Aranyaprathet, Thailand

Area Code 037 $1=45B, Apr 9, 2001

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This is a border town to Poipet, Cambodia. It is possible to move from BKK to Siem Reap in a day. However it is not a bad idea to have a break here before you take one of the worst roads in SE Asia. The railway is running from NW to SE. BKK is W and the border is SE. The railway looks like continuing to Phnom Penh but the train from BKK terminate here and the trains from Phnom Penh terminate at Sisophone, 35km from the border. The town is located S from the rain and train station is NW part of the town, 15min on foot from the center and the bus station is 500k further W from the train station.

Photo: The border to Cambodia, Poipet

$ Siam City Bank: Many other banks are in the downtown of Aran. 830-15:00
M0 Post office: ?
M1 Telephone office: Go left from the train station. Turn right at the first corner and turn right again at the next corner. Left side. Internet is possible, 0.5B/min. but it is not CATNET
M2 Telecommunication Office: Rat u Thit Rd Go out from M1 and Go right and turn right at the next corner and turn right again soon. It is on the left side. CATNET might be possible now. A/c office very comfortable.
H Hospital: Just E from the M1
m Market: E part of the town. Very cheap fruit and food stalls.

Border Crossing
Border to Poppet Cambodia:
Very easy to cross this border. 7:00-18:00. Visa for Cambodia can be obtained at the border. 1000B. 1 photo needed. If you don't have a visa, first you go to a counter for the visa then go to immigration to get the entry stamp.
Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located, is 6 hours away from here by truck. The road is very rough. it may take long time if the weather is bad, but it is not so dangerous. A staff at the transport agent told us only one truck is attacked in a year. Cross the border as early as possible if you are planning to arrive Siem Reap before dark.
Access from the town: A large communal truck is operating between the bus station/the train station and the border 5B 10-15min. Moto 40B
Apply the visa by yourself to avoid the charge, specially if you take a private transport from Khaosan Rd.. A office after the immigration may ask you to obtain medical certificate, such as yellow card. if not, they issue one for you with a fee. which is 100% fake. You may ignore.
From the Cambodia to Thailand:
Visa for 30 days can be obtained for free for most nationals. No photo nor no plain ticket is asked.
Next Destination: Poppet, Siem Reap, Sisophon, Battamgbang

B Bus station: NW part of the town. 500m from the train station.
BKK(2007 info): 269km, 4hrs, N Terminal A1:
207-227B many(4-17:30), E terminal A2-178B 5:30-11:30, 13-15:30
B2 Casino bus to BKK: From the border to BKK(Lumpini Park) 100B 3.5hr This is a bus to take rich Thai to the border. We do not know the time schedule. After crossing the border from Cambodia, turn right to a parking area. Immediately turn right again to another parking area for the Casino buses.
T Train station: NW part of the town. 15min on foot from the center. 6:30(arr 11:50), 13:45(19:15) only 3 rd class

Local transport
Moto to the border 40B, to GH 20B
A communal truck to the border from the bus station and the train station.
5B, 10min.

There are two areas. One is the downtown. The other is on the road to N from the bus station.
Down town
h Inter Hotel: 108/7 Chataning Rd. From the train station, go E and turn right at the first corner and turn left at the 3rd corner. And turn right at the corner with the sign. T232352 a/c ab 550B STV fr C5. Very good upper class hotel.
h Aran Garden Hotel: 59/1-7 Rat u Thit Rd T231105 f ab 150B C3
h Aran Garden Hotel: 110 Rat u Thit Rd. T231070 f ab 230B STV C3
NW part of the town
h Mermaid Hotel: 33 Tanavitee Rd. T223655 From the train station turn right.and turn right again.5 min. From the bus station, go out toward the train station and turn right. a/c ab 900B bf C5.
h Thupthongkum hotel: From the bus station go left for 1.5 km. It is a hotel on the right.T231550 f ab 200B a/c ?B STV C4 new and clean rooms. Though the furniture looks cheap it is the best option for the money. Highly Rec
h Great In House: opp from the Thupthongkum T223432, f ab 200B, a/c 30 0B STV C4. Older than one opp from the road. But it is still a good place to stay. Rec

Apr 6-15 Cantalope Festival: parade, beauty contest, etc.

@ Internet @
@ Family Internet: Go out the train station, turn left. At the first large junction, right side you will see an area for many small shops. One of them, 1B/min
@ Communication office: Go out the train station, turn left. At the first large junction, turn right, 2nd corner turn right. CATNET system 0.5B/min
@ Internet : A street 1 block N from Rat u Thit Rd. 30B/hr
@ Internet: at the bus station. 30B/hr

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