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Kanchanaburi, famous for the bridge over the river Kwai and other II World War related sights, also has many temples, historical sites and national parks in the vicinity.

The "S" numbers below are ones used on the Map of Kanchanaburi Municipality Tourist Attractions.

Within/close to town
S1 Bridge on the River Kwai: 3km N of train station. A reconstruction of the notorious "Death Railway Bridge" built under horrific, inhumane conditions by forced Asian & Prisoners-of-War laborers. Under the command of the Japanese. 16,000 POW's and 80,000+ forced laborers died during the construction of the railway. People can walk over the bridge. Trains run along the track several times daily.
Transport: Hire a bicycle or take songthaw(orange pickup) 6B on the main road.
River Kwai Bridge Week: Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2005(check the date at TAT), A-week-long event, commemorating the destruction of the bridge in 1945. The highlight is the Sound & Light Show with fireworks. M-Th20:00, Fr, Sa 2 shows: 19:00 & 21:3050-200B Very popular, book in advance.
S2 Art Gallery & War Museum: 500m from bridge.
Private museum 30B 7:00-18:00
S3 Kanchanaburi War Cemetery: Near train station.
Many Allied POW's & others are buried here. Memorial Service held every year at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. 8:00-19:00
Access: songthaw(orange) 6B on the main road.
S4 Jeath War Museum: 400 m S from Town Gate, almost W from TAT. 30B 8:30-17:30 The name which sounds like death, is taken from the initials J:Japanese, E:English, A:American & Australian,T:Thai H:Holland. The exhibitions is mainly press-cuttings, paintings and photos. No photography allowed.
S5 Chungkai (UK) War Cemetery: 2km W from town.
Very Peaceful landscape.
Access: on the wat to S6 see below
S6 Wat Tham Khao Pun: 1km SW from the Chon-Kai cemetery. Cave temple with a number of Buddha images. Well-lit nice cave. 20B You enter from one end and come out from a different end. Also you can have a great view to the river from a temple near this cave. Access: Take a bicycle and cross the 1 bridge N from the information office, just S from Jolly Frog, turn right at the first T section and cross the rail way. Rec
S8 Wat Tham Mongkon Thong: (Golden Dragon Cave Temple) 7km from Town, across river. Famous for the meditating, floating nun who gives blessings to visitors (They will do when enough visitors request 20B). To pass through the Cave passage, you must be average size or smaller. Access: bus #8191 (6B?), It's a long hot journey by bicycle - not so recommended. Taka a bridge SW from TAT

Outside of Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is in an area of great natural beauty. Close by there are many national parks where you can enjoy hiking and other nature or water based activities. Some of them are accessible by public transport such as buses and trains but if you want to see a few of them in a day, you may join to a tour. Ask at your GH, or C&C, Jolly Frog, etc.

The "S" numbers below are ones used on the Map of Kanchanaburi Municipality Tourist Attractions.

Along Route 323 and the railway, W part of Kanchanaburi province. Buses are running every 30mins.
S Death Railway train ride: 3 daily trains to Nam Tok, 77km NW, everyday. 3hrs 17 B. (Special Fare for Train #257/258 100B) If you want to use trains to travel for both ways, you should take the first train early morning to Nam Tok. You can visit here by bus.
S4 Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park: 45km NW of Kanchanaburi. 8:00-17:00 T572573 20B Impressive archaeological site with artifacts 2000+ years old. Info from visitor center.
Walled City of Lions: Ruins dating from 2000 years ago.
Prasat Muang Silngh: Tower of the City of Lions Khmer
Access:  Take 'Death Rail Train' to Thakilen from Kanchanaburi, then walk 1km from station or take motor bike taxi 20B.
Or Bus #8203
20B, then 7km walk from the main highway.
S4a Tiger Temple: 27km from Kancanaburi
A temple of Tiger . Monks are raising from cubs and taming huge tigers like cats.
Access:  Bus #8203 20B
S7 Sai Yoke Noi Waterfalls: 2km from Nam Tok.
Accommodation may be possible. Visitor Center has maps in English. 6:00-19:30
25B Access:  from Nam Tok train station or Bus #8203 25B
S8 The Lawa Cave: Large cave. 75km from Kanchanaburi, just next to the river, W bank. You may reach there by boat. Boat hire 1000B+.Access:  Bus #8203 35B but the other side of the river. We do not know how to cross. You may have to hire a boat from Kanchanaburi.
S9 Hellfire Pass: 80km from Kanchanaburi.
Part of the Death Railway, cut through a rock mountain. There is a trail around here and a small museum(9-16:00)
.Access:  Bus #8203 35B then walk 1km W.
S10 Sai Yoke Yai National Park & Sai Yoke Noi Waterfalls:
104km from Kanchanaburi. Water falls directly to the river Kuwae Noi.
Access:  Bus #8203 40B then walk 1-2km W.
S11 Daowadueng Cave: 110km from Kanchanabiri, 1km from the river Access:  Bus #8203 40-45B? then walk 1-2km W, across the river by bridge.
S12 Hindad Hot Spring: 130km from Kanchanaburi, Hot spring pond discovered by Japanese soldiers. You can go into the hot spring pond. Access:  Bus #8203 50B then walk 1km N

Visit to Myanmar & Three Pagodas Pass: The 3 pagodas date from the Ayutthayan period. (1350-1767) currently closed. May be possible to cross over Three Pagodas Pass and visit Burmese villages near the border. (Closed to tourists at time of research. The situation may change so ask.) Fee to cross: $5: Possible to visit Wat Wangka Wiwekaram, a mixture of Thai Indian, & Burmese Buddhism design.

Access:  16km from Sankla Buri. where is 225km from Kanchanaburi. Bus# 8203,dep 6, 8:40, 10:20, 12:00 takes 5h, 90B From Sanklabiri to Kanchanaburi dep 6:45, 8:15, 10:15, 13:15

Along route 3199
S23 Erawan National Park: Beautiful scenery, bamboo forest, 65 km on Route3199. Can climb up spectacular seven-level waterfalls. Most impressive during wet season. Can swim with fish in natural pools. Accommodation may be available. Entry fee: 25B motorbike 5B car 30B.
 #8170 Bus every 50min. 2h, 8:00-16:00, 26B, Last return bus to Kanchanaburi - 16:00

Trekking Tours
Day Trekking1: to Erawan water falls, Hell Fire Pass and more 500B
Day Trekking2:
to Sai Yok Noi water falls, Hell Fire Pass and more 400B
2 Day Trekking:
2 days/1 night, Jungle trekking including elephant ride, raft ride and more, meal/accommodation 900B
3 Day Trekking:
3 days/2 night, jungle trekking in Erawan National Park including elephant ride, raft ride and more, meal/accommodation 1400B

S Nakhon Pathom: Phra Pathon Ched. World's tallest Buddhist monument - 114m high.
S Floating market: Ratcha Buri, 40 min S of Nakhon Pathom.
Transport: Bus #461 from Kanchanaburi to Bangpae, then #78
S Suphan Buri: Bus # 411 ? Chedi memorial dating from 1592 commemorating the victory of Ayutthayan king - Naresuam, over a Burmese prince in 1592.


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