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Rainy season : May-Dec Monsoons : Sep- Nov
Dry season : Jan-Apr Average Temp. : 17-37 c
High Season : Dec-May Low Season : Jun-Oct

AO NANG about 20 km W from Krabi, is a relaxing tourist resort. Though the beach isn't quite as impressive as nearby Rai Ley or Ko Phi Phi's, it has more facilities. Since the accommodation in Railey is very expensive, it's a good base for visiting Rai Lay beach and sights in the vicinity.

Many pickups from Krabi. during day time. From the evening, the fare will be increased more than double.
To come to Krabi: Buses from Suratthani, Phuket, Hat Yai. From BKK, the tourist night buses are running with cheaper fares than public buses.

Pickups from Krabi enter Aonang from W and passing through the beach road and take off to N from the beach at the E end of the beach where songthaw station is located. Accommodation can be found mainly W and E from the beach. Not many on the beach road. Good cheap ones are just around the corner of the E end of beach road.
Songthaw station and boats to Railay are at the E end of the beach road.

P Tourist Police: just N from the songthaw station
M Post Office: On the beach road(main Road) #142 M-F 9-16, Sa 9-12:00
$ Exchange: Many banks in town with ATM

@ Internet @ 2004 info
There are many on Beach Rd. Price is similar.
@ N.C.Internet Service: middle of Beach Rd.
@ Cafe 154: Walk E for 10min on the main road right side. 1B/min(14-17:00) rest 2B/min.


Better value, wider choice of budget accommodation than Rai Ley. However still over priced. Day trips to Rai Ley possible.
Basically 2 areas for budget accommodation, W from Aonang beach road and East from the beach road. On the main beach road, most of business have been turned to shops and restaurants. Ones on the W, most of them are middle class. For budget rooms, walk E from the songthaw station and turn left to the first alley on the left. If you prefer bungalows in a large garden with relaxing atmosphere, you have to walk E on the main road for 15 mins at least.

The recent trend is that the most of the rooms have CTV and refrigerator. Excellent value during off season but the room rates will go up 3 times more during peak season.



Beach Road
Not many on the beach road.
h1 Lavina Restaurant: one street behind the beach street, rather E part of the beach road. T075-695-404, a/c HW fr CTV d400(HS1200) C3. large clean rooms, excellent value for the low season

Left side of Main Road (East from the beach road)
Walk on the main road from the songthaw station away from the beach. h1 - h6 are located on the first alley on the left from the beach.
h2 Jinda GH: 247/6 M2, T6075-637527, sb d150B, ab HW CTV fr f d300B(HS700), a/c d500B(900) C4 Rec
h3 Sea World: 247/10-11 M2, T637-388,, ab HW CTV fr f d2-400(5-1000), a/c 4-600(1000-1500) C4 Rec
h4 PK Mansion: 247/12-15 M2, T075-637431,, ab HW CTV fr f d350B(700), a/c d450B(900), TV fr d600-700B.Good value
h5 J. Mansion: 302 M2, T075-8459496, ab HW CTV fr f d350B(700), a/c d450B(900), TV fr d600-700B.
walk 5 mins further on the main road from the h1-h6.
h6 J. Hotel: 23/3 M2, T075-637878, ab HW CTV fr a/c d400-450B(1500) C4. Some has windows some does not. But same rate. Excellent view from the roof garden. Rec
h7 Hill Lock Bungalows: N from MacDonald, ab f d300B C3 PTC huge rooms Rec
h8 Aonang President Hotel: 76/8 M2, T075-695563, ab HW CTV fr a/c d650B(1600) C4.
h9 Phranang Place: 345 M2, T075-695537, ab HW CTV fr a/c d500B(1500) C4.

Right side of Main Road (after the beach road)
The main road(beach road) goes inland from the songthaw stop. This area has many GHs on both side of the road. The ones closer to the center are filled up fast. No need to get panicked. If you walk for 10 min. Many cheaper and better rooms are available. On the right side of the main road, there are very few good rooms near the beach. All of them are over priced.
hr10 Ao Nang Orchard Bugalows: 141 M2, T075-637116,, ab HW CTV fr f d300(800), a/c d700(1800) C4
hr11 Yellow Sun: at the entrance of Krabi Heritage, sb d200 C2 cheapest GH
hr12 Dream Garden Hostel: 86/2 M2, T075-637338,, ab HW CTV fr f d300(900), a/c d450(1750) C4 PCT large nice rooms
hr13 Memea: 49 M2 opp from McDoland, T075-637069, ab HW CTV fr f d400(800), a/c d600(1300) C5 balcony TC
hr14 Aonang Village: 49/3 M2 opp from McDoland, T075-637544, ab HW CTV fr f d300(900), a/c d500(1200) C5 balcony Very beautiful rooms Rec
hr15 Cowboy Inn: 48/3 M2 opp from Siam Bank, T075-637544, ab HW CTV fr f d350(700), a/c d700(1000) C5 Very nice and large rooms Rec
hr16 Dream Valley: 289 M2, opp from Siam Bank, T075-638056, ab f d300(700) C3 PTC nice and clean wooden bungalows in a garden
hr17 Seagull Bungalow: 253 M2,T075-638456, ab f d200(400), a/c d4700(800) C3 small
hr18 Adam Bungalows: 25 M2, T075-637667,, ab HW f d400B(600), a/c CTV fr d600B(1000) C4


In the evening a popular eating area is Soi Sunset, a small alleyway at the end of the beach that just out over the sea. Some restaurants have excellent views across the bay.
All restaurants in our list are ones N from the songthaw station
Barnie: on the main road, W side, just N from the songthaw station. Buffet 190B from 18:00 no review.
Phra Nang Inn: E end of Beach Road. morning buffet 200B 7-10:30
McDonald: On the main road, W side, about 10 min from the songthaw station.
Kai Tuan Pat Thai stall: on the main road E side, opp from Vougue Pranag Bar Restaurant 35B not bad

Local transport

B Songthaew:
to/from Krabi 6:00-18:00, 40B,18-22:00 80B, from Phra Nang Inn leaves when collected passengers.
F2 Boat Ko Phi Phi: From Nopparat Thara Beach, a few km W from Aonang Beach. 350B 9:00 2hrs. usually the transport to the beach from Aonang is included.
Some boats go to others, ask at the travel agents. Could be only peak season, (Phuket
500B?, 15:30(from Phuket 8:30), Koh Lanta 250B? 11:00)
F1 Boat to Rai Ley: From E end of the beach road.longtail boat, 60B many


Sea-based - island boat tours, snorkeling, diving, fishing and kayaking, ask at bungalows.
Diving Coral Diving: (Krabi Resort) PADI Open Water Course 9000B
Poseidon Dive Center: Moo 2 23/1 T637147 PADI Open Water Course 8900B

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