Khorat/Nakon Rathcasima, Thailand

Area Code 044 $1=38.0B, Mar 10, 00

i Information office TAT: W part of the town, go to the end of T. Mukhamontre, cross busy road(No.2) between Sima Thani Hotel and Michizure rest. 8:30-16:00, free city map and brochures
$ Banks / Exchange: Bank: Many along Chompol St. Also there are 8 banks SE from the bus station.
$a ATM: Many in town.
P0 Tourist Polce: ?
I Immigration: ?
Hospital: there are 5 hospitals in center.
H Memorial Hospital: on Suranaree Rd. 1km SW from bus station 1
M0 Post office/Telephone: central, Thanom Jomsurangyard W from Klang Plaza 2.

A Airport: SW part of town. Daily flight to BKK
T Train station: W part of town, Mukhamontre street.
B1 Bus station #1: in the center. 1km W from Thanon Rathcadamnoen To BKK:
B2 Bus station #2: N from the center, 3km
To Udon, Nong Khai, Phimai, BKK, etc.

Local Transport
rb rental bike: available at the Sport Park

m Night Bazaar: on Thanom Manat 18:00-22:00
m Market: behind Fa Sang Hotel, Thanon Mukhamontre
m Market: W from train station. On Thanon Mukhamontre
m Market: S part of the town, Dej-Udom Rd.

@ Internet @
All internet shops are slow.
@1 Siam Language: N part of Thanon Rachadamnoen, W side. 10:00-19:00 20B/hrs
@2 an internet cafe: Go S on T. Rachadamnoen W side, just before National Museum, 15B/hrs
@3 an Internet cafe: Jomsurang yard Klong Plaza: 5F 10:00-20:30 20B/hr very slow
@4 CS Internet: Thanom Yothya W side, 10:00-2:00 20B/hr
@5 an Internet cafe: next to Tokyo G Hotel 20B/hr



h1 Doctor's House: closed at the time of the research. A English sign says "Full". But no sign of visitors. Some say it opens only for a few months a year.
20 min walk from train station. Go on Won Mukhamontre str. Pass Toffy Department store and turn left at the next big road. Walk another 150m S. Soi 4 in on your right. Tuk-tuk 40B Songthiaw #1 4B
h2 Siri Hotel, E from train station. Go 1km on Thanon Mukhamontre. f ab d130-200B, a/c ab 260-400B C3
h3 Fa Sang Hotel: on Thanon Jomsurangyard. 2.5km E from trains station. 1km S from bus station 1. f ab d150-200B C3
h4 Chompol Hotel:
f ab s220 d280, a/c s300/d350 HW TV
h5 Tokyo B: on Thanon Suranaree, 1km SW from Bus station 1, f ab d130, a/c d300B
h6 Tokyo A: on Thanon Suranaree, 200m E from h5
f ab d180
h7 Muang Thong Hotel: on Thanon Rathadamnoen.
No English sign. Green wooden bldg.
f sb s100 d130 Thai toilet very basic


Many in town. Night market has many food stalls and simple restaurants. Klang Plaza's supermarket area has some restaurants.

Help!!! Currently our info in this section is limited. Please send us your experience.

r VFW: next to Sirin Hotel. Most dishes 40-50B, Stake 70B, very small sandwich 15-20B
r Question: at Thanon Yatha + Th. Jphoklang, dish 50-100B, Bar style rest. Limited on soft drink choices and large choice for hard drink.


A Airport: SW part of town. Daily flight to BKK
TG Thai Airways: ?
Fare: BKK-630B?, Buri Ram-1030B?(add tax 30B)

O:ordinary, R:rapid, E:express, SE:special exp.
Supplement info
T Train station: W part of town, Mukhamontre street.
To Ubon Thani & Nong Khai: 64B O-6:15 arr. 12:25
To Bangkok:
ordinary :50B, Rapid-90B, Exp-110B, O-8:20, E-10:37, rR12:20, O-13:20, O-15:50, SE-18:20, O-19:40, E-22:40

B1 But station #1: in the center. 1km W from Thanon Rathcadamnoen
To BKK: a/c 139B 3.5hrs, dep every 30min.
B2 Bus station #2: N from the center, 3km
To Udon:
N 80B dep every 30min.
To Nong Khai
a/c bus 200B, to BKK a/c 139B
To Phimai
34B, 5:30-22:00 every 30min. 1.5hrs


In town
S1 National Museum
S2 Open Air Sport Park: on the way to the Suranaree Army Camp, S part of the town. Very nice park with artificial lakes, fountains, water falls, etc. In very evening many people from young to old, come here enjoy. Rental bike is available. Aerobics class at 17:30.

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