Koh LANTA, Thailand

Phone code ?, $1US=37B, April 9, 2000

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In the Andaman Sea W coast of Thailand. There are 2 Lanta islands, Koh Lanta Noi & Koh Lanta Yai.
Koh Lanta Yai
is the center of the activities.

to come to Koh Lanta
By boat from Krabi(150B) , PiPi(130B), From Phuket, first you have to go to Krabi.
By bus from Krabi 150B. There is a car ferry to/from Lanta Yai to where.

Information Office: Not exist.
$1 Siam Bank: in Salada, cash $1=36.72-37.51 according to the amount. T/C $1=37.7B, 100yen cash= 35.26 T/C 35.68B com. 23B/check
$2 Money changer: Many travel agents change money (cash & T/C), cash $1=36.94, T/C $1=37.1
M0 Post Office: Official Post Office in Lanta town SE part of island.
M2 Post Office: Private "licensed post offices" in shops or at Tas.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: 23km S of Saladan
Hp Pharmacy: ?
s Supermarket -Specerija: ?
la Laundry : available at GHs/resorts

Transport (2004 info)
F Port in Saladan town, N edge of Lanta Yai.
Car ferry from Lanta Noi 600m W from port where tourist boats arrive.
to Krabi: a/c van+ferry,
200B, 8:00,13:00(2.0hrs)
to Aonang:
to Koh Samui: a/c bus+ferry,
?B, 11(6.5hrs), 16:30(13hrs)
to Suratthani: a/c bus
?B 11:00,16:00(3.0hrs)
to Koh Phi Phi:
250B, 8:00,13:00(1.0h)
to Trang: Ferry?,
?B 8:00(2.5hrs)
to Phuket:
600B 13:30(3hrs)
to Bangkok: a/c bus
?B 16:00(13.5hrs)
to Koh Pangan: a/c bus+ferry
?B 11:00, 16:00 6.0hrs
to Penang(Malaysia): ac van ?B 07:00,11:00 9.0hrs
to Singapore: a/c van + bus
?B 07:00,11:00(22-24hrs)

Local Transport
some resorts give you a lift 3-4 times a day to Saladan when they pick up new arrivals. Some charge 35-40B for this service. In Saladan you can catch a "taxi" (kind of motorized rickshaw) going back to your resort.
From the resort to Saladan,
pickup 35-40B. You can also hitch. Some tourist rent jeeps and locals also can get you a lift in their car or on their motorbike.
Rental motorbikes:available everywhere 200-250B/day or 50B/h

@ Internet @
@ 3 shops in Saladan



Pickups wait the boat arrivals for tourist. Touts travel from Phi Phi or from other places on the boat to fish while you still on board. You may arrange your first night stay with them because you can get a (Free???)ride to the resort area. Resorts names are written on pickups, so just get on.

Most resorts and bungalows can be found along the beach around Saladan town, "Deer Neck" and on the W side of Lanta Yai, along or near the coast road. Resorts have similar type of accommodation. & similar rates.

1) Bamboo/bamboo and concrete huts- ab f d80-100B CW
Better bungalows usually concrete by the seashore ab f d300-400B CW, concrete bungalows in the "second row" from the sea, f 200-300B, a/c 600B
Sometimes free lift from resorts to Saladan town, or you can rent a bike or hitch.

The further S you go, the more quiet and less crowded resorts & beaches you can find. If you want to stay close to town but still in a quiet area, go to the farther side of the Deer Neck.
Lanta town in the E coast has some nice wooden houses, post office, an internet cafe and nice view on the sea. (REPORTED)

On the Southernmost end of the island is Marine National Park Entrance fee 10B. Very nice views and beach, small Lighthouse. Tents can be rent out 2p-80B, 3p-120B, 4 p-160B, bathroom nearby.
Bring food or call ahead (in Thai) to arrange meals at the restaurant. At the time of visiting r served drinks only.

(along W coast road)
h1 Paradise resort & rest. near Khlong Hin village between Nature and Miami bungalows f ab d100-200-300B CW C3
h2 Seaview: 6km S of Paradise Concrete bungalows on the small hill overlooking the sea. If not many tourists around, you can get bungalow in the first row for f ab d100B CW C3 big ants. beautiful rocky beach. sandy beach few minutes' walk.
h3 Marine View Resort: 7 km of Seaview. Very nice location at a sandy bay. Bungalows on a hill overlooking the beautiful beach. f d ab d200-400B. Bamboo huts 100B C3 -very basic, no view no roof shower.
h4 Dream Team Bungalow & rest: nice bungalows d100B, ab f 200-300B, Seaside big room ab a/c d600.CW C4 very beautiful, well-kept garden
h5 Khantheng Nay View resort: at the same bay as h3 but down by the beach. bungalows f ab d100-150B CW C3
h6 Sunsea bungalows: next to h5, sb d80B CW C3 concrete bungalows by the sea

all resorts + in Saladan town usually have the same menu (same dishes, same prices) cheapest dishes 40B, water 10-15B milkshake 30-35B.
r Marine View Resort's restaurant: .A nice place to have lunch.


During full moon of the 6th & 11th months in the lunar calender: The Setting Adrift of the Chao Ley Boats:
. Relgious rite performed by Sea Gypsies. They come to the beach near Ban Saladan village and sing and dance to bring happiness to themselves.


S beaches, waterfalls,caves, Marine National Park
1day tour to KoHai, Koh Cheuk and Koh Muk
400-450B include. snorkeling equip. and lunch

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