Area Code 034 $1=39.6B, May 12, 2005

Three main areas for accommodation along the side of the river. Many guesthouses alongside the river are floating raft bungalows.
All GH have river view unless stated.
Area 1 : close to the River Kwai bridge train station
Area 2 : between Area 1 & 3.You may come either station
Area 3 : close to Kanchanaburi train station
Area 4 : close to the bus station.


Area I
Between the River Kwai Bridge and Soodchai Bridge(2nd bridge)
To go to this area, the River Kwai bridge train station is the closer than Kanchanaburi station. Bike taxi from the bus station costs 25B
Rate Single / Double
h1 Bamboo House: 3-5 soi Vietnam Rd. T034-624470,, f sb (on the river)d200, ab (garden)d300 R C2. The rooms are small, basic and over priced but the bungalows are beautifully laid out in the beautiful garden with lily pond. The most relaxing garden.
h2 Tardtong: soi Cambodia Rd. T034-624836, f ab d250 C2 basic, a/c abd650 C4. basic rooms but European style.
h3 Sugar Cane GH: 7 soi Cambodia Maenam Kwai Rd. T034-514988, CW f ab 150/200, HW a/c d4-500B R C4. Very new GH. Walls are made of bamboo and very stylish. Small garden. Rec
h4 Mr Tee: 12 Lieb Maenumkwai Rd. T034-624074, f sb d100, ab d200, a/c d250 C2, ab d300 a/c d400 C4 large garden on the riverside. Restaurant on a raft.
h5 Sawasdee(Andaman Car Rent): 296 Soi Nepal Maenumkaew Rd. T05-0198676, f ab d150B a/c d250 C4. A rental car shop which has 4 rooms on the back of the house. E of the road so no river view. If you do not need the river view, it is the most valued rooms. Rec
h6 BR Hotel: Maenam Kwai Rd., a/c ab d300 TV(L) C4. large rooms. Old villa style but no river view.
h7 C & C GH: 265 Mae Nam Kuwai Rd.,N of Soodjai bridge T034-624547, f sb s50 d80, f ab s80 d100, tent20, R C3 treks Next to river. Big garden, good valued room. good food served on a boat.Free pick up from the train station. bicycle 30B Rec

Area II
Area II: From the Soodchai Bridge to the S end of the Maenumkawai Rd where you can find Apple GH. You may get off at Kanchanaburi station. Bike taxi from bus station 20-25B/p Rate Single / Double
h10 Blue Star GH: 241 Maenumkawai Rd. T034-512-161, ab f d150-200, a/c HW 350-600B R C3 off season 20% off. Good size and clean rooms with table/chairs on the porch, laid out in a swamp Rec
h11 Sam's House: 14/2 Maenumkwai Rd. T034-515-956,, ab f 150(backside) C3, HW 350-450(in swamp), a/c 400B C4. It has various rooms. Very new and clean rrelaxing ooms/bungalows. Rec
h13 Pongphen GH: 5 S.Banglated T.Tamakam Rd. T034- 512981,, f sb 130/170(riverside), ab CW d230, HW d280, a/c380-430 C4 la: 15/kg, R(river side) C4 Video singles are too small but others are good. Rec
h14 Green View GH: 40/2-5 River Kwai Rd(Maenumkwai Rd.) T034-513592, f ab 250, a/c 350B R C4 off season 20% off. E of the road so no river view but the large size rooms have colonial high class atmosphere. If you do not need the view, Rec.
h15 Sugar Cane GH: 22 soi Pakistan Maenumkwai Rd. T034-624-520, f ab 150-250(garden) C3, raft ab HW d300-400, a/c550 R(excellent river view)C4 All rooms have nice large porch area with tables and chairs Rec.
h16 River Kwai Mansion: 77 Maenumkwai Rd. T034-625335, f ab 300 a/c d400 riverview d450, HW d450, C4
h17 Chitanum GH: 73/3 Maenumkwai Rd. T034-624785, f ab d300, HW d400, a/c d600 C4 very good rooms but no other facilities. No riverview.
h18 Jolly Frog Backpacker's: 28 Mae Nam Kwai Rd. T034- 514579, f sb s70, d150(raft) t200, ab200, a/c290 la: 15/kg, R C4 Video Most popular, mini-buses from Khao San Rd, drop off here. The main backpackers place. Beautiful garden, relaxing. Bicycle rental30-50B Rec
h19 Apple Guest House: 52 Soi Rongheeb oay, Chaokhunnen Rd. T034-512017,, ab f CW d250B+, HW a/c d600B R C4 Large complex away from the river. Japanese style mattresses. comfortable size of rooms.

Area III
Area III: Directly W from the Kanchanaburi train station. On the road next to the river. Motorbike taxi from the bus station 20B/p Rate Single / Double
h20 Sam's River Raft House: 48/1 Rong Heeb Oil Rd., ab f d250 a/c d350 R C4. All rooms are on the raft in the river. Rooms are clean but very small. This GH manage a guest house, The Budget just S from it. sb s80 d120 C2 Closed due to the renovation
h21 Backpackers Paradise: opp from Sam's T034-514-831, f sb 100/150, ab d200, a/c HW d350 C4. good homestay but no riverview
h22 V.N. GH: 44 Rong Heep Oil Rd. T034-514082, f ab d250, a/c d400 mos net C4, dark and very basic raft d250 with view d275B R(excellent view)C4
h23 River GH: 40 Rong Heep Oil Rd. T034-511637 f ab 160/200, R C4 Videos, mos-net, popular. Simple bamboo huts, some on the river. Old but clean good cheap option. Rec
h24 J. Guesthouse: 32/4 Rong Heep Oil Rd. T034-620307, f s50 d70 ab s100 d120 R C2 Videos, mos-net Very basic. Rooms are on the raft.

Area IV
Near the bus station. From the bus station, walk toward the river for 15mins, you will see a area with a nice promnade. This area used to have many GHs but now it is full of disco boats. It is very noisy and most GHs have been closed down. Rate Single / Double
h30 Nita Rafthouse: 27/1 Pakprak Rd. From the promnade walk S(left to the river, and go up the hill and turn right. It is on the right side)T034-514521,, f sb 90/160, ab d200B R C3. All are rafting rooms. The owner is very helpful to inform all information you need. It could be a noisy area.

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