3
h5 Koh Muk Resort: next to h4. f ab d250-300B CW (could not see because it was full. looks tidy)
W from the village: not so nice beach, muddy and shallow.
h6 no name Resort & rest: walk W from village 5 min in the SW part of the island. The sea is very shallow and dirty coast. There are 2 small concrete houses each with 2 rooms. ab CW f d400 C4. Big tents (3-4p) 300, small tents (2p) 150.Clean, but overpriced.

at all resorts, plus one small local rests. at the pier (on your right). limited menu in English is painted on the wall.Thai dishes, coffee.


S Emerald Cave: Than Morakot N part of Koh Muk. Very beautiful and interesting. Through a cave (access only during low tide) you can swim into a white sand small beach enclosed by high cliffs all around. If you are coming from Koh Lanta on the "1day-3 islands" tour boat, you should see this before you get off. From Koh Muk you can rent a boat at any of the resorts 100B/p.
S Boat Tour by Koh Muk Resort: (note: it is cheaper if you talk to the boatmen directly. try to barter)
10p boat 6p boat
Koh Kradan, Koh Hai or Koh Chuak&Wane: 1000 for 10 person boat or 600 for 6 passenger boat
1day tour with 10 passenger boat with 2000, and with 6 p with 1900
Koh Rok 1day trip 3000B , Morakot (Emerald) Cave 100B/person
S Boat Tour by Had Farang Resort
boat to Koh Kradan
400B if you are a group of 3 or more, try to get a better price.
to Koh Lanta rent a boat 1200-1500B Try to get on a tourist boat that comes from Koh Lanta for visiting the Emerald Cave. Boatman can take you to the cave and there you can arrange with the tourist boats' staff to have a lift to Koh Lanta.
S RENT a Canoe: at Charlie's single 1h 200, 2h 350, 3h 450, 4h 600, full day800, double 1h300, 2h450, 3h550, 4h700, full day1000B

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