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A small island in the middle of 3 rivers, 86 km N of Bangkok.
Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 by Prince U Thong. It grew very prosperous, and was made the capital of Siam (Thailand), ruling over an empire extending from Burma to Cambodia. It was finally destroyed by the Burmese in 1776. During the peak period, Ayutthaya was also the cultural center of SE Asia.

Ayutthaya, along with Sukhothai, the other historical capital, are the major Archaeological sites in Thailand.

The many well-maintained ruins have a strong feeling of history.

Its possible (but very hot) to walk around the major sights in the central area of the historical park, but if you want to see all sights you will need transport. Bicycle is best. Motorbike is good for visiting sights outside of the island.

Day trip from BKK:
Ayutthaya is very close to BKK, about 2 hurs away. It is possible to come for a day trip. But come early because at night the numbers of trains and buses are reduced.
In the evening, some part of the historical park is light-up. Many GHs provide transport to the park. If you want to see it, please make sure the time of the transport to BKK.

Arriving from BKK:
There are three way to come.
Train: Many trains from BKK, arriving at just E from the center. To the guest house area, about 10 mins To the historical park, rent a bicycle in front of the train station.
Bus from BKK Mochit bus station arrives on the main road Naresuan Rd between the historical park and the town center.Close to the sights but no place to rent a bicycle.
Minivan from Victory Monument arrives on the main road, Naresuan Rd, near the GH area.

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