Koh Chang, Thailand

Area Code 039, $1=38.00B, May 30, 2006

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Trat | Koh Samet | Photo: Taka's 2006

Koh Chang is a big island, just offshore from Trat and near the border to Cambodia. Since it is relatively easy to travel from BKK, it is a very popular destination for travelers, specially ones to travel from/to Cambodia.
However this is not a coral island, the beaches are a bit rocky and the water is a bit muddy. If you have an image of tropical island, Koh Samet is a better choice.

Access: Trat is the closest town. From Trat, take a songthaw to one of the 3 piers to take a ferry. At a pier, take a songthaw(50B) to go to one of the beaches of the island.
From Khaosan Rd, BKK, tourist buses are running to this island with joint tickets, a bus + a boat.

Songthaw from the pier( Dan Kao Pier/Sapparod) to beaches
White Sand Beach:
50B, Coconut Beach: 50B
Khlong Prao:
50B, Kai Bae: 50B
Long Beach:
70B, Baan Bang Bao, 80-100B

Photo: Lonely Beach

The East Coast has not many points of interests. Most of the coast lines are rocky ugly beaches and industrial port and navy base.
The West Coast has many beaches and he most of GHs and resorts are located here. Probably the best area on this island.White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach are the most popular.
The South Coast has little bays with rocky beaches and Bang Bao fishermen village
The South East Coast has a rocky and rough shore with some sandy bays.
The following small islands are offshore from the SE coast. Koh Phrao Nai, Koh Sai, Koh laoYa, koh Lao Klang, Koh Lao Nok, Koh Wai, Koh Maak 

Piers between the main land and Koh Chang

From Trat to piers on the main land.
Laem Ngob pier(F1), by truck bus
40B/p moto 80B/p
Center point pier(F2):
by songthaw 40B/p
Thammachat pier(F3):
by songthaw 40B/p

Piers of Koh Chang, Aow Sapparod(N coast), Dan Kao(NE coast), Dan Mai(East coast) Travel time between the main land and Koh Chang 45min
ML: Main land, KC: Koh Chang
Thammachat(ML) <-> Sapparod(KC):
50/100B, every hour 6:45-19:00
Laem Ngob(ML) <-> Dan Kao(KC):
80/120B? 1hr, every 2 hour 7:00-19:00?
Center Point(ML) <-> Dan Kao(KC):
80/120B every 1-2hours between 6:10-19:00
Laem Ngob(ML) <-> Dan Mai(KC):
80/120B? 7, 9, 11:30, 12:30, 14, 15:30, 17:30?

The cheapest ferry: Thammachat <-> Sapparod

$ Banks: N and S area of the White Sand Beach. ATM is available and bank rate.
P Police: All major beaches have police stations. 24hrs. N end of White Sand Beach opp from Dan Nai pier.
M0 Post Office: No official post office. Many mini mart has the PO counter.
M1 Telephone: No telephone office. Some internet cafes are offering the service, such as Delux Tour
H International Hospital: 4km S from White Sand Beach
H Health Center: Kae Bai Beach. 20m E from the Main Rd. before the mini mart. Follow the sigh on the Main Rd. 8-30-16:30
Internet: There is at least one on each beach. 1-2B/min Japanese head phone + web camera
@ Delux Tour: main road middle part of White Sand Beach, next to Armaid Tailor, 1B/min Japanese web camera head phone

Songthaw: expensive and hard to catch, except between piers and White Sand Beach. If you take one, just wait on the road. Expect to wait for a hour.
Motorbike Rental: Available at most beaches. 100-200B/24hrs.
ta Speed boats Koh Chang: T018-650610, Speed boat trip to Koh Way, 3hrs or Koh Mak for 2 hrs. OW 250B/p


There is no budget accommodation on this island. You have to pay middle class rates for low class accommodation. The cheapest ones(old rundown) can be found in Lonely Beach area.
All direction are given from N to S.

L: land side, S: sea side


White Sand Beach
About 4km long beach. The sand color is not so white but one of the best on this island. Many hotels and GHs are located on the main rd. Ones on the beach are upper class and expensive. The budget ones are on the hill side.
North Part of White Sand Beach
h1 Jinda Bungalow: T018-20853, f ab 350B mos-net, C2, TV 550B C3, a/c d700B C4, fr d1000+ C4 . Large rooms, bit rundown, R(6-22:00)
h2 Arunee Resort: T019-455812, f ab 300B mos-net C2 rundown
h3 15 Palms: beach side T019-105870, f ab TV d600B, sea front 2000B R(Expensive on the beach) C3
h4 Tiger hut: f ab d250 PCT mos-net C2 simple Enter from KC Mater tailor on the main Rd.
Middle Part
Walk about 500m S from the area above.
h7 Ban Nuna: T01-8214202, f ab 250B PCT C2 R Huge pizza from 180B good budget class option Rec
h8 Sirin jurgenph: T01-8271326, f ab CW d300-400B, HW d500B, a/c fr d700, C4 No character but cheap No beach
h9 Beauty & Salon: T05-840-4974, f ab q400B, a/c q1000B C4 No name but just above "Beauty & Salon" Ask at this shop. They have 2 huge room only. Each has 2 huge beds. No beach
h10 Tantawan Blue Bar: 8/6 M4 T039-551167, f ab 600B C2 It is located on the beach but no view from their rooms.
h11 Jang Aroon Bungalow: T039-551167 PTC f ab d500 C2, STV HW d700 C3, a/c fr 1000B C4
h12 Bamboo Hut: T039-551158, a/c ab HW STV fr d1000+B C4 good high class option Rec

Baan Klong Praho (2001 info)
h Hobby Huts: ab 250B mos-net balcony C3. Small and basic huts with little baths. Rooms are very spacious and quiet relaxing location. 15min to the beach, nice owner.
h K.P..Bungalow: T017-820180, f sb 150-200B, ab 300-500B q800B mos-net, balcony, E(18-6:00) C3, clean and well maintained, quiet location at beach, nice atmosphere. Cheap bungalows are very basic.
Ban Kai Bae (2001 info)
h Kai Bae Beach Resort: On the beach. T019-405102, sb 150B C2, sb 300 C3, ab 500 R(7:30-21 moderate) C3 Old bungalows are very small and basic huts with mattress on the floor.

Lonely Beach
The beach is not so big. The sandy part is N part around Nature Beach Resort. The sand is really brown specially during the rainy season.
North part of this beach in this area where Nature Resort, has sandy beach. All others are at the rocky shore. This area has an atmosphere of backpackers village. No high class hotel. A few local restaurants and internet cafes.
h20 Kacharura Resort: T06-050-0754, f ab HW d500, a/c DVDTV d900B C4 Beautiful designer's cottage. Rec
h21 Maggies Bungalow: Walk to the beach from Kacharura on a pass. f sb 200B mos-net, R(7:30-22 moderate) C1 Small basic rooms but clean shared baths. Quiet
h22 Tarunsilah: sb sea front no fun d100, f back d120 C1-2 very basic
h23 Sunset Bungalow: T01-8787042, f sb d120, ab HW d350, sea front d400B(HS600) C3 R(6-23 cheap sea view) . Some nice and new huts, but quite small basic shared bath, toilet. Food is delicious at the sea front restauarnt.
h24 ICE Beach Bungalow: f ab d250B C2
h25 Tree House Bungalow: sb 120-, sea front 150B C1 toilet C2 R(sea view) Small and too basic bungalows but they are nicely arranged next to water like a jungle. Very interesting low quality resort. Their restaurant is more attractive than rooms at night. The tables are set on wooden deck next to the water with candle light. Could be romantic.
h26 Nature Beach Resort: #98 M4, 039-558027, f ab d250 C2 - d850B C4 PTC R Comfortable rooms. Excellent restaurant on the beach Rec Bus to BKK 380B, Sihanoukville 1500B

Bai Lan Beach
The beach is too small and may be good for diving and snorkeling.
Bai Lan Family: f sb 250B mos-net R(7-23 moderate) C24 basic bungalows. Restaurants serves good food Friendly owner No beach.
While House: S from Bai Lan Family. T04-005-7108, f ab STV d400-600B(HS d2000B) C4 Beautiful hotel with sea view. Bargain place during low season.

Bang Bao Bay (2001 info)
h Koh Chang Hill Resort: located on the ridge of hill.15 min walk from the village. f ab 250B E(18-22) C4 New GHVery nice bungalows with beautiful bathrooms. Little balconies.
h Ban Bao Resort: in the middle of the village , sb 150B mos-net E(18-22?) R(7-22 cheap) C4 Very quiet little bungalow standing in water. Very nice clean but small bungalows. The restaurant serves good food. Bit noisy from the boat.

Other (2001 info)
h Jungle Way: 14/3 Ban Bon, Klong Son(not for posting), From the pier go to North and turn left at Klong Son, and walk 3.5km, near Kwan Chang elephant camp
info@jungleway.com, www.jungleway.com sb s200 baht, d250B, R la rb, trekking with meal 1 day 450B, 2 day 950B (Reported)

White Sand Beach .
r Ban Nuna: Main Rd. Middle part of this area. Western/Local Huge pizza
r Invito: Main Rd. South part of this area. Italian Pizza and pasta. This is only decent restaurant food on the main road.
Lonely Beach (2001 info)
r Tree House Bungalow: Walk to the beach from Kacharura on a pass to the end. The tables are set on wooden deck next to the water with candle light. Could be romantic.
r Iah Bar: 18-2:00, on the beach, next to Sunset Huts. Bar, Cheap, very nice beach bar. Relaxing good music.
r Sunset Hut Rest: 7-23:00, Thai/western, cheap, Great delicious food. Huge portions, Large vegetarian menu. a lot of sea food. Highly Rec
Ban Bao Bay (2001 info)
r Chai Shop: Cafe 8-18:00 Cheap, cute little cafe. Good selection for tea.
Ban Kai Bae
r Gardeb Rest: 7-20:00, Thai food, cheap, Bamboo Hut style restaurant. Daily video, sports on TV. Cheap bf deals.
r Bang Ohn Restaurant: On Main Rd. to the south, on the left side of street before intersection to the Klong waterfall, before Phrao Khong beach and bay.
Nice Thai style local restaurant. Sticky rice, squid omelette, Thai curries all dishes around 30-50B, Rec 

To BKK: by tourist bus, 350B from Thammachat(main land). dep 11:30
To Koh Samet: by tourist bus, 300B from Thammachat(main land). dep 11:30
For all public transport, take a ferry to the main land and take a songthaw to Trat. From there you can travel to BKK or Cambodia or

Beaches: All beaches on W coast listed from N to S
S Haad Sai Khao(White Sand Beach), 4.5km long and wide sand beach. Nice and clean beach with wide sand strip and wonderful sand. Very good for swimming. Many restaurants and bars are located on the beach. But it is very noisy and crowed. Because of many resorts, the beach looks like a huge beach resort.
S Chai Chet Beach(Coconut Beach): 2-3km long. Incredible beach with white beautiful sand.and many coconut palm trees Quiet. Current is sometime very strong and dangerous. The beach is a bit too far from the main road.
S Baan Kai Bae: 2-3km long
Nice, clean beach. The sand strip is narrow. Good place to swim. But it can be very crowed and not enough trees.
S Haad Thanam(Lonely Beach): 1.5km long. N part is wonderful beach with white wide sand. Perfect for swimming. The S part is rocky and some rocks in the water. Nice restaurants/bars here. Very romantic, but no trees
S Aow Bai Lan Beach: 500m long. Mostly shallow and rocky shore. The sand strip is very narrow. There are some huts but no electricity.
S Aow Bang Bao: At the fishermen village. Good place to see sunset, but no sand beaches and not so clean because of the pollution from the village.

Activitie (2001 info)
Boat and snorkel trip
ta Boat Service Center: Sapparod Pier. T5770043. Tour includes boat, BBQ, water, fruit
Full moon night trip 16-23:00, 550B/p.
Snorkel trip to Koh Ngam, Yoh Laoya, Koh Wai, Koh Klum 7:30-18:20 450B/p, to Koh Kra, Koh Rang Rock, Koh Rang, Koh Kham 7:30-18:30 550B/p
ta Speed boats Koh Chang: T018-650610, Speed boat trip to Koh Way, 3hrs or Koh Mak for 2 hrs. OW 250B/p
S Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Conservation center: Before White Sand Beach at Khlong Son intersection, turn into the dirt road and follow the sign. T019-193995, 9-16:00, visit + feed the elephants 50b/p. Ride 30-40min 350B, 2hr 900B include riding elephant in the jungle with water and fruit
Water Sport
ta Eco Divers: White Sand Beach. at Ban Pu Resort. T9822744, This is the only PADI center in this island. 7-21:00. Discover course $70, 2 dives, PADI Scuba $109 for 2 days. Open water $209, 4 dives.
 ta Bam Roong Sport Club: Klong Prao Beach, 600m after Klong Prao Resort then follow the sign to the dirt road to the beach. T019-288381, 8-22:00. price for 1 hr. Kajak-150B, surf -200B, Sailing-300-700B. training additional 50B/hr,

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