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Golden Triangle, Thailand

Area code 057150, $1=38.5B, May 12, 00

Golden Triangle is the name of the area which covers Thailand, Myanmar and Laos near the point where the three countries meet. It used be the very famous area for opium Nowadays the opium production decreased. The name remained for tourists who just want to see the point You don't see any special things here. Just a normal Mekong River view and huge commercial development is much bigger than one of Chiang Sean. There is a Casino in Myanmar side and there was an idea which this area becomes a international tax heaven or gamble heaven with the connection to China by boats. I don't see any such movement now. If you have time and money, you may visit here.
$ Bank: on Main Rd. exchange and cash advance available.Open everyday.


Not many here. I don't think any reason to stay here.
h S.V. Place: B. Sobruak, 1km S from the opium museum. ab f d400B, a/c d500B R C4. Expensive.

Mini Bus 7:00-15:30, every 40 min. Songthiaws are running between Chiang Saen and Maesai
to Maesai, 25B, To Chiang Saen 10B

S View point on the river side: a promenade: N part of the area. On the right of the view is an island of Laos. One the left is Myanmar with a casino. And a small river on the left is the border of Myanmar- Thai.
S View point on the hill: Walk up the stairs to Phrathat Phukhao all the way to the top where there is a ruin of a temple. Pass through it and descend a bit. You can have a good view of 3 countries
S Opium Museum: in the center of the town., just S from the steps of the Wat
20B with one post card. Small exhibition.
S Boat trip: 300B/boat Many boat drivers are coming to you. If you want to have a free ride, see below.
S Casino?: You can see the hotel from the promenade. I don't have any information for this facility. But you can get a free boat ride from the promenade. About 10min ride. Also you can take a small boat 300m N from promenade to cross the border to Myanmar and walk to the casino.

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