Train Fare: Supplyment, Thailand

$1US=39B, May, 2005

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There are many different supplementary charges. You have to add all charges which are applicable to your train.
Train supplements During Feb and May, on Fri, Sa and Su, add 20B for Rapid, Exp, SE trains.
Rapid Train 40B
Rapid Train No. 175/176


Express Train 60B
Special Express Train 80B
Special Express Train No. 1/2,13/14, 35/36, 37/38


Air Condition Charge

3rd Seat 2rd Seat 2rd Seat+Food Sleeper
1-300km 50B 50B 100B 120B
301-500km 50B 50B 100B 130B
501+km 70B 80B 130B 140B

Sleeping Berth supplements upper/lower
1-class double cabin 400B
1-class extra person 300B
A/C 2-class Special Express 250/320B
2-class Rapid 100/150B
2-class Express 130/200B
2-class New type


International Train to Butterworth
This train requires special fare. See local info.

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