Area Code 034 $1=39.6B, May 12, 2005

i Tourist Office TAT: Saeng Chuto Rd. S from bus station T511-200, 8:30-16:30. Very useful guide map and transport info.
$ Banks / Exchange: Many banks in town
- Bangkok Bank, Thai Farmers Bank, etc. M-F8:30-15:30
rate & T/C com. same as Bangkok.
$a ATM: On Uthong Rd. Off Saeng Chto Rd.
P1 Tourist Police: Next to TAT T1699/T512795 8:00-17:00
P2 Police: Opposite from TAT T511540 or T199
I Immigration: Mae Num Mae Rd.
S from center off Saeng Chuto Rd. T513325 M-F8:30-16:30
H1 Hospital: Saeng Chuto Rd. S from TAT,
H2 Sangchuto Hospital: 234 Saeng Chuto Rd. N from Uthong Rd. T621127 24 h
Pharmacy: Many in town. Don't usually understand English.
M0 Post Office GPO: Saeng Chuto Rd. 1km S from TAT
M-F8:30-16:30, Sa Su 9-12:00 Poste Restante
M2 Local post office: Lak Muang Rd. & Phraek Rd.
M-F8:30-16:30 Sa 9-12:00
M1 Telephone: 2F of GPO 7:00-22:00

T1 Train Station: Saeng Chuto Rd.300m N from War Cemetery bike taxi to TAT 20B
T2 River Kwai Train Station: N of the town. Next to the River Kwai bridge If you want to see only this bridge, the train from BKK stops here. It is close to "Area I" for the accommodation.
B Bus Station: Center of town T511182.Close to "Area IV"

City Transport
Songthaews: Saeng Chuto Rd. 6B. If you don't know the correct fare, they try to charge 10B.
Rental bicycle: At some guest houses, see accommodation 30-40B/day
Rental Mopeds: a few in town 150-200B/24h deposit 500B & passport

m Markets: Ban Noue Village 7:00-18:00
m Night Market: Saeng Chuto Rd. from Ban Noue Village until 24:00
Souvenir shops:
Many Burmese goods on sale around the train Bridge.
Photo: Many shops in town
l Laundry: Available at some Guesthouses. 15-20B/kg

c Cinema Mini Theather:just E from the bus station. 50B cheap but most of them are in Thai.

Festivals 2007
Nov 24 - Dec 7: River Kwai Bridge Week.
A week of events commemorating the destruction of the bridge in 1945. fireworks display every night. The biggest night is the kings birthday Dec 5th River is crowded with raft discos.

Many internet cafes in town. Hard to miss, specially around the bus station and on Maenumkwai, near Jolly Frog GH. Cheap cafes charging 20B-40/hr.
@ Malakon Tourist Center: Mae Nam Kuwai Rd, n part of town, Area 1, S from soi Indonesia , 9-21:00 15B/30min then 10B/add 30mins, CD burning 60B, international telephone 25B/min.
@ Korkaew: Mae Nam Kuwai Rd, n part of town, Area 2, N from J Frog. 8-21:00 20B/hr good fast speed.

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